How Much Does Ez Go Golf Cart Cost

If you are fond of playing golf, then you must have ridden on an Ez Go golf cart whenever you go around the golf course. But do you know that Ez Go is one of the most popular brands of golf carts today? It started its business in the state of Georgia in 1954, and it has grown as an exceptional company that manufactures a variety of quality and reliable golf carts.

Being in the business industry for more than 60 years, Ez Go has made a wide range of golf carts in different looks and sizes. Some of its vehicles can accommodate up to six persons, and you can expect them to be sophisticated and durable. You also have the option to customize the golf cart’s color, headlights, hub caps, windshields, and even its DVD players and coolers.

Cost of Ez Go Golf Carts

Considering their reputation in the industry, one can think that its products may be too expensive, but how much does Ez Go Golf Cartan Ez Go cost these days?

The Ez Go golf cart price may range from $5,000 to $12,200, depending on the cart’s model, features, and size. The prices also vary according to engine type – gasoline-powered and electric-powered engines. Each type has its own specifications, features, parts, and accessories.

Freedom Series

There are four models under this category. The price range is from $6,990 to $10,435, offering golf carts go for two to four passengers.

1. Freedom RXV – This is a two-seater golf cart that comes in 18 colors. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the gas-powered cart costs $7,829, while the electric-powered vehicle is $7,997. Its frame is a welded steel with powder-coat protection, and its body & finish is an Injection Molded TPO. Aside from using it around the golf course, you can also use it to take around your neighborhood.

2. Freedom TXT – This is another two-seater golf cart that has 20 colors to choose from, but way cheaper than the first model. The MSRPs for the gas-powered and engine-powered golf carts are $7,102 and $6,997, respectively. It comes with a storage compartment and a front bumper.

In addition to the first two models, Freedom Series also has golf carts that accommodate four passengers. These are the following:

– Shuttle 2+2 RXV – Gas $10,309; Electric $10,435

– Shuttle 2+2 TXT – Gas $9,602; Electric $10,012

Express Series

This isn’t exclusive to golf courses. Express Series has four distinctive models that you can ride around your peaceful town or use for your out-of-the-town adventures. The maximum seating capacity is six passengers – an ideal ride for you and your family. The prices range from $8,600 to $12,120.

1. Express S4 – Comes with 18 colors and a 4-person seating capacity. The gas-powered cart costs $9,065, while the electric cart is priced at $8,614.

2. Express S4 High Output – Apparently, this model is only compatible with electricity, having a price of $9,140. But the price is definitely worth it, as the looks and built of S4 High Output are durable, which is very good for mild outdoor explorations. It is available in 21 colors.

3. Express S6 – Has a maximum seating capacity of six persons. You can choose from its 17 colors. The price for the gas-powered cart is $11,031, and the electric vehicle is $12,113.

4. Express L6 – Another 6-seater golf cart, but with a much bigger size than S6. It is available in 18 colors, but its prices are the same with S6.

*Take note: If you decide to customize your chosen golf cart, expect the Ez Go cost to go higher than the usual Ez Go golf cart price.

Other Uses of Golf Carts

Although Ez Go golf carts are typically present in a golf course, you can always use these particular vehicles for other activities, like your personal transportation, industrial applications, and commercial purposes. You can also use them in the following areas:

– Private subdivisions/communities and retirement villages

– Hotel grounds

– College/University campuses

– Industrial warehouses

– Airports, public parks, zoos, business establishments

Short History of Ez Go

Before moving on to the golf cart prices, let’s step back and get to know more about Ez Go as a company and manufacturer of high-quality golf carts.

With the belief that they could create a golf cart with a much better quality, brothers Bev and Billy Dolan founded Ez Go (formally identified as E-Z-GO) in their small machine shop in Augusta, Georgia in 1954. Despite not having a grand place to start their business, the founders have worked persistently and made their way to becoming leading manufacturers of golf carts and other personal transportation vehicles all over the world.

Having its headquarters in Augusta, Ez Go takes pride in its game-changing technology and state of the art innovations, which improve the efficiency of their products. Furthermore, it has been manufacturing thousands of transportation facilities every year, providing its consumers with sophisticated golf carts that they can use for their leisure activities every now and then.

Aside from being a renowned golf cart maker, Ez Go is a certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 holder. But more importantly, it has been recognized as one of the outstanding companies in the business. In fact, in 2009, it became a recipient of the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, an award given to companies for their “world-class organizational culture based on principles.” And in the same year, Ez Go was also named by Industry Week magazine as one of the top 10 manufacturing plants in North America.

In 2012, Bev Dolan, one of the founders of Ez Go, joined the list of winners as he received the PGA of America’s Ernie Sabayrac Award for his lifetime contributions to the industry of golf. Just a bit of information, the PGA of America is, apparently, the largest sports organization in the world, with more than 28,000 professional golfers, both men and women. This is one of the main reasons why the award is such a big deal.

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