David Barton Gym Membership Cost

Not all gyms are created the same. There are many types of gym wherever you may look and they provide different services and facilities depending on your need and budget. Most fitness gyms are either made for a workout and go while there are those that are created with explicit detail and luxury altogether. That is what David Barton Gym is all about. Thus it is the time that you know the David Barton Gym membership cost.

Fees Of David Barton Gym

David Barton Gym focuses on three main aspects at their fitness center and one of them is to create an exciting and full-energy atmosphere while helping their members achieve the body that they wanted and also creating a program with diverse routine, unlike any other gym.  Their gym is designed in such a way that it will motivate you to go further adding innovative ideas and concept keeping their design cool and savvy. Thus many are interested in enrolling at their fitness center and knowing the David Barton gym cost.

Here are the estimated prices of the David Barton gym membership cost:

Initiation Fee
Monthly/Yearly Fee$109.00$218.00$1308.00$2616.00
Cancellation Fee$300.00$300.00$300.00$300.00

If you take a look at the charts above you will see that the price of the David Barton Gym is pretty high. The moment you step inside and enroll at the David Barton Gym, you will have to pay an initiation fee of $250.00. This will not matter whether you are enrolling as a single member or a dual member and whether it is on monthly payment terms or annual payment, the initiation fee remains the same.

Aside from that, once you are under contract, if you do decide to cancel your membership then you also have to pay a cancellation fee worth $300 and this would be for all type of payment option and all types of membership choice.

Now for the membership fee, it will greatly differ if you pay monthly or yearly. If you pay monthly and enrolled as a single member then your monthly fee will be $109.00 but if you enroll as a pair your monthly fee will be $218.00. It is basically the same as the single membership only multiplied twice.

But if you choose to pay yearly as a single member, the David Barton gym cost will be $1308.00 while the dual membership will cost $2616.00. There seems to be no difference whether you pay your membership monthly or yearly. The price remains the same as well as the services.

The membership entitles you to an unlimited all-club access for the David Barton gym membership cost you will pay. You will also have the chance to join classes creatively named as Pressure Cooker, Ass Blast, and many others. There are also basic classes like boot camp, dance cardio, and spin classes. They also offer kickboxing classes for those who are into combat sports and they also have power yoga for those who are into a solemn and quiet type of workout.

Cost of Guest Pass and Coupons

Because of high David Barton gym cost, many are wondering if there is a way that they can try the services of the fitness center at a lower cost. The answer to that is yes. The David Barton Gym offers a complimentary workout session to local residents and first-time visitors to the gym. They also give out and will set up a DBGym Tour just for you.

Cost of Guest Pass and Coupons

But if you want to give the gym a try for a longer time then you should get yourself some discount coupons that you can buy online. You can buy a Two-Month Unlimited Membership at David Barton Gym for only $69.00 at Groupon. This kind of service will cost you around $250.00 if you get it on the regular price. With this coupon, you will get to use any of the facilities at the gym as well as join classes such as yoga and Pilates.

They also offer a corporate membership which is a packaged membership for you and your company. You can check with your company if they are already enrolled at the David Barton Gym and if not, you can enroll your company in the program and see if the gym can talk to your company for a group policy discount.

How To Save On Gym Membership Cost

If you are bent on enrolling at a gym then you would be happy to know that there are still some ways that you can save on the cost of your gym membership. The first thing that you should do is signup at multiple gyms for a free trial. Don’t just stop at trying one gym. Go ahead and try several of them. This way you can test out the facilities of the gym first hand and you can make a sound decision on which gym you should be signing at.

Also, you should learn how to negotiate. Don’t be scared to ask for discounts. Most fitness facilities have flexible and negotiable terms. You can even ask to waive the initiation fee during your first year at the gym. Tell the gym that you have been looking at other fitness centers as well and they offer a lower price and see if they will match up the offer.

Also, ask the gym if they will give a different rate for families enrolling. Tell them that several of your family members would like to enroll and check if you can haggle with the membership fee. You can also check for referral programs. Many gyms would reward their members if they are able to recruit a new enrollee. Most gyms would give better discounts to new enrollees especially if they know old patrons of the fitness center.

Lastly, you can try to enroll at the end of the month when gyms are meeting their quota. They will give you a lower rate if their quota is not enough so try to check for this deal as well.

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