How Much Do Costco Passport Photos Cost

Being one of the most reliable photo service providers in the United States, Costco Photo Center is a well-known name in the industry often visited by customers. This photo service provider is keen on granting the best quality renditions of raw snapshots. But what made Costco stand out is its renowned customer-friendly price.

Average Costco Passport Photos Price

For only $4.99, a customer can acquire a total of 4 copies of his or her passport photos. So far, this service provider has the cheapest fee for passport photo processing in comparison to other brands. It is important to take note, however, that in some other branch locations for Costco Photo Center no longer provide processing service for passport sizes.

Costco photo prices are also not bad, to say the least.

Classic calendars cost $8.99 apiece, excluding the $21.95 overnight shipping fee. For canvas prints, a framed 14×14 image costs $45.99 while the maximum 40×60 is $349.00. A total of 20×30 collage prints costs $9.99. One of the top selling photo gifts is the $19.99 worth sports gallery print. A single 4×6 photo only costs 17 cents. The biggest bargains include stickers and postcards that are worth less than a dollar.

How To Get The Best Out Of Costco Photo Center

The important thing that customers need to know about Costco Photo Center is that availing for its thrifty photo services is not possible without purchasing its annual membership. The membership fee costs $55.00 consumable within the year.

What makes Costco photo prices a gold standard bargain is that customers can even (albeit occasionally) ship their photos for free. Usually, customers can pick up their revised and fine-tuned copies at the nearest store from their location right after uploading their raw pictures online. Free shipping is a reliable alternative when one considers the hassles of crowded warehouse interiors or inconveniently jam-packed parking spaces.

There are a total of 672 locations for Costco Photo Center across the United States. Convenient online shopping or acquisition is intended to address this demand.

Comparative Prices

Costco passport photo prices have surpassed other well-known brands in terms of providing the most cost-efficient option for processing necessary accessory to one’s travel documents. These are the following top 6 brands competing against Costco passport photo prices:

Sam’s Club provides only two copies of passport size photos for the same price of $4.99. Seemingly, Costco gives a better deal with the extra number of copies. At Walmart, customers get two copies of passport size photos for $7.50. In Right Aid, two passport photos cost $8.00 + $1 free coupon.

Customers choosing to process in CVS pay $10.00 for two passport photos and $2 worth of coupon. At Walgreens, customers pay $12.00 for two passport photos. Lastly, the UPS stores process the same for $13.00.

The most convenient option in terms of availability and convenience is any local post office. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive among the mentioned list wherein customers would pay $15 for the necessary passport paperwork.

The Importance Of Passport Photos

Apparently, the significance of passport photos is best felt and understood by people who love to travel abroad. Frequent travelers need to regularly update their travel documents. Oftentimes, the most inconvenient aspect of preparing the important articles is the quality of passport photos. There are a number of instances where important trips entail a routine stopover at the airport or seaport consulates simply because some details are not in its proper place.

The important thing to remember about passport photo quality is that is must pass the standard approval rate. Luckily, travelers always get the best deal out of Costco photo prices.

Key Pointers To Consider For Passport Photos

When it comes to processing one’s own passport photo using the online application of Costco Photo Center, a customer must at least take note of the important guidelines necessary. These specific rules have saved a lot of travelers from the scrutiny of foreign consulates.

  • Print Material & Dimensions

All passport photos must be printed on matte or glossy paper. Each photo must be 2 inches in both length and width. From the top of the head and the bottom of the chin, the total size of the head must only leave a gap of 20 to 30 millimeters. Passport photos either have a minimum dimension of 600×600 pixels or a maximum dimension of 1200×1200 pixels – with the latter providing a much higher visual quality.

  • Graphic Specs

A passport photo strictly requires plain white or off-white background. All other colors would not be acceptable for consulate standards. Most importantly, the picture must be in full live colors. Sepia or solid shades of black and white are also prohibited.

  • Photo Date

The most appropriate longest time allowance prescribed by consulate standards is within the last 6 months. However, it is much preferable to submit a much earlier version. The reason for requiring a recent passport photo is to address the issue of unrecognizable change in physical appearance. Photos that are several years older do not provide the most accurate presentation of one’s features. Cases in point: weight loss, weight gain, altered hairstyle, and facial tattoo.

  • Deportment

The angle of the face is also a vital consideration. Slanted pose reminiscent of social media self-portraits is inappropriate, to say the least. One must be facing the camera view straight. The facial expression must be neutral. A natural smile is permitted as long as the eyes are both open.

Hats and head coverings are not allowed with the exception of some religious adherents (e.g. Sikh turban, Muslim head scarf, and Jewish skull cap). Visual accessories like shades and impact-proof sports goggles are also not permitted. However, the consulate standard provides latitude for individuals with a medically-certified visual impairment. Hence, reading glasses are permitted provided that the applicant attaches a note from a licensed ophthalmologist. One must also remember that headphones are not allowed in passport photos.

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