How Much Does a Fuel Filter Replacement Cost

Your fuel filter takes out the unwanted debris and particles of your fuel in the gas tank before going to the fuel pump. The gas first passes through the fuel filter to sift dirt. You see, over time, your gas tank will rust and cause excess moisture. Most of these issues are dust, dirt, metal shavings, and other forms of contamination. It protects the engine from impairment by checking out if the fuel from the gas tank is clean and debris free.

The cost to replace fuel filter is within arm’s reach. Not replacing it for so long could damage the whole vehicle and could cost you more. If your fuel filter is dead, it won’t get to separate the dirt from the gas. When contaminated gas comes into contact with the engine, it can cause a lot of damage, which can result in severe and expensive repairs down the road.

If your fuel filter is all bad, the result will be that your engine would lack the power to start. Thus your car would not start either. More so, it can cause poor gas mileage. And if you don’t want that, you better replace your fuel filter.

How much does fuel filter replacement cost depends on the brand, the model of your car and added features you’d like the filter has.

Average Cost of Fuel Filters

The average cost for a professional to change your fuel filter to a new one is between $50 and $200. Fuel filter price, however, in case you may want to DIY, will cost around $4 to $70.

Fuel filterExample, the FRAM fuel filter line includes steel and plastic conductive in-line fuel filters to meet the needs of multiple engine configurations and costs $5.99. At times, it could go up more than $40 like the Motorcraft Fuel Filter for $43.95which features a large media area that allows for optimal capacity and efficiency in preventing unwanted leaks by taking advantage of the perforated steel center tubes that are specially built to withstand pressure surges. Another one of Motorcraft just with an upgraded quality costs $65.76.

These are all just fuel filter prices. The cost of installation and labor is a different matter.

At Your Mechanic, installation is priced at $83 to $209, while Midas will give you $64 to $188. Other auto dealers like Mr. Tire will offer it around $71to $213, and Pep Boys for $79 to $199.

Also, if you are tired to shop around, dragging your feet store to store, you can check out Walmart online and see filter parts for $4 to $65 and  Amazon starting from $8 to $110.

The cost to replace fuel filter is somewhere between $50 and $170 if the work is to be done by a mechanic. Most auto stores won’t price much for the work. It’s often seen as those regular services for cars as an active measure to prevent any issues with it.

Quotes for the replacement of fuel filters in different vehicle brands are available online. Example, the Ford F-Series fuel filter purchase, and installation will price at $85 to $125. Others like Nissan Altima costs $95 to $140, Chevrolet Silverado with $100 to $150, and Honda Accord for $130 to $165.

When to Replace Your Fuel Filter?

You may start changing the filter if the car ‘s hard to start, has slow acceleration, severe gas loss or has a tank of bad gas.

Many fuel additives on the market claim to save gas and limit emissions. But who knows if there is enough science to back up the marketing play?

Some cars need their fuel filter replacement regularly, especially to those people who drive a lot. However, some modern cars have already come with their filters inside the gas tank. In such vehicles, the fuel pump is equipped with a fuel strainer and could only be replaced when the whole fuel pump assembly is changed as well.

If you purchase a car, you’ll have manuals about the model and overall features which include on how to replace the fuel filter. Whatever you need, will be there to guide you.

People online suggested that filters must be replaced as you’ve hit the around your mileage of 20,000 up to 30,000 miles or more. Or, it’s possible to have it two to three years as well.

However, you could still push off a drive for 60,000 or 90,000 miles. Fuel filters that breached 100,000 miles may cause your vehicle to failure.

Tips to Save Money on Fuel Filter Replacement

The price of gas is going up because of inflation, and people are jotting down for ways to save on automotive expenses without using their auto insurance policy. People thought that a routine maintenance should be handled by a professional to get it worked out. But don’t you know that you can do it yourself?

A lot of people either opted for a mechanic if they don’t know how to change it themselves or just don’t simply have the time. The best way to save money for your fuel filter replacement is to do it yourself. You can buy everything around and costs around $4.

You can also save money by having it replaced at your dealer shop as part of their annual service. It is during that when people to have their filters replaced because a lot discounting is involved.

Another option is to look around for good stuff in your neighborhood. A filter replacement is done very simply. So many garages will run special services for these.

Replacing your fuel filters on a regular basis is one of the most important maintenance you can do to your engine. If done properly, and your engine will thank you by saving you thousand dollars and a good night sleep.

So, when one day you wake up seeing your fuel filter down, you know what to do now, don’t you? You can also get to calculate how much does fuel filter replacement cost.

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