How Much Does Control Arm Replacement Cost

A crucial component of the steering and the suspension system of your vehicle is the control arm. It is critical to keep it in a good working order; since it is very susceptible to a wear and tear. The important role of the control arm is to hold the front wheels, and if it is damaged or bent; then it is not safe to drive your vehicle. The control arm should be repaired or replaced by your mechanic as soon as you observe any sign of damages.

In most of the vehicles; the control arm replacement cost ranges from $117-$306, and the control arm part itself cBushing of control armost at a range of $42-$103. The variation of the cost to repair control arm depends on the mechanic service provider, your location and the type or brand of the car you own.

Once you noticed you need to have your control arm replaced, do not just take the quote for the part
that your repairman is giving you. Ask them exactly what position of the control arm you need to replace and then hop online and check
how much does control arm replacement cost.

Here below is the sample cost of the labor of the service provider, the cost of the parts and the warranty of the service.

Service ProviderWorkWarrantyCost
Mr. TireParts and labor12 Months$110-$255
Your MechanicParts and labor12 Months$121-$242
Pep boysParts and labor6 Months$110-$255
MidasParts and labor12 Months $117-$239

Since the primary reason control arms are replaced is because to wear and tear, it is possible that if one control arm position needs to be replaced other areas will need to be replaced soon. This is why it is recommended to buy your control arms in pairs for the particular wheel position you need to be replaced or purchase a complete control arm replacement kit to replace all control arms in your car. Doing this further enables you to maintain a more balanced ride quality.

The cost to repair control arm also depends on the type and brand of your vehicle. We have here some estimates of the cost of the replacement for some of the favorite vehicle brand in the USA. The cost still depends on the location and the service fee from service providers.

ModelLaborCostTotal Cost
Nissan Altima$75-$81$42-$86$117-$176
Ford Focus$75 – $81$42 – $86$117-$176
Toyota Camry$142 – $163$86 – $143$228 – $306
Honda Civic$120 – $140$75 – $102$195 – $242
Ford Fusion$75 – $81$42 – $86$117 – $167
Chevrolet Silverado$120 – $140$75 – $102$195 – $242
Toyota Corolla$142 – $163$86 – $143$228 – $306
Honda CR-V$120 – $140$75 – $102$195 – $242
Ford F-Series$75 – $81$42 – $86$117 – $167
Honda Accord$120 – $140$75 – $102$195 – $242

To save money purchasing your control arms is not to order this part from your local shop. The price of the part will be much higher if you do this due to markups. The labor is most likely help you will need from your repairman so do not cut ties with them altogether. Rather, ask them to provide you with all the parts you need and inform them you have found a way to make car repairs more affordable.

If there’s a necessity to replace the control arm. You have to consider these two important points for your safety and for you to save from the costly maintenance of control arm replacement.

  • Appropriate for the make and model

As a driver; you have to ensure that the control arm is adequate for the car model you have; the design of the control arm must be specially fit for the make and model of your vehicle.

  • In excellent condition

In the interest of saving money, some drivers are considering to buy pre-owned control arms. However, you have to consider first your safety and its functionality.  You have to assure that the control arm is under in an excellent condition. 

An important part of the control arm which allows the up and down movement of the suspension is the control arm bushings. A control arm bushings is a flexible rubberized part of the control arm that connects the vehicle’s body and the control arm. Usually, one of the primary reasons why a control arm must be replaced is because of the damage or worn out control arm bushings. There are some car models that their control arm bushings can be replaced separately but in exchange for a higher labor cost. But there are a lot of blogs, articles on the internet in which it can help you on how to replace the control arm bushing by yourself. You should know the control arm bushing repair rate. It’s one way to save your money from a costly labor.

Here below is the list of price’s estimates of control arm bushings in some car model.

Nissan AltimaAuto Parts Warehouse$18-$20
Ford FocusAuto Parts Warehouse$21-$24
Toyota CamryEbay$26-$27
Honda CivicAuto Parts Warehouse$18-$20
Ford FusionEbay$12-$15
Chevrolet SilveradoAuto Parts Warehouse$23-$27
Toyota CorollaAuto Parts Warehouse$17-$20
Honda CR-VAuto Parts Warehouse$19-$23
Ford F-SeriesEbay$25-$29
Honda AccordAuto Parts Warehouse$17-$20

Damaged control arm bushings can be a serious problem, both for the safety and handling of the vehicle; and buying the replacement can be complicated. When purchasing their replacements, we have to make it sure that bushings are fit for the car model you have. You can choose where to buy from; whether from an auto supply stores or the original equipment manufacturers; you can also choose the type of bushing; whether it’s made up of rubber or polyurethane.

Before making replacements on your damaged bushings; you have to consider first the control arm bushing repair rate and the safety. If you are an experienced driver trying to replace the control arm bushings by yourself; buying from auto supply stores can be a good option for you. It will save you from the higher cost of labor and the expensive replacement of the bushings from original equipment manufacturers.

Control arm bushings from original equipment manufacturers are much more costly compared from the auto supply stores. But this would be the safest bet because they are the one who manufactured the original parts of your car. 

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