How Much Does Dog Training Cost

Many dog owners who dog training prices wanted to have their dogs trained have been asking around ‘how much does dog training cost?’ Before enrolling your dog to a training school it would be best to call of visit the class so that you can get ideas regarding obedience training cost and what it might entail should you decide to enroll your dog to a training class.

According to American Pet Products Association (APPA), 37% to 47% of the household in US have a dog. And this is as true as the popular saying that goes “dogs are man’s best friend.”

Basically, dog training prices varies. It always will depend if you are hiring a private trainer for your dogs which is more expensive than if you are going to enroll your dog to a class. Also, make sure that the person you should be getting to train your dog is a professional so you can get your money’s worth. Dog owners should also ask about the kinds of services that are included in the cost before they shell out their money.

Also, you do not have to go very far in order to find a trainer for your dog. There should be a dog training center
around in your community. Some nearby pet stores also offer group classes that last up to eight weeks of one-hour sessions. Training puppies cost lesser than training adult dogs.

The Cost For Dog Training

As we already have mentioned he length of time it usually takes for dog training. The dog training prices may range from $50 – $125 dollars, for the period of time that was mentioned earlier with is 4 to 6 weeks.

To those opting for a private classes for their dogs with a professional trainer are usually charged from the range of $30 to $100 per hour. For a six week class, that will be a total cost of around $240 to $600 dollars. There are also intensive trainings for dogs such as the ones being offered by the obedience board kennel schools. That one is costing around $1,000 and $2,500. This is so because the dog is going to receive a one-on-one training session with a professional for several hours in a day, and it will be for a period of two to four weeks. Besides the training, this also includes the dog’s boarding.

Miscellaneous Costs

As far as dog training prices are concerned. The dog owner will also be the one to provide for the training aid of his or her pet. The fee mentioned above only limits to dog training prices. There is more! Be prepared to shell out an additional $50 – $80 dollars for the leashes, dog treats or noisemakers. 

Other than that, those pets that are a bit challenging to train because of their behavior could cost a little more extra. Say perhaps $100 dollars more. If you’d really want to spend some time and money for quality and good dog training, you can visit the website, American College of Veterinary Behaviorist to look for and contact a professional to train your dog.

Dogs with serious problems regarding their behaviors should be evaluated by an animal behaviorist. Consultations starts are usually around $135 dollars or more an hour, and some consultations runs typically for more than threedachshund training hours thus you could end up getting charged for about $400 dollars.

After the puppy training, you can now enroll your pooch for the beginner dog training that is good for dogs 5 months older. And since dog at this age is usually impulsive, this training helps dogs to manage their personal behaviors and help them focus to their owner despite environmental distractions. Beginner dog training ranges from $110 to $120.

Next in line is the intermediate training. This class practices dog to manage more of their behavior with added distractions. They are also taught more cues like wait and go to bed. Advance training is for advance dog learning. They are taught tricks and more of behavioral activities specialized with fun games.

Private dog training is for dogs that needs undivided attention. On private dog training, the trainers spend one-on-one training with the pet. The mission of this training is to help dogs control their impulsiveness and teach them tricks and more cues. Private dog training price ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the number of sessions to be taken. PetSmart offers $49 for 30 minutes of private dog training, $89 for 1 hour which will be taken for two 30-minute classes, and $219 for 4 hours for eight 30-minute classes. Obedience training schools offer premium dog training for 2 to 4 weeks for $1000 to $2500.

Puppy in the dog kingdom are those dogs that are two to five months old. They are easier to train the reason why it’s a lot cheaper to spend for their training. All dogs will the trained to learn basic commands and to socialize. Other things that trainers would address are the dogs digging, chewing and barking issues. This things shall make all the obedience training cost all worthwhile.

Parvovirus is a severe diarrhea for puppies and dogs. It is highly contagious and lethal. Parvovirus vaccine cost $10 only. Parainfluenza, in the other hand, is also known as Kennel cough. It’s non-life-threatening but it may make your puppy weak in later days. Parainfluenza vaccine costs $10 to $15 and it must be administered twice, in a total of $20 to $30. Dog bites, even the slightest one, are life threatening. This is because of the dogs’ rabies. Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation to human brain or to other mammals. If uncured, it may cost your life and your dog’s life. Rabies vaccination costs $15 to $25.

The Training Package

Besides the puppy class and the kind of training mentioned above. The training also covers house breaking so this makes every dog owner who has been able to have their dog trained feel more secure in their house. This housebreaking training should also be re-enforced by the owner when at home, as it will require some training for round-the- vigilance to get your dog be well trained for this matter. has more information on this one.

Once your dog passes the basic obedience class, and has lessen his inappropriate barking and jumping. He will be considered a graduate, and should he pass the test for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test, he will be a part of the organization that recognizes well-mannered dogs.

There are dog owners who even if their dog has already achieved so much, would still bring their dog back to training camp. They just want to refine the skills that their dog has acquired and enhance them. They do not mind any additional payment for those. For them ‘how much does dog training cost?’ does not apply since, probably these folks are so riche they didn’t know where else to put their money except for spending for the dog. Some of them say it’s worth it considering their dog will be trained in a more advanced behavior like, off-leash work, agility, search and dog clicker training rescue, field work and as a therapy dog. Owners of re-trained dogs do not mind paying for the obedience training cost.

Available Discounts

Perhaps once you have already consulted a dog training center regarding how much does their dog training cost, then you should also be able to get some discounts for being their client. Some training school or veterinarian clinics do get discounts from time to time, but there are times you will have to ask it from them. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can buy a dog training book at Amazon, which could only cost you around $10; but with this one, you will have to be very hands on in your dog training, as you thoroughly follow all the instructions written therein. Another option for lesser dog training cost is the low cost training shelters that only starts at around $35 and up, for several weeks f classes. For what it’s worth having a pet dog is such a joy since these kinds of pets are not only trainable but also, man’s best friends.

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