How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Chipped Tooth

One smile can lift a weary heart and can be a powerful icebreaker. Smile is one of the best features a person can offer. While smile is very delicate, maintaining it healthy and beautiful is sort of challenging.

We smile to look adorable, we smile to become attractive. We smile extensively to show happiness, we smile blissfully to show our appreciation. But having a chipped tooth can make smile a little less attractive and can be quite embarrassing. Many have lowered their self-esteem and gone into depression because of their chipped tooth. The good thing is, chipped tooth can be repaired and can bring your sympathetic smile back. How much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth?

More than Just Repairing a Tooth

If you have a chipped tooth either by accident or caused by a tragedy, it is important to seek immediate dental help. This is because the chipped tooth is open and can attract infections that may cause severe pain or can lose your tooth. Not only chipped tooth are unattractive, they can also be orally hazardous. Having that tooth get repaired means more than just fixing it, what’s more repaired is your smiling confidence.

You can have your perfect smile back by getting that chipped tooth repaired. The chipped tooth repair cost varies accordingly to the number of injured tooth, the severity and extensiveness of the damage, and its dental location.

The most common teeth that get chipped are those in front – the central and lateral incisors. The price of Fix a Chipped Toothrepairing a chipped tooth will be based on its anatomical location on the mouth. Tooth in different places serve a lot of purposes and facial outlook. This means every damaged tooth have a specific procedure of repairment. There are also a number of methods used to repair a chipped tooth. The most common of them all is the teeth bonding.

A tooth bonding is a dental procedure where the dentist applies a composite resin on the damaged tooth’s surface and “bonds” through ultra violet light. Teeth bonding price will vary accordingly to the area of teeth to be processed and the number of teeth that needs to be bonded.

While there are numerous ways to repair a chipped tooth, their goal is but only one: to improve your smile and give your flawless teeth back. To answer how much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth, studying the different methods will help us to analyze their financial differences and why they cost like that.

Broken Tooth 101

We already have discussed the first method commonly performed to repair a broken tooth. Teeth bonding have a slight similarity of filling in a jigsaw puzzle, the dentist will put the right “puzzle piece” on the tooth that will make the appearance of the tooth complete rather fragmented. Teeth bonding price is $300 to $600 per tooth, but this will depend on the dentist that will perform the procedure; his expertise and reputation can affect the price, and location of the dental clinic. Dental clinics in big expensive cities usually charge twice higher than in less urbanized areas.

Other methods of repairing a chipped tooth are through dental veneer and dental caps or crowns. Dental veneer is a dental procedure where the dentist resurfaces the enamel of the tooth and overlays a veneer commonly made out of composite porcelain or metal porcelain. Unlike teeth bonding, the veneer covers the tooth in its entirety giving it a finer, whiter look. Chipped tooth repair cost with dental veneer is $500 to $1000 accordingly to the number of tooth to be engineered.

If the tooth has extensive damage or chipped greatly, dental caps or crowns can be installed to give the tooth a synthetic resurrection. This procedure is often best applied on damaged molars. Dental crowns are mostly made of metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic. Metal crowns are testified as the strongest kind to put on the teeth, while porcelains, resins, and ceramic mimic the original teeth. Dental crowns are priced $500 to $3500 per tooth. WebMD provided wholesome information about different procedures of repairing a broken tooth and proper caring of it.

This gives us an idea that the chipped tooth repair cost is approximately $300 to $3,500 depending on the repairment applied and the number of tooth to be repaired.

Another invasive procedure recommended by dentists is the root canal. This intensive dental procedure is a good choice to treat severe tooth problems which can also give an aesthetic tooth. Root canal can cost $500 all the way to $1000.

Say “Cheese!”

Repairing a chipped tooth is viewed cosmetic and not medically necessary that’s why no insurance company covers expenses for it. Unless the case needs medical attention or a surgery, insurance companies will cover a part or the entire expenses leaving patients pay for the copays and coinsurances, if applicable.

So how much does it cost to fix a chipped tooth? The price will always depend on your location, the severity and extensiveness of the fragment, the dentist, and the type of repairment acquired. But taking estimation from the facts above, we can say that the cost ranges from $300 up to $1000 per tooth. Teeth bonding price is starts at $300 per tooth.

Consult your dentist to get oral counsels for pre- and post-oral care for chipped tooth. The basic dentist consultation fee is $75 up to $200. They will evaluate your dental health to determine the right treatment for your teeth. They may also refer to an endodontist.

A smile is adorable, cute, and priceless. But getting it fixed is no “priceless” but rather costly that will make you spend from a hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. But paying for the tooth repair is surely worth paying for. I can’t wait to see you wear that smile on and snap thousands of selfies with those flawlessly beautiful complete white teeth. 

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