How Much Do Eyeglasses Cost

According to the Vision Council of America, there are over 4 billion people in the world that are now wearing glasses. This just simply means that in the adult population, 75% percent of them use vision correction products that would help them see clearly.  64% percent of the 75% wear eyeglasses. With this data, it is important to know the average cost of glasses, and if it be a better alternative than just using contact lenses.

Our eyesight is very important, because of the gift of seeing, we appreciate the world’s wonders and can do many things. Our eyes however are very sensitive, if we do not take care of it by eating healthy and giving it adequate rest, we could injure it or worst loose it. That is why a yearly eye examination is important. It would be an opportunity to ask your doctor as well how much does glasses cost without insurance, and how much would it be with it as well.

The Cost Of Eyeglasses

According to, the premium prescription glasses price would be around $500 to $1000 dollars. This is now yet taking into consideration of how much does glasses cost without insurance. There might be a different cost when insurance comes into play with getting a refractive eyewear. Major medical Insurance plans do cover some eye cases that are medically necessary, like cataract surgery and the like. For elective vision correction, perhaps only discounts will be given to them since they are not covered by Insurance plans.

With “Vision Insurance,” as we call it, the average cost of glasses could go down significantly than those who are wanting to get prescription glasses without it. For the most part, prescription glasses prices and other eye related services are covered by stand-alone plans. They are sometimes described as wellness benefits or discount plans.

EyeglassesFor the other pricing, it all depends on the kind of pair you get, description and prescription: Single vision glasses ranges between $100 and $300 dollars, while multi focal glasses or what they call as double vision, is at a price range of $150 to $400 dollars. There are also progressive glasses for the taking, they cost around $200 to $600 dollars. If you’d like to add your pair of eyeglasses an AR or non-glare coatings, you will have to pay the additional $75 to $150 dollars, and for another add on which is the changeable tint lenses is to add another $75 to $150 dollars on top of what you basically ordered.

With the prices mentioned, you will have to expect yourself to pay that much for the prescription glasses prices that is a complete set of pair. Designer glasses of course are priced more than the usual. Take note though that having a $200 dollar pair of glasses does not mean it is less good than a $500 dollars one. You might be surprised, it’s the other way around if quality is what you’re after.

The Prescription

Before we get to know how much does glasses cost without insurance, the first step is to know your very own eyeglass “prescription.” Without it, you will only get the wrong prescription glasses prices that will not be the right pair for you.

The average price for an eye exam should be around $45 dollars. The eye exam for getting contact lens is around $79 dollars. Two parts of the test is medically based and the other one is refraction. Medical eye exam is where doctors would dilate your eyes and check it thoroughly with the use of biopic microscope. This exam if for the overall wellbeing of your eyes, while refraction is correcting your sight, and giving you the prescription of the grades of glasses and or contacts to use.

You cannot have the same results for the eyeglass and the contacts. The reason being is that these two have different results, considering that contacts are medical items that is placed very close to your eyes, while a pair of eyeglasses are worn right on the eye area but it does not touch your cornea.

When you already have your eye exam, you have all the rights to ask from the doctor a copy of your prescription and you can take it anywhere with you. It will be up to you to decide where you would want to have your eye glasses or
contacts made. The doctor who checked on your eye, does not have any rights to withhold or refuse to provide you with your prescription because by law it is prohibited. Once you’ve found out the
average cost of glasses, from among the eye centers you’ve checked with, ask them again how much does glasses cost without insurance.

Contacts or Eyeglasses, Which is Better?

Take note as we have mentioned earlier contacts and glasses do not have the same prescription, and eye exam for getting each one should be separated from the other. Whether you choose to wear contacts or eyeglasses only, is up to you.

Contact lenses are more sensitive and will need utmost care when put on or being removed. Storing it also needs a special place with contact lens solutions. They cannot go dry, or be left inside the eye while you sleep or take a shower. This is so because over wearing contact lenses could deplete oxygen from your eyes, your eyes also need to breath. Another thing is when soap or shampoo suds would get into your eyes,glasses to wear it would be easier to wash it off without the lens Otherwise if there’s a lens inside your eyes, it could cause irritation, which could be minor or major.

Eyeglasses are more safe and efficient to use. You can put it on and off anytime. Just a little cleaning is all it takes. There are those however who would prefer having both contact lenses and eyeglasses in their possession. Some people will try to find the average cost of glasses they could get and buy them and use them on occasions when they feel like it, while owning a pair of contacts, and use them alternately, depending on your fashion statement for any occasion. Your prescription glasses prices need not be expensive or branded to make you look good.  What’s important is they fit you and can give good vision to your sight.

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