How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost

Let’s admit it. The phrase “crawl space encapsulation” is not something you hear every day. And for those who are not experts, perhaps, it is best to learn what this process is first before knowing the actual cost to encapsulate crawl space.

Sample crawl space encapsulation process cost analysisAs a basic reference, a crawl space encapsulation, also referred as a crawl space conditioning, is the process of completely sealing a crawl space that is situated underneath a house. It involves a complete covering of the ground or floor and the surrounding walls with the use of a vapor barrier or a thick plastic liner. If there are vents or openings, then they will be sealed. When the need arises, the crawl space door will also be replaced.

Such procedures are done to prevent the crawl space from getting moist, soggy, and moldy, considering the fact that concrete and dirt can easily let moisture into the place. There are some instances when homeowners spend for an installation of a dehumidifier or a sump pump to lessen the level of moisture in the area.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Costs

Now that we have learned its basic information, it is time to answer some related questions like how much does crawl space encapsulation cost? And what would be the average rate of crawl space encapsulation?

According to Aqua Guard Basement Systems via Kudzu, the average rate of crawl space encapsulation is around $6,000, and it takes about 2 to 3 days to complete the work. But the actual cost to encapsulate crawl space ranges from $2,000 to $14,000, which significantly varies based on the crawl space size, the age of the house, the materials used for the project, and your geographical location.

Low-End Estimated Cost

This is considered to be the least expensive coverage with a price range from $2,000 to $4,000. It uses a vapor barrier, having a thickness of either 6 mils or 0.006 inches , 8 mils, 10 mils, or 12 mils.

Middle Range Estimated Cost

The crawl space encapsulation cost for this category may run from $5,000 to $7,000. Its vapor barrier is 20 mils thick.

High-End Estimated Cost

How much does crawl space encapsulation cost for this category? For the most expensive coverage, you will spend around $8,000 to $14,000 or higher. The crawl space will be covered with a 23-mil vapor barrier. In cases when you need to have this estimated cost, expect to cover additional expenses to complete the encapsulation process.

Additional Costs

The cost to encapsulate crawl space may increase if there is a need to install other necessary systems, keeping the area less humid and dry. The possible additional costs are the installations of a dehumidifier and a drainage system.

– The dehumidifiers may range from $600 to $1,900.

– The interior drainage system can run from $2,000 to $4,000.

Features of a Properly Encapsulated Crawl Space

We have already known the  average rate of crawl space encapsulation, as well as, the estimated cost to encapsulate crawl space. But apart from the costs, it is ideal to know what makes up a high-quality crawl space encapsulation. According to Energy Vanguard, these are the features of a properly, well-conditioned encapsulated crawl space.

Encapsulation of crawl space - A complete pic

– The ground is 100 percent or completely covered with a vapor barrier.

– Aside from the ground, the vents or any existing openings should be covered to prevent air from getting into the area.

– The vapor barrier’s junctions and seams should be sealed as well.

– In most cases, the band joists and foundation walls are insulated to keep the heat from entering the crawl space.

– Besides installing humidifiers, the other ways to condition the air are setting up a small exhaust fan or attaching a Central Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) to supply a small amount of air.

Expectations from Companies or Contractors

If you have decided to hire a company or a contractor to do the crawl space encapsulation process, then here are the things you should expect from them. Remember, you should get the best from spending the high cost to encapsulate crawl space.

– Before the encapsulation process starts, the crawl space ground or floor should initially be cleaned and graded, taking away all kinds of debris and/or rocks. Such procedure prevents the vapor barrier from ripping off or tearing apart.

– After the cleaning, the hired contractor will lay vapor barrier on the floor and walls of the crawl space.

– The junctions and seams are going to be overlapped by, at least, one foot. After that, they will be covered using a special tape.

– If the crawl space door is no longer in good condition, then the contractor will have to replace it with a new one. Aside from that, they have to make sure that all vents, holes, and openings are properly sealed.

– In cases when you are residing in an area where humidity abounds, the company will most likely recommend the installations of a dehumidifier and an interior drainage system, preventing the vapor barrier from getting soggy or wet.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

You may wonder why there is a need to encapsulate a crawl space. Well, here are the benefits of this process.

– If the crawl space has a very good air quality, then expect to have a better air quality inside your home.

– There is a reduction of energy usage.

– You will not have to worry about critter, insect, or pest problems.

– It is more comfortable for your and your family to stay inside the house.

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