How Much Does Engine Rebuild Cost

There will be circumstances where the engine will be broken so badly that repairing it will not be enough. If this is the case, the only solutions are to either rebuild your old engine or to buy a brand new one. Usually, a lot of people choose the former because it is cheaper. But how much does rebuilding an engine cost?

The average cost to rebuild an engine ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 or more, depending on the exact type of vehicle, among other factors.

Average Cost to Rebuild an Engine

In comparison, a new engine will cost between $3,000 and $7,500, but can even go up to $10,000. This still does not include labor costs.

Factors Affecting Engine Rebuild Cost

Of course, the price of rebuilding an engine depends on many factors, as mentioned above. Some of these include the type of vehicle and its engine, your location, the difficulty of the project, etc.

  • Car model – obviously, the more expensive your car model is, the higher the cost of rebuilding it due to the higher cost of materials and labor. This is especially true for imported brands.
  • Extent – the extent of your expenditure would be dependent on the extent of the overhaul you want to perform on your engine. You can either do a top or a major rebuild or overhaul.
  • Damage – there may be instances where some parts were not originally included in the rebuild plan. However, the discovery of the extent of the damage might lead you to include these parts in the project because they can no longer be as reliable as they used to be.
  • Choice of parts – you should also consider as one major factor the choice between using an OEM and an aftermarket replacement.
  • Location – it is also important to take your location into consideration when trying to rebuild your engine. That’s because the prices of the parts, as well as the labor costs, would greatly depend on the prices of commodities in that particular area.

What Exactly is Engine Rebuilding?

Engine rebuilding is a process that involves removing your old engine and replacing its broken parts with new ones. Usually, the whole procedure will involve removing the A/C compressor, water pump, alternator, and exhaust manifolds.

The next procedure will depend on exactly what the problem with your engine is. Its crankshaft will probably be sent to an auto repair shop if the problem is a bad engine bearing.

On the other hand, chances are, cylinder heads will be sent to a shop if the problem is a bad valve.

There are many reasons why car owners will need to rebuild their engines. But the main reasons include compression loss, excessive consumption of oil, or excessive clearance of oil.

You will notice that the engine of your car is suffering from loss of compression when you see several symptoms. However, these symptoms can also come from another source. So before you decide to rebuild your engine, it is better to have it thoroughly checked first.

Common Engine Failure Symptoms

There can be a plethora of signs and symptoms that indicate your engine is starting to die down. Some of these are the following:

  • Difficulty starting the engine, lack of power, or a misfired engine
  • The engine starts to knock and rattle when idling.
  • Worn-out seals puffing thick smoke from the engine’s exhaust.
  • Broken timing belt or chain.
  • Excessive consumption of oil when you notice that there is a loss of oil even without any leaks due to worn valve guides, jammed oil control rings, valve guide seals that have dried, or excessive clearance in the piston.
  • Terrible knock that is coming from the engine.
  • Low-pressure oil.
  • Pistons move around too much in the cylinders, making the engine clatter when you accelerate.
  • The engine won’t turn over.

Is Engine Rebuilding Worth the Cost?

Honestly speaking, when it comes to this topic, you will be the one to decide. The answer to the question lies in your preferences. However, if your car is already very old, then, rebuilding the engine will obviously not be worth it.

On the other hand, if your car is still new, like around five years old, engine rebuilding is a great option. Another consideration you will have to make is whether you like to continue using your car or not.

Of course, there is no point in trying to rebuild your engine if you do not intend to use it for a longer period of time, unless you are planning to sell it or give it to a family member or relative.

Many professionals recommend that before you avail of engine rebuilding, you should have your car diagnosed first by automotive experts. They are the ones who can give you the right advice about anything related to your vehicle.

Advantages of Engine Rebuild

Unfortunately, after your engine is rebuilt, your car will not be like brand new since the engine is just a small part of the car’s whole system. However, there are other advantages you can get when you avail of this kind of service.

The first advantage you can get is that engine rebuilding usually lengthens the life of your vehicle, and it typically depends on the number of engine parts that were replaced.

The next benefit you can get when you avail of this service is compatibility and connectivity. This means that your engine will be rebuilt with the same ECU and electrical system.

The ECU is the program installed in your car to communicate with the engine. If you buy a new engine, you will experience problems regarding the communication and connectivity of the ECU. That is why an engine swap always requires ECU reprogramming or even ECU replacement.

A lot of professionals say that a rebuilt engine is far superior to the original engine that was manufactured at the factory. This is because rebuilt engines are more dependable, consistent, and have warranty programs that are included.

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