How Much Does Genie Rental Lift Cost

There is a type of genie that you do not need to rub an oil lamp in order for it to come out and grant your wish. You just need to pay a rent and you’re good to go.

Genie is an American company that manufactures work lifts and platforms used in various fields like construction, aviation, industrial, warehouse, and even in government and military.

A lot of people would consider buying genie equipment for their needs but it is important to note that buying one is a significant investment. Unless there is a constant need for it or it is intended as a startup for a rental business, just renting out for a particular project always proved to be a better choice cost-wise.

Average Cost of Genie Rental Lift

Genie has a wide range of equipment ranging from self-propelled booms, aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, among others. But among these, its full line of self-propelled aerial lifts are the most popular and widely used to handle daily tasks that involve elevated and hard to reach areas, particularly in building construction and maintenance, telecommunications, cable, and electrical companies, among others.

The average genie lift rental rates range from $200 to $400 per day, while weekly rates range between $800 and $1,500. Monthly rental is around $2,000 to $3,500. Short-time requirements are also allowed and would typically cost $20 to $30 per hour.

Below are the estimated rental rates for the Genie aerial lifts.

Equipment TypeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
S85 Boom Lift
Z30/20N Boom Lift
S60X Boom Lift$400-500$1,000-1,200$2,000-2,500
GS336RT Scissor Lift$250-500$500-800$1,200-1,500
GS2032 Scissor Lift$50-100$200-250$500-700
GR20 Personnel Lift$100-150$250-350$500-800

The rates depend on the rental companies, as some charge higher especially with more functional models.

Sample genie rental lift prices for based on type and model are the following:

EquipmentDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
2006 Genie Z135/70$900$2,500$8,500
2007 Genie S60$250 - $300$800 - $895$2,100 - $2,400
2006 Genie Z60/34$450$1,100$2,600
2003 Genie S125$1,000$2,500$6,100
1998 Genie Z34/22N$660
2013 Genie Z30/20N$270$850$19,225
Genie S85$860$2,150$4,550
2007 Genie Z60/34$413$1,375$3,795
2008 Genie Z45/25DC
2007 Genie Z45/25DC
2014 Genie TZ50$250$865$2,175
2013 Genie TZ50$300$975$2,300
2008 Genie S65$413$1,375$3,450
Genie Z34/22N$220$800$1,900
Genie S80X$750$2,400$6,000
Genie S60X$350$1,000$3,000
Genie S40$250$800$2,100
Genie TZ34/20$185$650$1,950
Genie TZ50
Genie S45$360 - $395$955 – $1,000$2,000 - $2,355
Genie S65$520 - $555$1,345 - $1,730$3,010 - $3,250
Genie Z40/23N RJ$300$825$2,095

Additional Costs

Aside from the genie rental lift prices, you might encounter some incremental costs that come with the rental of aerial lift. These might include the following:

  • Mobilization and demobilization of the equipment cost to and from the worksite costing around $100 to $150.
  • Damage insurance which costs around 9% of the rental fee. Rate may also depend on the insurance company.
  • Environmental Fee which ranges from $1 – $5 or higher depending on location.

Shopping For Genie Rental Lift

When on the lookout for an aerial lift for your project, you would find that most equipment rental companies have wide arrays of aerial lifts with various size, length, capacity, and model to suit your needs.

Also, check out for free estimates of genie lift rental rates in your area.

Factors Affecting Cost of Genie Rental Lift

  • Type of lift – aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and material lifts all have varying rates
  • Power of lift – whether the equipment is diesel-powered or battery-operated have an effect on genie rental lift prices
  • Working height – the height requirement of your project would dictate the type of equipment you need to rent.
  • Max load carrying ability – the amount of weight you need to lift for the project also determine what type of lift you need to get the job done.
  • Model – as time goes by, newer models emerge having more sophisticated and more advanced in terms of functionalities than older models. This, of course, affects the genie lift rental rates.
  • Size – depending on the scope of the project, sometimes the need for bigger lifts are necessary to accelerate the completion of the activity. Of course, convenience has an equivalent cost.

Average Rental Costs for Different Types of Aerial Lifts

There are a wide variety of aerial lifts in the market under different brands and models. Some of these are listed below so you can have more options.

Equipment Daily RateWeekly Rate
5500lbs 19' Telehandler
1000lbs 56' Telehandler$450$1600
20' Runabout Personnel Lift$120$360
25' AWP Personal Lift$100$350
35' Towable Boom Lift$250$800
S40' Stick 4x4 Boom Lift$275$950
Z45' 4x4 Boom Lift$275$950
19' x 32" Scissor Lift$120$360
26' x 32" Scissor Lift
6826 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift$185$695
26' x 46" Scissor Lift$140$425
32' x 46" Scissor Lift$150$500

Genie Equipment Product Line

Some of the product lines of Genie include the following:

  • Aerial Work Platforms – these are the AWP™ Super Series, DPL™ Super Series, and IWP™ Super Series. They are used mainly for temporary access purposes of people or equipment to areas that are not usually accessible like a height. They lift limited weights and are usually operated by a single person.
  • Boom Lifts – these are Articulating booms (electric, hybrid, and engine-powered) which aerial work platforms that have multiple booms sections that hinge, while Telescopic booms are elevated work platforms that can extend telescopically or consist of parts that slide one within another like the tubes of a jointed telescope and are thus capable of being extended or shortened, and Trailer-mounted booms are the types which can be towed by a regular vehicle. How Much Does Genie Rental Lift Cost
  • Light Towers – are mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast.
  • Material Lifts – these consist of Genie Lift™, Super Hoist™, Load Lifter™, Superlifts, and Super Tower™. These are used for lifting or lowering a load through lift-wheel around chain wraps.
  • Scissor Lifts – two types of scissor lifts are the Electric and engine powered scissor lifts and the Rough terrain scissor lifts. These are the type of device that has a crisscross shape and can usually move vertically to lift a load.
  • Telehandlers – these are Compact telehandlers and High reach telehandlers. These are also called telescopic handlers and look like a forklift but actually, has a boom making it look like a crane as well.
  • Vertical Lifts – two types of Genie vertical lifts are the Runabout and the QuickStock. These devices are alternatives to ladders.


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