How Much Do Eyebrow Piercings Cost

Traditionally ear-piercing is the is the widely accepted piercing in the history of mankind, however, there are all sorts of piecing made available for humans to experiment with and make a fashion statement out of. One of those piercing now widely accepted is the eyebrow piercing. It was introduced back in the 1970’s and until now, people are accepting of this new norm.

There are all sorts of videos on YouTube where men and women make video documentations of the day that they pierced their ears and surprisingly, many are still curious asking for how much do eyebrow piercings cost on their comments.

Getting Your Eyebrows Pierced

To those who are interested to get their eyebrows pierced, one way to know the eyebrow piercing price is to ask around from your friends who have already done so in the past. You can also get some inquiries from shops and clinics that perform the operation. Only get the highly recommended piercer in your locality. The person should Selfie of eyebrow piercingbe a professional and should know the ideal depth when piercing your eyebrows in order to lessen or even avoid migration and rejection of your body from a foreign object. He should also be able to only use sterile equipment with high standards as possible to avoid infection. All tools including the jewelry to be used on your brows should be laid out right in front of you when you are going through the process. The piercer should also be putting on a fresh pair of gloves before he starts with the procedure. Most importantly the piercing needle should be a fresh new one, these needles are not as expensive now, so there is no reason for your piercer not to provide his clients with a new one every time they go to him for piercing services. 

In addition to the eyebrow piercing price, is the need to know and gauge the sizes for your eyebrow piercing. According to, the most popular sizes for piercings is from 12g to 18g.  If you want your piercing to stay there for a longer period of time, do not start your first piercing with a small jewelry. If it is, then it could cause migration. Take note after your first piercing, your body once it has be able to discern a foreign object would start to reject the object out, so if you can start with a 12 g or14 g for an eyebrow piercing, would be better to avoid rejection as well.

Besides being excited about the average cost of eyebrow piercing, you also have to know the laws of the land about piercings. Different states have varying laws when it comes to piercings. Some states do not allow piercing kids that are below 18 years old, while others would allow, but with parental consent. As much as you are also trying to find the best deal, make sure that the area that the piercing is being done is a clean place. Piercings may be small, but since body parts are involved, you will not want to mess with bacteria and infection because of it. Some piercing shops have health certificates posted on their walls to certify that they are legit and operate in a sanitary and professional manner.

The Cost To Have Your Browse Pierced

How much do eyebrow piercings cost you may ask, well, generally the cheapest cost you could find for your desired procedure is not that expensive at all. Only for a price of $20 dollars you can totally have your eye brows pierced. The highest charge for an eyebrow piercing is $70 dollars, that’s the most affordable service you can find. Your jewelry will also play a part in the eyebrow piercing price, as they have to be added to the cost of your piercing expense. The jewelry could be cheap or expensive depending your choice of style and design.

Another option of piercing is what they call the horizontal piercing which comes to a cost of $40 to $80 dollars. You may notice that this is more expensive than the standard one mentioned earlier. In Minneapolis, a horizontal piercing is $35 dollars without the jewelry. There is also another piercing which is called the anti-eyebrow. It has an average cost of eyebrow piercing from $30 to $80 dollars. What this is, is that instead of placing the jewelry on the brow, this one is placed on the high cheek.

Some youngsters do ask, if it is okay to have multiple piecing done at a time, and the answer is always yes. So long as you can be able to tolerate the procedure whether it could be painful or not painful for you.

For some additional charges, that will need to be added to how much do eyebrow piercings cost, it would be nice to consider a 5% to 15% percent gratuity tip for the piercer. Some clients would admit that after the piercing, it would sting a little bit, and while it would wound during the first few days, the piercer would recommend post piercing care products to their clients. The usual product used for this is the H20 clean. It is priced at $12 dollars per 4 oz. can and it is sea salt based, serving as an antiseptic and for fast healing of the pierce. The jewelries are at a price range of $10 to $30 dollars. Jewelries with precious gems of course is more expensive, especially if they are real stones.

Now that you know the average cost of eyebrow piercing, good luck on your search to the best eyebrow piercer in town, and remember to keep your pierced eyebrows clean and sanitized until they begin to heal. In the event that you will want to take of the jewelry on your piercing, you can always use a retainer in the meantime if you do not want your pierce to close up. And once again, when you are ready you can just simply replace your jewelry and make fashion statements wherever you go.

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