How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Moon

Many times did the heaven made us in awe. We always have been fascinated in the sky; in fact humans are a great galactic fandom. Dreamers still dream of catching the stars and stealing the moon. 40 years ago, going to moon became a reality rather fantasy. Happy are the 12 persons who landed the moon but in great despair, did nothing but gather data.

The reality is that, you’ll never be an astronaut, and if you’re one, don’t expect NASA will send you up there. But the good news is, space-tourism will soon be on our hands. As for now, try to keep your hands in the pocket and analyze how much does it cost to go to the moon.

Why Go To The Moon?

The world’s best satellite is the moon, and there’s nothing we can do about that. The moon’s always showing up in night and lights even in bright daylight, hence it wants our attention. You may not have heard it scream but the Trip to moon moon’s always inviting us to go there. And yes we can, only if we can afford the trip to the moon cost.

Moon trip cost is as luxurious as $750 million, according to the report by Washington Post. That price is good for 2 persons with VIP seats in the shuttle but might not include the baggage fee, somehow. Out of reach? Wait for discounts, the price might drop down to half. If 10 people will go to the moon, then the price might hypothetically drop to $75 million each. The trip may include a pee-break in International Space Station.

The Apollo Program by NASA made 12 persons to take footsteps on the moon. The first was in 1969, and the last was in 1972. Crystal clear, trip to moon is no more impossible. Shuttles are in the inventory. The 12 successful landing on the moon shows that space tourism is no more a draft, rather a complete art work.

The research and scientific studies to the moon might have just ended. And here comes commercialization reflecting the light to the moon. Since traveling to moon is made possible for profit, anyone can have a great trip to the moon especially those with deeper pockets. Moon trip cost is up to $750. You can also have a trip to moon for free; just lay in bed and start dreaming of it. Why go there if trip to the moon cost so much?

What to Do In the Moon?

Let’s imagine you got that far enough – to the moon. Hooray! You just stepped on the moon with no one noticing it in the Earth over you. Good thing smart phones can take selfies and some good photos, only if they allow you to bring your smart phones and let it be on airplane mode. So you’re there and taking selfies of the pale sands and dark holes with your astronaut suit on.

Expect no food street in the moon. Or you may want to start your own tax-free business there.

What else can you do on the moon? It’s for you to find out. Save those pennies and minimize the “keep the change” etiquette. You never know, that pennies might turn into hundred millions. If ever you did go to the moon and then later regret about it, just think of the one-in-a-lifetime experience you’ve had that’s worth telling to other generations, or you can write a book about the happiness you had in reaching the moon, if anybody would care.

Where to Buy Tickets?

Sadly, space tourism is yet to become reality to everyone but “companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are committed to make it happen,” claimed by the report made by First to Know. Virgin Galactic offers moon trip cost of $250,000 per seat to be paid as up front deposit and it’s refundable! If you want cheaper ticket then ask the management to give you discount. They might give you lesser payable amount with one-way ticket to the moon.

You may also ask NASA for reservations, only if they don’t ignore your request. The people who can get to the moon are first, those who can afford it and second, those who’ll qualify for the trip. Trip to moon cost cheap and affordable, if you’re a multi-billionaire. Despairingly, trip to moon tickets aren’t available in online stores, and that would be funny if they had it online.

Moon on Hand

How much does it cost to go to the moon? Yeah, it’s surprisingly ranges from $250,000 to $750,000 with countable seats available, it’s expensive and ironically can’t be bought online. Going to the moon is extremely insane, except for those who can really afford it. Sarcastically, virtual reality glasses are now available in the market that costs $10 to $100. They’re wearable, multi-purpose, and much more affordable than a trip to the moon. Plus, they can travel you not only to the moon, but also in other galactic spaces without making you move.

Going to the moon will always be a fantasy for the penniless. You can still have a fantastic getaway with beaches and parks near you. Or you can go travel and explore mountains and caves you’ve never been before. You can still be a complete wanderlust by venturing Earth which is far more beautiful than the moon.

Modern science and technology show the great possibilities for the future. We never know what will happen in the next generation. But the time may come that there will be easy access to the moon and space-tourism will grow more making it reachable by everyone. The article might end right here, I still have some moon-trip to catch up.

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