How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Alternator

As a car owner, it is very important that you would know the different parts of your vehicle, their cost, and replacement. Among the many parts of your car, the alternator is one important device on your automotive and it is vital that you know the average cost to change alternators.

An alternator is a device on your vehicle that will charge your battery. It also powers the electrical system of modern cars during the time that the engines are running. An Alternator is a very important component of new automobiles. That is why it is crucial that you know how it works, checks regularly its performance and maintain it just like the engine.

Alternator Issues and Cost of Replacement

Fix your alternatorOwning a car takes a lot of responsibility, you would have to take care of the registration and make sure that it is in top shape every time you take your car on the road. Since an alternator is imperative in a car’s performance it is critical that you would need to look out for signs if it has a problem.

Many cars are built with an alternator warning device in case it detects a problem with your alternator. Most warning device will show a battery symbol or the letters Alt or GEN which means “alternator” or “generator.” The next sign will be the dimming of the lights.

If you still fail to see the signs then the next issue will be a growling sound accompanied by a smell of burnt rubber or hot wire. Then your battery will fail and you will be stuck somewhere thinking what you have done to deserve being stranded in the middle of the road.

If this does happen then it is time to replace your alternator and this is the time that you would be thinking of the average cost to change alternators.

An alternator is not a cheap car part. A new alternator usually cost around $100 to $850 depending on the type and brand. A new Merlo Telehandlers Deutz costs $285 while a new OEM 24v alternator costs $790. But as said, the price would depend on the brand as a New ALTERNATOR FITS Ford Mustang only cost almost $100.

So it is critical that you would know what kind of alternator your car is using. You cannot just go to a store and pick up an alternator that fits your budget. You would have to know the right alternator you would need as it would be such a waste of money if you have bought the wrong one.

But not to worry as there are cheap alternatives to your branded alternators. There are alternators that are “Remanufactured.” A remanufactured alternator means that the device has undergone major teardown and inspection. What happens is that the old and broken parts are replaced with new ones with improvement and update.

How much is the cost to fix an alternator using a remanufactured alternator? It would usually only cost you around $100 to $250. Remanufactured alternators have a more reliable operation and with optimum performance.

There are also rebuilt alternators. These are alternators in which only the components which show visible wear and tear are replaced. A rebuilt alternator will only cost you $80 to $150 for the rebuilt charge. If you do not know how to remove and install an alternator, then you can hire a mechanic to do it for you and you will be charged a minimal fee of $70 to $120.

But if you feel like rebuilding the alternator yourself, you can buy a rebuilt kit for only $15 to $150 but it is going to be difficult if you do not have a background in automotive but not entirely impossible.

Hiring A Professional To Repair Alternator

There are many automotive shops that provide maintenance and repair services for your car and it also includes the troubleshooting and testing of the alternator. The cost to fix an alternator will also include a fee from your mechanic and hiring a professional can get the job done in no time.

There are many shops that offer alternator repair and services anywhere you are. Whether you are at home, in the office or in the middle of the road. The price of a repair will depend on the type of car you are driving as the cost is divided into two; labor cost and parts cost.

An alternator fix price will depend on the car brand as each brand has a different kind of alternator. It will cost you around $42 to 1790 while the labor cost will be around $70 to $1112. This would mean that you will be needing about $112 to $2902 on the labor and parts overall.

How To Save More On Car Alternator

Now that you know how much an alternator fix price will cost you, it is time to find ways on how you can take care of your alternator and save up. There are ways that you can make your alternator last longer. Your alternator may broke down earlier if the protective engine undercover or shield is broken. That is because sand and water will enter your alternator and will damage the device prematurely.

Change the cover immediately once you see any damage as it is much cheaper to change the case rather than the alternator itself. You should also be weary of oil leaks and coolant leaks as this can also damage your alternator and you should also be careful if you are cleaning the engine compartment taking extra care to protect the alternator from getting wet.

Buying a car and owning one is not always about your own convenience. You should also know how to take care of it because in the long run if it does not have any proper maintenance, you or the person who is driving your car will be in trouble sooner or later.

So make sure that you give your car the proper attention that it needs as well as the much-needed care as just like you, your car will experience problems and it is always best to prevent it from happening.

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