How Much Does Dog Boarding Kennels Cost

Being usually considered as ‘man’s best friend,’ people would invest a lot of resources to take care of their beloved canine pet. Some individuals even establish a parent-child relationship with their dogs. For this reason, dogs are left in boarding kennels in the same way toddlers are left in a day care center while parents are away.

Average Cost of Boarding Kennels

The average cost of boarding kennels for dogs in the United States may vary in terms of the quality or coverage of accommodations. A basic dog lodging service could run between $12 to $26 per day. It is important to consider, however, that the cost variation is dependent on several factors.

Other than the location, dog boarding kennels price variations are also determined by the provider’s quality category. Apart from standard accommodation, there is also a deluxe and luxury-class accommodations. One Dog in a boarding kennelshould also account for the fact that the number of dogs an owner would keep sheltered away from home would also reflect the price increase. As per the latest general reference for kenneling 2 to 3 dogs, the average cost is $36 to $48 respectively.

These are the reason why in some cases, the price range for keeping dogs secured some place else would range from $25 to $55. It is, therefore, important for owners to determine which features are included in the standard service and which aspects fit the deluxe package.

For a one-month duration of stay, dog owners are expected to pay a total of around $250 to $550. In most cases, this long-term boarding comes with a certain discount percentage. If one should prefer to leave their four-legged kids within half of the day, the average fee is between $6 to $25.

Total Cost Inclusion

With the regular cost of boarding kennels for dogs, you as the benefactor of your beloved canine companion should be aware of the following:

  1. Meals are provided twice a day. Take note, some dogs require special meals (or special considerations) as per their veterinarian’s prescription.
  2. A sleeping area that includes bed cushion and/or pillow
  3. Potty breaks: dogs are often assisted by staff custodians to properly ‘answer to their call of nature’ outdoors.
  4. Exercise session: dogs need to walk off their excess energy once a day so they don’t get worked up. A staff custodian is assigned to walk with them for a specific timeframe (depending on the pet’s medical and psychological profile).

These are the basic services often provided by any decent doggy day care. It is, therefore, important for owners to demand these features since these comprise everything that kennel providers need to comply to keep their business running.    

Extra Services & Charges

The meager accommodations are sufficient to provide for the needs of the beloved canine companions. But any loving and doting dog parent would not mind spending more to give their four-legged children the best services a facility can provide. Fortunately, deluxe and luxury services are offered to subscribers whose level of pampering is so much higher than usual.

Basic add-ons

What is not usually nailed down in the standard accommodations that dogs also require are charged separately. As lone dogs are often more inclined to socializing with other temporary boarders, homeowners can avail for extra recreations fee. For no less than $5, dogs can enjoy a scheduled group play.

Other additional basic charges include a bath at the end of the stay, which can usually cost around $7. Grooming and training are also special features which providers could charge differently. As for the medical treatment, an average extra fee $2 is required to give beloved pets their medicine. Kennel providers are keen on charging extra for medical assistance due to the dog’s propensity for violence when they are in pain. 

Luxury Treatment

Standard accommodations usually comprised of concrete floors, but for the deluxe services, dogs can enjoy heated flooring. Other features not included in the basic package are music background that keeps dogs relaxed.

Luxury add-ons include spa grooming, sumptuous steak dinner as well as interior polishing such as plush carpets and furniture. Take note: Luxury accommodations simulate home interior environment, especially for dogs accustomed to lavish treatment.


Although much of the cost of boarding kennels for dogs largely features pleasantries for the beloved pets, some extra charges are necessary to penalize owners. Anyone who is late for picking up their four-legged kids is charged an extra fee per hour. It is best to arrange a day care delivery, especially if time is highly inconvenient. Owners usually pay $5 to $10 to have their dogs delivered home from the kennel at a specific hour.

Tips For Return Of Investment

There are four ways to ensure that an owner is getting his or her money’s worth for the dog boarding kennels price. Here are ways you can get most of the return for investment:

Research and Site Visit

It is important for homeowners to be confident of their pet’s new temporary home. In this case, it pays to get quotations from several different providers. Other than learning from written reviews and secondary sources, it is also important to inspect the premises of one’s chosen provider. Learning a lot about a provider can help you decide if the dog boarding kennels price is reasonable.

Full Disclosure of Patient History

To avoid extra unaccounted charges, it requires dog owners to disclose their pets’ full medical history. Apart from knowing what entails the overall budget, there could be a way for dog owners and the kennel management to discuss details regarding special needs. Dogs are naturally unique creatures and they may not fit well with others of its kind.

In the case of any peculiar behaviors noted by the veterinarian or pet expert, it would be a great help to also disclose information to the management to discuss helpful suggestions. It is important that at the end of their stay, dogs would have a pleasant vacation of their own.

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