How Much Does Electrical Panel Replacement Cost

One box to rule them all. And this box serves as the primary distribution port for all of your electrical circuits at home. The power panel delivers some amps to your house from an electrical company. The power usually flows through a meter then to the circuit breaker of the breaker.

These circuit breakers are broken down into two columns that lie beneath the main switch above the breakers. The main switch directs the power to the whole house.

Electrical panels are designed to protect your home from casualties like power surges or electrical overloads. These issues usually happen when there is lightning or the automatic turning up of the power after a blackout. These brief spikes could cause a spark if it weren’t for the electrical panel. Overloads happen when cases like the wirings can’t hold the amp breaker’s power line.

electrical panelExample, your wire can only handle up to 10 amps. If your cable is connected to a 22-amp breaker, your electrical panel will automatically break the power load by turning the switch off. It can help you identify which outlets are not suitable for your appliances’ need.

When your breaker is old or got tripped, two things can happen higher electricity bills or fire. If you let the former live long enough, soon your whole house will catch on fire. So, when the box seems to be outdated, you have to replace them.

Average Cost to Replace and Install an Electrical Circuit

The cost differs by the size of the house and how you use it. Sometimes it can take you from $500 to $3,000. You also have to take note what other costs there will be like labor costs, material costs, and any unforeseen charges.

  • All City Electrical in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The cost depends on how many circuits there are in the house and if whether you live alone or with a family. Your lifestyle can also affect the usage of your electrical equipment. But All City Electrical offers their services starting from $500 and going to $1,300. That’s for a 100, 150 or 200 amp.
  • According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of having the panel replaced is $1,071. Homeowners mostly choose to pay within the range of $500 to $1,600. The lowest would have to be $150, while the maximum cost to replace electrical panel is at $2,700.
  • Home Wyse also published estimated prices of the electrical panel replacement. For a 100 amp main breaker load center, costs are $375.36 to $461.40. Meanwhile, basic labor to install the electrical panel within favorable site conditions will cost, $796.54to $965.50.

The job will consist of mounting of a new breaker, connecting wires and installing switches and test circuits. Home Wyse also included planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup to the cost.

On top of that, the cost of related equipment and supplies typically required to install electrical service panel, which includes connectors, fittings, junction boxes and fasteners is just about $23.46 to $26.69.

Breakdown of Price to Replace Electrical Panel

The cost can’t be just the breaker box price or your electrician. So, what compromises the costs? Here we get to know how the price can reach up to those numbers.

  • Labor costs of professionals. Labor gets a huge chunk of the price. Mostly, they go $50 to $80 in an hour. Your experts can finish the job within eight to ten hours. So expect to pay $500 to $800. The duration of the service highly differs depending on the condition of the electrical panel. If you’re still not sure how much to pay your hired professionals, you can check out the guidelines in the National Electrical Contractors Associations. Electricians would also be performing various works when the wires, conduits, and circuits have issues too. And sometimes, clean-up and debris removal.
  • Materials for the electrical panels. The breaker box price is $300 to $500. But what compromises it is dependent on the homeowner and what fits his needs. The electric company would sometimes ask to install another power supply and meter, adding up to the cost. However, other materials like connectors, fittings, and fasteners will cost you no more $50.
  • Extra cost. These are mostly upgrades in case your old box needs some simple replacements. Others include removing or relocating the electrical frames, surfaces, systems or adapting them according to building standards. And besides, you have to test your wall if it’s made of hazardous substances. Home test prices will cost you $50 to $100 to determine any toxic constituents in your house.
  • Contractor costs. If you hire a company rather than an individual professional, there will be overhead and markup costs for organizing and deploying electricians to your place. Some already came with a plan for your electrical panel. In some ways, the cost to replace electrical panel are equivalent to 15% to 25% of the total bill.
  • Special permits or inspection costs. Maybe you’ve moved into a new house that has an old electrical panel. Or even put up a new building. Technically, you want to renovate the whole structure. If you do, you would need permits and licenses required by your city’s local building department. Electrical work permits and electrician panel replacement costs vary by municipality.


Replace your electrical panel if it’s old or just got tripped lest; you want to see your house on fire. A blazing house is most often caused by bad circuits or overload of electrical amps. Hundreds of people die from electrocutions annually and hit about thousands of injuries each year. It’s best to avoid DIY in this situation unless you’re a pro electrician yourself.

If you want to replace your electrical panel, seek help from an electrician.

Even if the case is not that bad, a trippy line can spike your utility bills because you demand more work than it can function.

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