How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – a quote first mentioned by the 19th Century author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. Its message would continue to echo a resounding affirmation (or comfort) to the rest of the English-speaking world regarding the subjective nature of aesthetics farther beyond her natural lifetime. Unfortunately, the human eye can accurately notice disproportions in another person’s physical form. Excess fats, for instance, is a very contentious issue that lies at the gray area between valid medical concerns and social discrimination.

The American Society for Plastic Surgery tallies a total of more than 11 million nonsurgical Fat guy before coolsculpting surgerycosmetic procedures being done in the country in 2016 alone. Interestingly, this data shows how appearances clearly affect women more than men given that the former accounts for 9.1 percent of the total procedures between the two gender-distributions.

Among the many nonsurgical fat-reductions that gained global popularity, ‘coolsculpting’ has truly captured the attention of contemporary American consumers. Scientifically known as cryo lipolysis, the general idea behind this treatment is to eliminate skin-deep fat cells by freezing them. As it happens, there are certain areas of the body wherein fat cells are completely resistant to conventional weight-loss methods (cardio and restricted diet). Approved by the Food and Drug Administration for its safety and efficiency, there are currently a total of 4 million coolsculpting treatments done worldwide.

General Costs

With over 5,500 clinical trials and 70 published journals, there is no question that coolsculpting generally delivers its intended results.This method even earned a cult following among celebrities like Mariah Carrey, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Ali Landry. But can ordinary hardworking Americans afford it? How much does coolsculpting cost?

In the United States, the estimated national average cost in 2017 according to Real Self is $2,325. While this figure represents the ballpark figure for all key areas of the body, it is important to understand that actual costs largely depend on which body part the coolsculpting gel is applied. Another important factor for estimating the cost is looking at the scope of the coolsculpting application. These measurements pertain to the required coverage based on the volume of fat that needs to be removed in a certain area. Case in point, Bank Rate provides the following ballpark figures based on these classifications:

  • Mini-applicators: $750 to $900
  • Medium applicators: $600 to $800
  • Large applicators: $1,200 to $1,500.

No Medical Insurance

There is no question that coolsculpting price may be too much for ordinary Americans. Unfortunately, relying on medical insurance is out of the question when it comes to reducing its cost. It is important to understand that, just like private insurance providers, Medicare does not shoulder the expenses of cosmetic surgeries that do not have a valid medical justification. Not getting coolsculpting only makes people less attractive, but it does not complicate an existing physical condition.

Discount via Coupons

One of the surest ways to make coolsculpting relatively affordable is to look for discount coupons. Groupon is one of the most reliable providers of rebate vouchers offered by any registered retail stores or service providers in their directory. So how much does coolsculpting cost if you have acquired coupons from Groupon? The recent estimate is only around $600 to $700 for a single treatment, regardless of the scope of applications. Here is a data of available coupons available in the top 10 most popular cities across the United States:

Groupon AreaPercentage ValueService ProviderService Address
New York, New YorkUp to 50% OffManhattan Laser SpaMidtown Manhattan 65 East 34th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016
Los Angeles, California Up to 40% OffWeekend Weight Loss CenterPacific Rejuvenation Medical 230 North, Maryland Avenue Suite 110, Glendale, CA 91206
Chicago, IllinoisUp to 67% OffMINTS (Minimally Invasive Therapy Specialist)Far North Side 5011 North Lincoln Avenue, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60625
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaUp to 20% OffLook Great MDLook Great MD 1000 1st Avenue Suite 100, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phoenix, ArizonaUp to 61% OffSculptitudeDesert View 6930 East Chaucey Lane, Suite 10, Phoenix, AZ 85054
Dallas, TexasUp to 25% OffBody ContourCentral Dallas 2711 North Haskell Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
San Jose, CaliforniaUp to 25% OffG2J ClinicCountry Lane 5150 Graves Avenue Suite 11B, San Jose, CA 95129
San Francisco, CaliforniaUp to 25% OffNob Hill Medical and AestheticsSan Francisco 909 Hyde Street Suite # 415, San Francisco, CA 94109
Columbus, OhioUp to 25% OffMonarch HealthColumbus 3260, Henderson Road Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43220
Fort Worth, TexasUp to 20% OffMagnolia Ave. Med SpaFairmount 1309 Washington Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Loans and Credit Cards

Another way for effectively shouldering the expensive cost of coolsculpting treatments is to apply for a medical loan in lending companies or subscribe for medical credit cards. Consumers can get funding from the Prosper Health Care Lending for procedures not covered by Medicare or conventional health insurance. As for health care credit cards, one can select from the 5 best companies in the country:

  • CareCredit
  • Wells Fargo Health Advantage
  • MedKey
  • iCare Financial
  • AccessOne

Consumer Reviews

The only thing that gives substance to the average coolsculpting price is its value. Hence, a smart consumer is more likely to dig into verifiable facts to support popular claims. Among the most reliable sources of consumer feedback for specific medical procedures is Real Patient Ratings. Based on a total of 1,170 ratings, coolsculpting yielded 89.8% in terms of patient satisfaction.

