How Much Does Garbage Disposal Cost

Garbage disposals are those little machine inside your kitchen sink, they help crush some biodegradable kitchen waste, to help them be simply washed down in the drain. It helps make cleaning up the kitchen much easier, and the good news is, it is easy to install as well. If you have a kitchen that is solid enough with a little plumbing, you can anchor a garbage disposal on you kitchen’s wiring and voila! You have a garbage disposal! No need paying for any average cost of garbage disposal installation. When in doubt you can ask a contractor or an expert plumber how much does a garbage disposal cost?

First, The Kind and Cost

There are two types of garbage disposal being sold and made available in the market for consumers. The first one is a Waste Container“Continuous Feed” garbage disposal and the other one is a “Batch Feed” garbage disposal. No matter how it’s called, and the difference in their performance, these two only has one main function. That is to send soft waste into your sewage or septic system. Let us dissect each one, so you can make a decision of which garbage disposal system works best for you.

Let’s have the Continuous Feed. This is the most common in garbage feed disposal, as it is the least expensive. This kind of disposal allows you to feed waste as long as the power switch of your disposal is turned on. The only problem with this kind of garbage disposal is that because it does not have a cap, bottle caps and silver ware could be caught in its teeth, even your fingers, so there is a need to be extra careful when using this. Grinding of waste requires water for the continuous feed in order for it to dispose even larger amounts of waste without any delay. The continuous feed’s price to dispose garbage is $170 dollars for the machine.

While the continuous grinds your wastes continuously, the Batch Feed grinds your kitchen waste in batches. This may grind the same way the continuous feed does but in order for it to be activated, you have to work with a special cover that also helps other items from falling directly into the grinder. To a household with high amount of waste, the system will be less convenient for them. This will only be good for those who do not generate a lot of wastes. Also, no food can be ground while the disposal is being used so bacteria may grow if the food has been sitting too long on the disposal for an extended time. This batch feed garage disposal is for a cost of $220.

Installation Wiring and Replacements

Apart from the two kinds of garbage disposal we mentioned earlier, the price to dispose garbage always varies depending on you disposal’s brand and quality. According to, the answer to how much does garbage disposal cost is on the average of $70 dollars if you are looking at the low end, but it’s for a price of $380 dollars for the high end. As per most homeowner’s and plumbers general warning. The cheaper the unit you buy the more likely it is to glass garbage make noise and will require more water, and clogs a lot easier than other models that are more expensive. As far as the more expensive unit goes, it is a lot faster, with lower noise and is likely to malfunction. So from the high to the low, the price to dispose garbage using a garbage disposal including the warranty from the manufacturer is around $185 dollars.  The average cost for garbage disposal installation is at a price range of $20- $40 dollars. On average the cost is only around $28 dollars.

Website The Kitchen has asked around from their readers some two years ago, about the average cost of garbage disposal installation, and their readers have different answers. Some people who did the installation all by themselves were able to save on the installation fee while others because of the awkwardness from working under the sink, price their garbage disposal installation according to the price of the unit and the wires.

By the way, garbage disposals will not work without those wires. Especially if you have a grounded outlet you will really have to replace and install one. This is for working on disposing wastes and also for protection of the people working in the kitchen. A grounded outlet replacement will cost as little as $5 dollars, if an electrical wiring already exist nearby, but if not, expect to spend around $90 dollars. Add $75 dollars for the handyman’s labor. For some new switches and wires, be prepared to spend some additional of $5 to $10 on them plus labor time of 30 minutes to an hour.

Warranties and Replacements

You may think that the price to dispose garbage using a garbage disposal is that expensive but if you really come to think of it. As long as you take proper care of your garbage disposal, it may serve you well for a very long time. Yet, if some inevitable happens, garbage disposal companies offers a two year warranty to the buyers of their product. Garbage disposal cost

In any case you will need a replacement of your disposal, you will have to include you plumber’s charge with the cost for buying or getting a new one. We all are aware that they pay by the hour so if there be any problems with regards to how bad the damaged disposal is, means the longer time to work on the kitchen sink, means more cost for you to pay. As for your disposal you will then need to re-calculate how much does a garbage disposal cost based on the new pricing that could happen in the next few years if there be any changes.

Problems may arise when replacing your unit, like, new disposal not matching to your connection site. It will add to the delay of having it replaced and fixed. Either you or your plumber will need to provide the parts that will work well in your sink. Reportedly the average cost of garbage disposal installation would be around $230 dollars, with the range from about $210 to $255 without the discounts.

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