How Much Does eHarmony Cost

Before the internet was even a thing, finding the right person was very hard. You will need to undergo a lot of things before you can have your own long-term relationship. But now, because of our modern technology and the internet, finding your valentine can be a piece of cake. There are now a lot of dating sites that are available. And the most popular one is eHarmony. However, because of its popularity, this dating site comes with a price. So first, we must know how much does eHarmony cost?

Average eHarmony Pricing

Before we tackle the cost, let us first know what eHarmony really is. eHarmony is the best website for people who are looking for long-term relationships. It is one of the most high-reputation dating websites in the world.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost

So what is good about eHarmony? Well, because of its price, the website will ensure you that you will not meet a lot of fake profiles that will try to scam you.

So how much does eHarmony cost? Well, when you first sign-up for this dating site, you will be first given a free account. You will have to create your own profile. The profile you will input should include things about yourself and what you are looking for a person. After you create your profile, you will have to upload your profile picture. The website will then let you take their test, which is a 29-dimension compatibility test. After the test, you will be given with the profiles that match your likes.

However, that is the only feature you can get with a free account. You might want to upgrade to their two other plans which are the Basic Plans and TotalConnect Plans.

  • eHarmony Basic Plans – From the name itself, this plan is the most basic you can get. However, this has more features than a free account. Here are some of the features included in eHarmony Basic Plans:
    • You can view the profiles of your matches.
    • You can have an access to your matches’ Book of You. This gives you more highlights about the person’s unique characters.
    • You can see the photos of your matches’
    • You will know who viewed your profile.
    • You can send and receive unlimited messages.
    • You can see when was the last time your matches’ have logged in.

Those are the features you can get with your basic plan. Keep in mind that the eHarmony pricing depends on the membership you want to avail. Great value monthly membership costs around $10.95 per month and it will last up to 24 months. Another type of membership is the best value which cost around $25.95 per month and it will last up to 12 months. And the last type of membership is the popular choice which costs $42.95 per month and it lasts up to 6 months.

  • eHarmony TotalConnect Plans – This is the most expensive plan you can get in eHarmony. This plan has all the features that are included in the basic plan plus additional features. Here are the additional features you can get with eHarmony TotalConnect Plan:
    • You can get your ID verified with RelyID. This will offer your matches with the information that you are really who you are by ID validation. This will make more singles to talk to you.
    • Another additional feature you can get is you can talk on the phone with your match with their Secure Call. This feature will permit you to communicate with your matches using a phone without them knowing your phone number. Additionally, you will not be charged if you talk over a long distance.
    • The final feature you can have with eHarmony TotalConnect Plan is the Premium Book of You. This is the same as the Book of You that we have mentioned above. However, the premium version will provide a more profound understanding of your traits and its effects your dating life and relationships in the future.

Those are the additional features you can get with eHarmony TotalConnect Plan. However, eHarmony pricing for this plan is a bit higher that the latter option. The cost of the great value membership plan that lasts up to 24 months can run around $10.95 per month. On the other hand, the cost of best value membership plan that lasts up to 12 months can run around $26.95 per month. While the cost of popular choice membership plan that lasts up to 6 months runs around $45.95 per month.

eHarmony also has another plan that is not advertised much and that is the eHarmony Premier Plan. This is more expensive than the TotalConnect plan. However, you can get more features such as:

  • Match Guarantee – This feature will allow you to extend the duration of your membership for up to 12 months if you can’t find the right person for you.
  • Account Pause – This feature will allow you to take a break. You can leave your account for up to three months and come back with the remaining time that is left with your account. This feature is best if the match you found doesn’t end up well and you need to find another one.
  • Additional advice – The company will give you a relationship starter package in which the company’s expert love advisers will give advice about dating.
  • Share – The company will also provide you 3 extra one-month account subscription that you can share with your friends.

Average eHarmony Pricing

How much does this plan cost? As what we have mentioned above, the cost for a premier plan is a bit higher than the others. eHarmony cost for a premier plan runs around $41.95 per month. And it only lasts up to 12 months.

So is eHarmony worth it? Well, the first thing you should remember is the price. If you find your match earlier, you can save a lot of money. However, the cost will be a lot expensive in the long run if you can’t find the right person for you. Free Dating Sites provides the benefits you can have when you avail eHarmony plans.

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