General Ratings

While a great majority rewarded this procedure with 5 stars, there is also a significant portion of the entire respondent population giving less satisfactory ratings. It is also interesting to examine negative opinions in order to have a more precise judgment. The overall division of star ratings is as follows:

  • 5 stars: 779 respondents
  • 4 stars: 265 respondents
  • 3 stars: 68 respondents
  • 2 stars: 33 respondents
  • 1 star: 25 respondents

The quality of coolsculpting treatment is largely dependent on the level of performance delivered by service providers. When it comes to choosing well-known companies (offices or clinics), one may refer to the data in this table:

Service ProviderLocationOnline FeaturesOther AdvantagesSpecial Pricing
Ideal Image30 states nationwide (including Canada)• Blog
• Live Chat
• Free ConsultationYES
Allure Medical SpaDetroit (metro area), Michigan• Online Reservation
• Online Payment
• Financing OptionsYES
Westlake DermatologyAustin, Texas• Blog
• Online Payment
• Financing Options
• Hotel Reservation Discounts
Blume Skin & BodyScottsdale, Arizona• Blog
• Videos
• Dr. Blume is a certified instructor for Allergan (now Zeltiq) - a key international distributor of coolsculpting machines.YES
Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin & VeinHunt Valley, Maryland• Website FAQs• Financing Options
• Rewards System
Advanced DermatologyChicago, Illinois• Online Reservation
• Online Payment
• Standard Procedure + Z-Wave N/A
Ann Arbor Plastic SurgeryAnn Arbor, Michigan• Blog
• Virtual Tour
• Financing Options
• Cost Estimator

Coolsculpting Abroad

Medical tourism is predicated on the idea of acquiring excellent low-cost treatments and medical services outside the country. Considering the average cost of coolsculpting in the United States, one can acquire this treatment in several locations around the world. So, how much does coolsculpting cost outside the United States? Qunomedical lists the following countries and their relatively cheaper average coolsculpting price:

  • United Kingdom: $1,067
  • Austria: $712
  • Germany: $593
  • Turkey: $593
  • India: $534
  • Thailand: $475
  • Poland: $451
  • Mexico: $297

Considering these countries, it is also important to acknowledge world-class health centers that handle this type of nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment. And when it comes to world-class health centers, it also pays to consider choosing facilities that have earned and retained a globally-acknowledged accreditation. These are the following hospitals worth remembering for anyone who visits any of these 8 countries:

Health Care ProviderLocationCoolsculpting PhysicianAccreditationsInternational Patients per YearRatings & Reviews
Istanbul Florence Nightingale HospitalIstanbul, Turkey515• Joint Commission International
290,000• 5 stars
• 20 Reviews
MediEstetik PraguePrague, Czech Republic16• N/A6,000• N/A
• 0 Reviews
CosMed ClinicTijuana, Mexico15• American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Facilities6,000• 5 stars
• 10 Reviews
Yanhee HospitalBangkok, Thailand30• Joint Commission International
• Hospital Accreditation of Thailand
N/A• 5 stars
• 46 Reviews
Bangpakok 9 International HospitalBangkok, Thailand4• Joint Commission International
• Hospital Accreditation of Thailand
N/A• 5 stars
• 1 Review
Fortis Hospital BangaloreBengaluru, India3• Joint Commission InternationalN/A• N/A
• 0 Reviews

Coolsculpting VS Others

As mentioned during the earliest part of the article, coolsculpting only comprise a part of the entire section of cosmetic procedures. It stands to reason that smart customers would entertain alternatives that could hold a candle against this method in several areas. Consumers would most likely compare other fat-reduction treatments based on average price, quality of method application and the frequency of required appointments to achieve positive desired outcomes. For people who are looking for other types of treatment, please refer to this particular table.

Alternative ProcedureCostAdvantage over CoolsculptingDisadvantage over Coolsculpting
Liposuction$3,200 to $6,025It can reduce heavier volume of body fat.As a surgical procedure, it is prone to complications and it takes longer recovery time.
Velashape$130 to $1,554The use of deep tissue massage increases blood flow for better skin formation. This procedure is relatively older and more reliable.The use of heat can potentially cause skin burns.
Venus Freeze$500 to $2,000More effective in tightening loose skin and reduces cellulite.Emphasis on skin tightening: comparatively limited capacity for fat reduction.
Zerona$1,500 This procedure is guaranteed to have no side effects, allergic reactions, or any other discomfort.A patient needs to undergo multiple appointments and failure to miss one means risking positive results.
SculpSure$700 to $3,500Capable of treating 4 different body locations in 25 minutes.It is a relatively new technology that has limited clinical trials.
Liposonix$1,000 to $3,000It can reduce heavier volume of body fat.The fat-reduction treatment is applicable in the waistline area.
TruSculpt$300 to $3,500This procedure can easily cover body areas that is difficult for coolsculpting.N/A

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