How Much Does Concrete Resurfacing Cost

Most fifty years old homes features concrete for their walkways and driveways. Concrete used to be the choice material because they can last a very long time. But sometimes, like a human being, a concrete may show signs of aging. It will show some cracks and some weeds will begin to appear in between those cracks. The old way to fix it is to tear it out and have some new concrete poured in. That procedure though is more expensive and time consuming, so the new trick is concrete resurfacing. Since this is the new trend, this article is bound to tell you how much does concrete overlay cost.

Concrete Resurfacing Cost

The average concrete resurfacing cost is typically around $2000 – $5000 dollars for a 500 square foot area. For smaller residences you can expect it to be around $500 – $1000 dollars. These are all just estimates since every contractor has their own pricing and labor cost depending on the size of the area and the kind and condition of concrete they are going to be working on. If you’d like to calculate based on square foot, expect it to be around $3 – $10 dollars.

Of course do-it-yourselves are always cheaper than having to pay someone else, since purchasing products for home improvements are just available right down the hardware store. Most probably DIY concrete resurfacing cost, it would Concrete resurfacing costbe about $2 – $5 dollars a square foot. The materials used will most definitely add up to the cost. Just remember if you’re doing it yourself, or with a help of a family member, concrete resurfacing will have to be done quickly as the material is said to be malleable for only about 20 – 30 minutes.

Another thing you will need as well, is for the deep cleaning for of the surface of the old concrete. You can rent a pressure washer for a price of $40 – $75 dollars. Some other tools you will need to use, are the following: electric drill, trowel, caulking gun, push broom, and pump sprayer. For finishing touches, you will also need a high quality sealer to help preserve your newly resurfaced floor.

What It Involves

After knowing how much does concrete overlay cost, the next thing to know is what to do in order to begin the project. First you have to rigorously clean the old concrete to ensure that the adhesion of the new surface is well done and make sure those large and deep cracks have to be repaired. Then you will have to saturate the surface of the concrete with water, then remove any standing water from it.

The resurfacer will then be mixed. You have to use a five gallon bucket and paddle mixer and 1/2 drill. Make sure the concrete resurfacer and water are mixed properly with the proper consistency, you may need to adjust your pouring of the powder and the water until you achieved just the right amount, not too thick, and definitely not too thin.

Then pour the resurfacer on the concrete and using the push broom or squeegee, spread the mixture evenly on the slab, until all the areas are covered. Then using the concrete broom, apply a non-slip finish, and let the concrete dry. You can leave it for 24-48 hours. The walkway or driveway can already withstand foot traffic after 6 hours and vehicle traffic in 24 hours.

The Designs

We’ve just tackled the concrete resurfacing price, however, you can always add a new design on your resurfaced old concrete if you like. That is the beauty of concrete resurfacing. Your driveway can look like new in a matter of about two days. How much does concrete overlay cost, is a question where the answer varies because every design for your concrete pavement will always be dependent on your choice. But here are some of the designs you can choose from:

Pebblecrete – Means pebbled concrete. This is the common type used mostly in residential developments.

Aggregate – Is more of a mixture of concrete and stone, sometimes it is interchangeably called as the pebblecrete as well.

Pattern Stamping – Includes clay, brick, tile and other random stone patterns. It is sometimes combined with colorings and they look really nice on the driveway.

Colored – Simple another color added to the mix, just to have a refreshing take.

Concrete Stenciling – This kind of concrete surface designing uses several tools to give your concrete floor a new look. In this day, and age it is now possible to create custom made stenciling on the concrete with the aid of computers.

Talk to A Contractor

So now that you already have an idea about the concrete resurfacing price, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you are going to spend your concrete resurface project around the budget we have discussed earlier. Jut to be sure, you can inquire for the quotes by going directly to the local contractors. You may want to visit their website first on The Concrete Network and find a contractor nearest you, according to the state where you live in.

You can also ask for some recommendations from friends and family members who already had some experience with their driveway concrete resurfacing, if you feel you’d like to save time from looking too much anywhere. And when you find one, ask them right away about their contract details so you can calculate your probable expenses. Also, another thing to note is not only the concrete resurfacing price but also if the contractors. They should have all the proper licenses and that the workers are insured if you are going to hire them. Customer feedback is also a good way to gauge if the contractors you are hiring are excellent workers. It is important that while you have strangers works in your yard that that they are also trustworthy and will be able to provide the kind of finish that makes their customers feel satisfied and happy.

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