Fit Body Boot Camp Prices

If you want to get a personalized workout regime just fit for your goal then the Fit Body Boot Camp is just right for you. The Fit Body Boot Camp uses a personal training program which focuses on after-burn and high-energy routine so that you can optimize your workout routine to burn more fats and tone your muscles in as short as 30 minutes. You might be wondering how much does Fit Body Boot Camp cost so we will be discussing their different rates and prices.

Cost of Fit Body Boot Camp

Fit Body Boot Camp is proud to be using a combination of both High-Intensity Interval Training as well as Active Rest Training. They believe that if you use both exercise technique then you would be able to burn twice as many fats and calories compared to the conventional workout routine. That is the reason why many are interested in knowing the Fit Body Boot Camp prices.

Here is an estimated price for the Fit Body Boot Camp:

Initiation Fee$149.99$149.99$149.99$149.99
Monthly/Yearly Fee
$34.99$49.99$419.88 $549.99

The Bodyfit Bootcamp fee is fairly easy to understand as there is no frills or extra cost to pay on their rate. But what you should know is that there is an initiation fee and a cancellation fee if you do decide to enroll at this boot camp.

There are two payment terms that you can choose from if you want to join the Fit Body Boot Camp. If you choose to pay using their monthly terms and you are enrolling as a solo member then you would have to pay an initiation fee of $99 while the monthly fee would cost you around $197. But if you chose to cancel your membership plan you would have to pay a cancellation fee worth $49.

If you would plan to enroll with a partner the initiation that you would have to pay is $199 but the monthly pay is lower if you enroll as a pair, though. The monthly fee of a pair will only cost only $235 with a savings of $79.50. This is a great saving on your side and would be a better option than going alone.

If you are interested in knowing how much does Fit Body Boot Camp cost you if you pay annually, you would be fascinated to know that it would cost almost the same as the monthly fee. The initiation fee will remain the same as the monthly fee whether you enroll as a solo member or as a pair.

The yearly fee for a single member is $2364 while the yearly fee for a dual membership is $2325. It is basically the same monthly pay but you would have to pay a one-time bulk fee. The cancellation fee for the annual pay is still the same as the monthly payment terms.

The services that you will get if you do decide to enroll at the Fit Body Boot Camp is a personalized training routine with a certified personal trainer. You will also be in close coordination with a personal health consultant so that you and the gym can keep track of your nutrition and performance. Fit Body Boot Camp promises to give you results; weight loss, confidence and energy.

Basic Cost Of Boot Camp Apparel And Accessories

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When you go and join the Fit Body Boot Camp there are certain pieces of clothing and accessories that you need to bring and use to make your workout experience a smooth one. Now that you know the Fit Body Boot Camp prices it is time to discuss the basic cost of Boor Camp Apparel and Accessories.

For you to have a proper workout routine you would need to be in a comfortable clothing. This type of clothing should be fit, the fabric should be able to withstand moisture but it should also look good and stylish. For women, the Under Armour Women’s UA Studio Lux Denim Capri will be such a great workout cloth. It cost only $44.95 – $49.95 with great fit and support but also lightweight and stretchable.

You would also need to have a comfy boot camp shoes paired with your apparel. The Inov-8 Men’s All Train 215 Cross-Trainer Shoe is really good not only for boxing and speed workout but also for high-intensity workouts such as boot camps as well. It cost only $70.21 – $119.95 and comes in various color combinations that you can choose from.

You should always stay hydrated during boot camp sessions. It may only take 30 minutes but during that time you are going to lose a lot of water so you need to be able to replenish the water that was lost. If you do not drink enough water you feel more tired and you won’t be able to perform well. The TooLoud Bootcamp Large distressed Text Aluminum 600ml Water Bottle would be a good fit for you. It only cost $19.95 and can contain 600ml of liquid with a screw on cap as well as a carabineer, and suckle cap to make drinking on workout a lot easier.

You can also snack on specially formulated food before or after a boot camp session. The Low Glycemic Sea Salt Brownie cost only $39.84 for 16 bars. It is a guilt-free dessert with 12 grams of protein created by a boot camp instructor.

These are the common apparels and accessories that you may need when you do decide to enroll at a boot camp gym. You need to be always prepared if you really want to be successful in your goal to living healthy. The Bodyfit Bootcamp fee is one of the things that you need to take into consideration but there also other things that you need to know before you do start boot camp.

You should plan ahead and prepare yourself mentally because boot camp needs commitment and time. You need to be disciplined and you should know how to assess your strength and weaknesses. You also need to prep right and make sure that you fuel up right before boot camp to keep your energy high. If you follow these basic steps then surely you are ready to go to boot camp.

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