How Much Do Funeral Flowers Cost

With funerals being an important social practice since the dawn of civilization, the history behind the importance of flowers seems sketchy for most people. Although burials were in existence since the late Neolithic era, incorporating flowers in terms of socio-religious importance were not widely known until the late Medieval Era to 1800’s – particularly in the Western culture.

Contrary to the pleasant sentiments attached to offering flowers to the dead, the original purpose was rather borne of ‘less aesthetic’ practical motive. Corpses tend to emit foul decaying odor around the burial mound. For this reason, undertakers began planting a garden on graveyards to mask the repellant scent for visiting loved ones.

It wasn’t until the mass distribution of embalming fluids in the early 1900’s when people begin to view the cost of funeral flowers as more of a cultural than realistic necessity. Nowadays, flowers are as important to funerals as they are to weddings and Valentine’s Day.

Low, Medium & High Cost

Image of funeral flowers

One of the factors that differentiate the cost of funeral flowers is the variety of plant that sympathizers would buy. Apart from the particular flower genus, the stylish floral arrangements would also determine the exact cost. The more complex the adornment, the more expensive it is.

Here are the following cost categories potential buyers should take note:

Common Flowers

Flowers that are endemic in the United States are usually sold at a reasonable price. The projected cost range is anywhere around $40 to $80 for a simple arrangement. Common flowers nationwide include carnation, daisies, tulips, etc.

Premium & Exotic

Some flowers, though common, proves to be more expensive than others. The “American Beauty” (rose) and the world’s fourth most popular blossom (lily) sell at a medium retail price anywhere around $90 to $250. The same can be said about exotic blooms like chrysanthemum and Jicarilla, especially considering the demand and the special attention needed in packaging them.

Wreaths & Spray

Considering the differences in terms of price between common and premium flowers, how much does a casket spray cost? Because of the high level of artistry required in arranging wreaths and sprays, the broad average price range could climb from $125 to $350.

Buying Tips & Discounts

On top of the question “how much does a casket spray cost?” another important inquiry is “how can one get a good deal buying funeral flowers?” Contrary to common practice, sympathy blossoms acquired from huge retail stores may not be a cost-efficient source. This is why consumers should…

Buy Local

According to a blog from Bussey’s Florist, buying from a nearby florist can save customers almost a quarter less of the issued retail value one would purchase from huge online suppliers. Most consumers often easily subscribe to the idea of buying “the brand.” In reality, however, the high cost is spent on covering miscellaneous expenses. Local florists no longer charge shipping and handling fees for the same decent quality of freshness.

Online Discounts

If one could not help but buy online to avoid the bother of going outdoors (especially during terrible weather), the surest way to save costs is to acquire discount coupons for huge sellers. Coupons available online can cover from 15 percent to half the price of the actual retail cost. One can acquire these rebate tickets directly from the websites of huge sellers like Pro Flowers, Teleflora, and From You Flowers. Discount coupons can also be obtained from independent directory pages like Groupon, Don’t Pay Full, and Flower Shop Deals.

Etiquette & Religion

Apart from knowing the cost of funeral flowers, it pays for consumers to recognize the importance of their gift to a bereaved household. As implied in the introductory part of the article, sentimental gestures play a significant role in putting a value in this particular gift. It is always important to make sure that the flowers are worth receiving.

Symbols Of Colors

  • Blue: It means peace and serenity, assurance from worries and anxiety.
  • Red: It means passion and romantic love, an unbridled expression of desire.
  • Pink: It means grace and refinement, an embodiment of youthful joy.
  • Purple: It means elegance and dignity, a regal color representing success.
  • White: It means humility and reverence, admiring the purity of one’s moral fiber.

Flowers & Faith

Although it has been customary in the United States to give flowers to the deceased and the grieving loved ones, not all religions may be fully inclined to receive the gesture in kind. Jews and Muslims have different preferences for expressing genuine sympathy. Fruit baskets are more appropriate in Hebrew culture. Muslims would best appreciate a gesture of sympathy by giving a letter of exultation to the beloved departed in donating funds to the charity.

Tips On Flower Preservation

Apart from asking “how much does a casket spray cost?” another good question to ponder is “how can I preserve these blossoms longer?” Knowing the tricks on keeping delivered flowers fresh hours or even a day after delivery truly makes the best return on investment. Here are some of the smart tips suggested by the Reader’s Digest:

Isolate Fruits

Unbeknownst to many people, fruits emit an airborne chemical called ethylene gas. This component causes serious adverse effects on a freshly cut flower. Warning: never chill flowers in the same fridge as the fruits. In fact, keeping flowers in the kitchen near fruits can hasten the flower’s wilting.

Soda + Bleach

purple cemetary and funaral flowers

When storing a bouquet in a water-filled vase, a keen trick for keeping these blossoms vibrant is to add soda (e.g. 7Up, Sprite, Mountain Dew) in the water mixture. Although sugar keeps flowers ‘energized,’ it also feeds waterborne bacteria. In fact, sweetened water can even draw ants to the vase. Mixing bleach into the liquid concoction ensures that only flowers can benefit from the treat.

Flower Food

People tend to appreciate the fact that flowers are indeed living creatures. But for customers who are able to easily acknowledge that fact, buying “flower food” packets is not a crazy idea. In fact, many florists include these add-ons in their package deals. Amazon sells a box of 200 flower food packets for $16.23.

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