How Much Do Dentures Cost

A complete set of teeth – who does not want this? Who wouldn’t want to walk out of the house every morning while putting on a huge smile on the face? But what if you lost them due to some health concerns? Would you be willing to purchase artificial ones? If you know that it will make you feel confident about yourself and the day ahead, then, by all means, work on getting some nice dentures!

How much do dentures cost?

The average cost of dentures for a complete set (top and bottom sets) start from $600 and could go as high as $10,000. If you are looking at only a single unit or plate (top only or bottom only), it will cost you only $300 – $5,000. So basically, having both sets doubles the cost.

dentures priceThe denture prices highly depend on the type of denture, on the type of application your dentist will perform, and on whether you will have a complete set on top and at the bottom or not.

Types of Dentures

Knowing the differences of the types of dentures makes it easier for you to know how much you will be spending. These factors will be significant once you start planning out your budget, especially when you do not have your money ready yet.

Basically, the difference is only with the number of teeth that has to be replaced. If all teeth are missing, a “complete” denture is needed. If only half of the teeth or only some are missing, a “partial” denture is needed.

As for complete dentures, the process of applying it on the patient may either be “conventional” or “immediate”. It is conventional when the teeth are removed and the gum tissue and the jawbones are given the time to heal before the installment of the teeth begins. On the other hand, it is immediate when the construction of the teeth is made in advance making it all ready for installment on the exact time the teeth are removed.

If the main factor you are considering in getting your most desired teeth is the highest quality, then you ought to purchase the ones with dental implants. This may be the most expensive option, though. Each of the components of the implant is made out of high-end materials, making them worth more. An entire set of dental implant, abutment, and crown would costs around $1,275 to $3,450.

Intelligent Purchase

Naturally, you would want the best quality artificial teeth for yourself or for whom you are buying them. But if you are on a tight budget and are on the lookout for something more practical, you will have to exert a more effort in getting good deals.

It may be a little hard to get discounts on such health service, especially when the denture prices are already fixed and common to all dentists in your area. However, if you are eager to pay less, you can go for ready-made plates. One disadvantage though is it might look a little artificial compared to the ones that are custom-made.

These ready-made plates are naturally composed of cheaper materials. The upside is it will only cost you around $800 – $1,500 which is way less expensive than the average cost of dentures. Meanwhile, the downside is the poor operational quality of the teeth. It may be more prone to cracks and breaks and you may find it harder to bite or chew.

There is also a disparity on the dental maintenance between the cheaper dentures and the expensive ones. There are usually longer warranty offers for the custom-made ones. Some even offer a lifetime warranty. This may be advantageous for you if you want to enhance your dentures’ quality over time, to make them look more natural.

As for the cheaper dentures, the maintenance may be more tedious, so you need to make sure you maximize the warranty offer. It is almost the same as purchasing a pre-loved item in terms of having the need to save for possible repairs.

If you want to be wise, you need to use your foresight. This means that aside from the fees you have to pay for the dental construction itself and the doctor’s fee; you have to assume the future expenses for maintenance. You have to allot some contingency money in case you need to have them fixed or restructured.

As for partial dentures, since you will only need to fill in for the missing teeth, the dental maintenance will be relatively cheaper. But again, be sure not to resort to low quality solutions to your repairs. Try not to have a patch-up kind of repair that will only wear off and will need to be fixed again. Always know what the best options are.

Aside from grabbing discount offers, ask for referrals and contacts from your trusted friends. They may be able to bring you to a good local dentist. That can save you time, effort and most importantly, money. Your transportation expenses can be the money that you could allot for the denture fees.

Sometimes, referrals also save you from the usually expensive professional fee of the dentist. You can also try to look for pro bono services in public hospitals and clinics.

Use of Health Insurance

If you are currently a holder of a health insurance policy, the expenses may be waived or reimbursed in different conditions, depending on the terms you agreed to. In case you have inquiries and would like to clarify something, you can always seek for the help of your financial adviser, if you have one.

How much do dentures cost if the client is insured?

Most insurance companies cover some or all dentures cost. This highly depends on the annual maximum limits of your health plan. If you do not have a health insurance yet, but are planning to get one, be sure to contact the provider and let them know of your preferred dental coverage. This will help you save thousands of bucks.

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