How Much Does Coca-Cola Freestyle Cost

Since the debut of Coca-Cola Freestyle in 2009, it has become a game changer as a soda fountain machine that features over one hundred twenty-five different Coca-Cola soda products and customized flavors, giving people variety of selections in a simple touch screen technology. The Coca-Cola Company has a reputable image when it comes to their beverages and the introduction of the Coca-Cola Freestyle has opened itself to greater revenue as it definitely draws more customer as the company introduces a shift from the traditional fountain machine. With the superb and high class product and promise of increased sales, businesses are excited to know how much a coke freestyle cost.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Price

The Coca-ColaCompany will be giving the option of purchasing or renting the soda machine. According to an Article produced by The Atlanta Journal and Constitution sited by, the minimum Coca-Cola freestyle price is $2,000 when purchased. Once additional alteration factors are added due to the size of the Freestyle machine, the Coca-Cola freestyle price can go significantly more up to $11,500.

Several Coca-Cola dispensers

When renting the machine, the coke freestyle cost is $320 a month. However, the rental coke freestyle cost does not include concentrates to make the beverages which make buying a Coca-Cola freestyle cheaper in the long run.

However, the company will be assessing a business’ eligibility when applying for the machine’s installation. It will be difficult to secure the machine if a business enterprise has no high-volume of customers or is not big enough.

In order to know the exact Coca-Cola freestyle price, it is best to communicate with the Coca-Cola Company straight and inquire about total coke freestyle cost. You can visit the nearby Coca-Cola office in your area or visit for more information about the soda machine. The company can also be contacted through their Tech Support at 866-265-3638 from Mondays until Fridays, 7:30am-7:00pm EST or at

The Coca-Cola Freestyle Packages and Cost

The company of Coca-Cola also offers package deals: the Freestyle, Freestyle Supreme and Freestyle Ultimate. Every package deal includes free limited number of flavor cartridges although depending on the specific package chosen.

The Freestyle includes one (1) Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine and free flavor cartridges for three(3) months at anoverall cost of $2,500. It can also be rented for $320 a month, for $3,840 per year. You can save around $1,000 during the first year when you purchase the machine at this package.

The Freestyle Supreme includes three (3) Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines along with free flavor cartridges for nine (9) months at anoverall cost of $7,500. It can also be leased for $960 a month, for $11,520 a year saving around $4,000 on the first year alone when purchasing the machines at this package.

The Freestyle Ultimate includes nine (9) Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines and free flavor cartridges for 27 months at an overall cost of $22,500 and rented for $2,880 a month, $34,560 for a year. You can save around $4000 during first year alone when you buy the machines at this package.

Extra Costs

Although the machine sounds promising, there are extra coke freestyle cost in building one which includes the concentrates and cartridges, installation fees and rebuilding costs.

The machine will definitely need the concentrates to make the sodas, and will definitely consume large amount of concentrates in order to dispense properly. The concentrates used are even more expensive than the traditional machines. On the other hand, the cartridges, or flavor cartridges, are used to create or release exact amount of newly formulated flavors when selected which is then mixed with the concentrates and soda water to achieve the perfect mix of the soda.

On the other hand, the cartridges, or flavor cartridges, are used to create or release exact amount of newly formulated flavors when selected which is then mixed with the concentrates and soda water to achieve the perfect mix of the soda. The average cost for the replacement of a flavor cartridge is estimated at $45 to $50 depending on the flavor and diameter of the cartridge.

The Coca-Cola Company lists and approves professional service providers to install the Coca-Cola freestyle machine. The installation fee of $300 does not include additional services provided for maintenance and upgrade purposes to be done annually after once every four to six months of the first year of the contract.

The cost of rebuilding should also be considered when purchasing or leasing the machine. Given that the machine is enormous, it is probable that you might need to restructure cupboards, reconfigure counterparts and modify pipes and flooring for it to be installed properly. Of course, you will need to contact professionals to do the modifications and installation and this will cost you greatly in labor.

Is it worth it?

Undeniably, the Coca-Cola freestyle machine require a great deal of finances to install and maintain it. Not to mention the extra electricity bill and other expenses that may be acquired in purchasing or leasing even one unit of machine. In fact, many business individuals grew apprehensive in purchasing the machine during its first year due to its added costs.

The Coca-Cola bottle

Although there are traditional soda machines that are cheaper in terms of cost and maintenance, a casual restaurant review still showed a six percent decrease in soda sales, losing more than two billion servings. The Coca-Cola wanted to address the stagnation of the beverage industry and built the freestyle to deliver exceptional assortment and choice, leverage innovative technology and provide a matchless experience.

Restaurants that have adopted the machine have seen increases in drink services, overall transaction and restaurant revenue. The Atlanta Journal Constitution through Leon Stafford agrees, in fact. However, the type and location of business should still be assessed as it is also one of the factors in determining the success of the business with or without the machine.

Since the machine is expensive, it is important to plan it ahead of time and do a long-term calculation. See to it that the invested money in the machine guarantees a return of investment to help you gain in the long run. Pricing the beverages appropriately is also a key to ensure stability and sustenance of your business as well as to cover the operating costs of the freestyle machine, yet careful enough that the price is still affordable that customers can continually purchase the beverages.

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