How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost

Dogs have their own way to keep themselves clean, they either chew at their fur or lick it. Sometimes they roll over just to scratch the itch from their backs; and even if we try to help them by giving them a bath, once in a while it would be nice to treat them out on a dog grooming spa. Just like us, humans, when we get tired, we go for a massage. But how much does dog grooming cost? Let us discuss the ways you can groom your dog with and without the help of a professional dog groomer.

The Rules in Dog Grooming

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals counsels us that our pets should be regularly cleaned. This is in order for us to avoid potential health issues from among our pets that could be contagious upon us, human beings.

The basic things they require is that we, should be able to bath our dogs on a regular basis. We should brush them too. Doing this, will help lessen their tangles, and cut back on their hairballs. Another thing we ought to do is that we dog grooming ratealso need to trim our dog’s nails and buff them as well. This will help our animals avoid infections and scratch us or the walls of our house or floor.

It would also be best if we can clean and check their ears for infections. Their eyes also need to be checked for mucus that might have clogged their ducts. Grooming our pet dogs will make them feel loved and appreciated. Remember these creatures are hailed as man’s best friends and so they deem, good treatment and they’ll favor you with loyalty.

Cost for Dog Grooming

Now, if you are a busy master, who does not have much time to do things yourself for your pet dog, except for walking and playing with them every afternoon. You can take the alternative route through dog grooming done by professionals. If you are wondering how much dog grooming costs, here is the answer: dog grooming prices is in between the price of $30 -$90 dollars. This is for those basic grooming, like bathing and a bit of trimming of their furs. Other extra pay is also dependent on the size of your pet.

According to a website called Angie’s List, they reported that some of their members are paying for a price of $53 dollars two years ago, in 2013. Dog owners who are not availing of any discounts are paying at a range of $25 dollars to $75 dollars for a dog grooming cost

The great thing about getting a professional help with your dog grooming is that, the services they provide is beyond just bathing and trimming. They would also extend the care for your pet to dental care and eye care, nail care and paw care. They will even recommend what to do when your dog has excessive shedding from their furs.

Take note excessive shedding from your dog’s fur is never healthy. It may indicate parasites and other skin problems that may manifests in the shedding of their hair. Some of the problems that contributes to the shedding of a dog’s fur are the following: parasites, fungus, allergies, pregnancy, cancer, sunburn amongst others.  If this ever happens then you will have to already know that the next step is to take your dog to a vet for further treatment which will add to the average cost of dog grooming.

The Do It Yourself

You will not have to worry about dog grooming prices, if you are wanting to help yourself with grooming your dog. Come to think of it, you can save more from the average cost of dog grooming should you decided to buy your dog’s own shampoo instead of having to take him or her to a grooming shop. You can also try to provide a pet-spa-like environment for your dog if you like. Give him a night bath that would be refreshing for grooming for your cutes

The only thing is, you will need to also learn how to be able to actually do it. This is the part where most pet owners do not touch on, when it comes to their dogs, but could be fun to learn about. Some dog and cat lovers would even learn the skills and later the tricks of the trade like, how much does dog grooming cost, so they can apply the pricing strategy towards their own clients if they get some, leaving them becoming an entrepreneur. If they can do this for their pets, they might as well do it to other people’s pet plus some earnings on the side.

No matter how good you groom your pets, issues like hair falling still exists and there would be circumstances where you would look for perfect pet vacuum cleaners.

Tricks of This Trade

Now that this article was not only able to give you an idea about dog grooming prices but also some idea if you would want to turn it into a business. Knowing the average cost of dog grooming, could serve you by helping you set a budget for your dog’s first or next grooming session, or you can have it as a business, depending if you feel that it would be profitable if you do.

Other than that, learning the price range will also help you negotiate for the price of your dog’s grooming and spa treatment or you may ask for some special discounts and have you pet feel special once in a while. Remember dogs are our family and they do need to be treated fairly like family does.

If you do the latter which is a DIY, you will be able to save on some money since for the price of a dog bath at a grooming center is more likely to be almost the same price of a bottle, even less. There would also be more left from the bottle which you can be able to use the next time you give your dog a bath. So much for how much does dog grooming cost? If you will be asked, all you need to do is smile and say, I did it myself!

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