Cost of 9 Rounds Membership

People today are living in the fast lane. Everyone seems to be all in a hurry and always busy with a lot of things. That is why many are neglecting the importance of staying in shape and keeping their bodies healthy, but the 9 Rounds Kick Box Fitness could be the solution for you and it is high time that you know the 9 Rounds membership cost.

Cost of 9 Rounds Membership

The 9 Rounds Kick Box Fitness promises that you can get into amazing shape with their fun and exciting 30-minute workout. If you don’t have too much time to spare and your work schedule is erratic then this fitness center is for you. With this gym, you can show up at your won convenient time with no classes at all. When you arrive you will be trained by a qualified trainer using a heart rate training technique fit for your fitness level.

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The 9 Round prices vary depending on your available time to work out. They offer monthly membership, a 6-Month One Club Access, and a yearly membership as well. They do have an initiation fee of $50 for each person but they do not have any cancellation fee if case you changed your mind.

If you are planning to enroll at 9 Rounds, their monthly fee for a single entry will cost $79.00 but if you are coming as a pair then the fee will be $148.00. It would be best if you can come in with a buddy as this will help you motivate better.

If you plan to extend your membership and liked their services and how convenient it is for you, then you can stick for a couple of months and choose their 6-month membership offer. A single entry will cost you only $69.00 monthly fee which is $10 cheaper compared to just the regular monthly pay. The dual membership is also cheaper at $128.00 as well.

If you do decide to stick around and found out that you do love their fitness facility and the way they train then it would be best that you leveled up your membership and choose an Annual Membership instead. A single entry with a one-year membership will only cost you $59.00 per month. That is $20 less that the regular monthly and $10 less than the 6-month membership.

If you are applying for a yearly membership as a couple then you would only have to pay $108.00 a month and you would get all the amenities at such a discounted price.

When you enroll at the 9 Round Gym, the 9 Rounds membership cost will include 9Round gloves specially designed so that you can hit as hard as possible without acquiring and giving any injuries. You are also given hand grips to support your wrist when you are practicing. Your designated professional trainer will teach you how to use the gloves and grips and teach you how to wear them as well.

You would also get a heart rate training program that focuses on heart training so that you can be at your optimal training shape for a faster metabolism. You will also be given access to the 9Round Nutrition Guide where you can find the 4 principles that will teach you how you can burn body fat and build lean muscle.

Your 9 Rounds membership cost will give you access to all of 9 Rounds 270 gyms worldwide. This is very convenient for those people who love travel yet still wants to stay in shape.

Cost Of Other Products For A 9 Round Kickboxing Fitness

If you have decided to take part in the 9 Round Kickboxing Fitness plan and is satisfied with the 9 Round prices then it is the time that you know that there are other products that you might want to purchase if you are into kickboxing. Many kickboxing trainees would invest on a body armor to protect their vital body parts. Kick Boxing body armor usually cost $47 to $60. There are also Kick Boxing Footwear & Foot Guards just like the Fairtex SP5 Shin Guards Competition Thai Boxing Shin Pads Guards which is also a Muay Thai Kick Boxing MMA Protective which is sold at $70.

It is also wise that you invest on a head guard just like the Ringside Face Saver with Plastic Shield to protect your face and head from any injury during sparring activities. It usually retails at only $60. Once you have these basic items, you are more than ready to face an opponent and fight at your best.

How To Get Cheap 9 Round Membership

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Do you know that you can still get a cheap deal out of the 9 Round prices? Here is how. First is you should know your budget and know what you want. If Kick Boxing is your thing and you know that it will improve your health then find a gym that will offer one at the right price. This is important because if you end up going to a cheaper gym that does not offer Kick Boxing then you won’t be motivated to work on your body.

Now that you have found the right gym for you, always ask for a free trial. This way you will know how the system works, the equipment that they are using as well as how their trainers handle the gym members. It will give you a sense of the operation of the fitness facility so that you can make a final decision.

If you don’t have much time to work out and think that you won’t be able to do a regular Kick Boxing regimen then you should opt to try as a walk in client or you can ask the fitness center if they have group sessions that you can join. Group session means that you would only have to pay until the end of the whole fitness course without paying a monthly regular fee.

Health is wealth and it should definitely be cherished and taken cared off. That is why it is important that you eat healthily and exercise in order to live a healthy life.

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