How Much Does Crunch Gym Membership Cost

Crunch Gym is unquestionably one of the most affordable centers for those who like to work out with friends. Yes, it’s for a group of fitness junkies who wants to work out, have fun and be fit and for gym goers who crave variety. Other than the main gym station, they have group classes which include Yoga, Pilates, and fitness dances.

Crunch Gym started in 1989 by former stockbroker Doug Levine and it was well-loved by young people and fitness buffs. It started with just providing their members with some state-of-the-art equipment until they thought of doing workout classes that became very popular with many individuals.

Crunch is always expanding their programs for its members to meet up the needs of today’s health trends and expectations. New classes include Bi-Polar, which includes high-intensity cardio workout along with a jump rope and sandbag, with the goal to make your body more flexible. Another workout regimen in class is Booty Kickin’ Step, a dance that includes some clutch repeaters, hop turns and pivots. Moreover, there is the Cardio Body Training class, your weight loss training, Cardio Tai Box if you want to incorporate some kicks and punches in your exercise routine. Unique programs Crunch gymavailable to interested gym goers include Cyked Yoga Cycling, Co-Ed Action Wrestling, Hip Hop Aerobics and many others.

Gym goers love the unique classes, equipment and amenities, and Crunch’s ability to anticipate and adapt to the latest health trends. Here is what creativity can do for Crunch. And it would be best if could also take part of their creativity. And by now, you are searching for membership fees of Crunch Fitness.

Crunch Gym Membership Fees

Knowing how much Crunch Gym membership cost is a breather as it is highly recommended and rated by sites because of its affordability. Slightly dependent on the location, Crunch Fitness prices an average of around $39 per month. This includes the use of gym equipment including weights and other machinery you’ll need for your workout.

For their Basic Membership program, an initiation fee will start at $75 going up to $150. Monthly fees are $30 and can reach up to $40. While month to month payments are allowed, you do have the option of paying up to one year in advance for a small discount. An individual can prepay his or her membership annually for just about $400 to $450. The longer you’ll be in their program, the lesser the cost.

A premium membership upgrades your access to the gym. The initiation fees stay the same, but the monthly fees go up to $40 to $50. If you plan to prepay annually, Crunch Fitness prices can cost you $450 to $500 or more.

Cancellation is free, but you are required to visit the gym in person to complete the cancellation process.

Other than their standard membership programs, the gym has flexible month-to-month plans. Crunch Fitness prices start out at $10 per month for their Base Membership that will avail you of one club and gym equipment. You can use all of their equipment, free access to their online fitness and nutrition program and a free CAMP CRUNCH training orientation. An initiation fee of $39 will be paid. An annual fee of just about $39 as well, is available for those who wanted to do it in the long run.

A Peak Membership will get you everything that comes with the Base membership, a group fitness classes, tanning, massage, guest privileges, Crunch Live online workouts and a free Crunch t-shirt. This membership is available with a $10 initiation fee, a $19.95 monthly fee, and a $39 annual fee.

Advantages of Joining

There are several advantages to joining the membership programs. Once a member, you can avail of their saunas, number-based locker system, and private shower stalls. Crunch also provides sweat towels as well as free body wash, conditioner, shampoo, mouthwash and hairspray among others. In addition to having free use of equipment, a membership in their fitness center will give you access to the rest of their gyms in that particular area.

Additional Gym Expenses

Upgrades or downgrades.If along the time you have in Crunch Gym, and would like to upgrade your membership, like from Base to Peak, you must pay the additional pro-rata for the current billing cycle and last month’s membership. You can also downgrade to forfeit the right to last month’s membership. No refund will be provided, though. But there is a fee of $10 for all upgrades and downgrades applications.

Cool off period. After applying for membership, you have a seven-day period, called “cool off” during which you may cancel your membership. Cancellation is free, and you will be given a refund of 50% of the amount you have paid within the seven-day period. Refunds will be in the forms of cheques instead of cash.

Membership on hold. You can put your membership fees of Crunch Fitness on hold for medical, travel, and military reasons upon providing the necessary supporting documents. You can hold your memberships for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks in a year and is only possible if your membership is paid. You will notify your Crunch Gym at least seven (7) days prior to the start of the hold period.

No backdated requests will be approved. Hold dates must coincide with pre-existing billing dates. A Hold Fee of $5 per week is chargeable. For Paid in Full memberships, this is payable in advance of the hold period. For Dues memberships, a fortnightly fee of $10 will be debited from your existing Crunch Gym membership cost.

Use of the kiddie box. Crunch Fitness provides gym parents the necessary time and flexibility to utilize all services by having a little me-time and have child-minding facilities at their gym for the parents’ children. The KidsBox allows children to enjoy in a safe environment while waiting for their parents. KidsBox is available for children 6 months -13 years. Bookings are limited and it is important that parents must give at least two (2) hours notice if they wish to cancel a KidsBox booking. If there is no notice of cancellation, a $5.00 fee will incur.

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