How Much Does Falcon Cost

Known as highly vicious birds of prey, falcons are fierce raptors that hunt smaller birds and animals, like mice, frogs, and fish, for their daily consumption. They are medium-sized birds with long wings, which make them move more swiftly than other bird species. As predators, Once they have set their eyes on their targets, they ruthlessly attack the prey from the air without getting noticed.

Falcons have powerful beaks that help them tear their food into smaller pieces. As of the present time, Falconthere are more than 40 falcon species all over the world except in Antarctica, having six species in North America. These are American Kestrel, Aplomado Falcon, Gyrfalcon, Merlin, Prairie Falcon, and the Peregrine Falcon, which is the fastest moving animal in the world.

Average Cost of a Falcon

Because of their fierceness and physical characteristics, a lot of animal lovers, specifically the bird lovers, have invested their time and financial resources to take care of falcons. But out of curiosity, how much does a falcon cost?

The average falcon price can range from $200 to $1,000 or as high as $3,500, depending on the bird’s species, age, size, the breeder’s price, and the location of the seller. You also have the option to purchase online. But if you buy a falcon in Qatar, the prices can go as high as 1 million Qatari Rial (QAR) or around $274,600, especially when falconry festivals are commenced in the Gulf states.

For a short reference, falconry festivals are events when licensed falconers gather in one place to hunt falcons. The prices of such competition are also falcons that have luxurious prices. Generally, the prized birds can cost around QAR100,000 to QAR400,000 or $27,460 to $109,800. Gyrfalcons, which happen to be the largest falcon species, can cost up to QAR1 million.

Additional Costs

A piece of advice – don’t try to buy a falcon if you don’t have enough budget. This exotic animal is has a high maintenance. But if you have decided to take care of a falcon, there are additional costs that you need to cover, apart from the price of the bird itself.

First of all, falcons are exotic animals, which means you need to acquire special permits from the wildlife authorities before getting the bird. As for the fees, expect to spend up to $750 for the all the important documents. The laws vary from state to state, so be sure to inquire about the requirements in your local government.

You also need and licenses for breeding, falconry, and training. You have to undergo a two-year apprenticeship and pass a written examination to become a licensed falconer.

Moreover, you must provide a suitable cage for the falcon to prevent it from escaping, and of course, food and water to keep the bird healthy and well-hydrated. Remember, falcons are hunters. They search for their own food. And since it is in your care, you need to feed it with enough nourishment

The natural diet of falcons is fresh, raw meat, hence, you need to feed them the same way. With that said, you are looking at a budget of, at least, $3,000 for the first year in taking care of a falcon.

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