How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost

“Dogs are a man’s best friend.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Whether we admit it or not, we have heard this adage more than once in our lifetime. And perhaps, it holds true especially to those persons who have considered dogs as part of their lives. With this, one of the most popular breeds that a majority of dog lovers wants to have is a Golden Retriever. If you are planning on getting one, how much does a Golden Retriever cost then?

Coming in either shades of cream, dark golden, golden or light golden, a Golden Retriever is a beautiful and intelligent dog breed that is also very good as a house pet and companion. Apparently, the Golden Retriever cost depends on whether you are going to purchase it through an adoption process, at a pet store or from a professional breeder.

Sometimes, adoption actually has no cost, which depends on the animal rescue center. But if there’s no available Retriever at the shelter, then you may have to set a budget to buy the dog of your choice.

Purchase a Golden Retriever

According to Mind Blowing World, the golden retriever puppies cost can reach up to $3,000. However, the amount goes down depending on where you will buy. In some cases, you may have to pay an extra nominal charge of $1.

Adoption Process at Rescue Centers

Golden retriever costBut before you finally make the purchase, you have to assure that your future Golden Retriever is in perfect health without any sign of defects. If you want to be certain about the condition of your dog, it is best recommended to go to animal shelters where they keep the creatures’ background health records that you can take a look.

*For your reference, animal rescue shelters do not only house different kinds of pets to choose from, but they have staff who provide medication and treatment to their resident animals.

Although there are centers that allow dog adoption for free, there are others that ask for affordable adoption fees, having an average cost between $300 to $600 – a price that already guarantees you a proof of the animal’s well-being.

Buying at Pet Stores

Aside from the centers, you can buy a Golden Retriever at pet stores where commercial breeders sell the puppies with an initial price of $300, and can go up to $1,000. The downside of purchasing from them is that they may not tell you the real health status of the dog or the methods the breeders have used in raising the puppies.

From Professional Breeders

But how much does a Golden Retriever cost if you buy it from professional breeders? Hold your wallets and take a deep breath as they sell each puppy at a price range from $2,000 to $3,000.

Apparently, this is where the cost goes higher than the first two options since professional breeders make sure that they provide you with puppies that are bred with the best health condition and quality.

Evidently, the Golden Retriever cost is more than twice the price given at the animal centers and pet stores, making it a disadvantage if you are tight on a budget. However, the amount already includes the breeding methods and training given by the professional breeders.

License to Own a Golden Retriever

After buying your very own Golden Retriever, you have to get a license that gives you the permission to own the dog. The license fee may cost around $50, but it may be lesser or higher depending on where you will get the document. And if you decide to enroll your dog in clubs, then you need to spend on the membership and subscription fees that may range from $100 to $200.

Food Cost

Now that you already have a pet to take care of, the Golden Retriever puppies cost does not stop there. Of course, it is still a puppy so you need to spend on important aspects to give its proper care. One of the things you need to consider is its everyday food maintenance.

To feed a medium-sized Retriever, you need to set a monthly budget from $50 to $70 ($600-$840 a year), but it all depends on the dog’s size and consumption since there are times when you have to spend more if it eats a lot. But remember to get something that does not trigger allergies so as not to shoulder on additional expenses for medical care.

Health Cost

Although its medical records show no signs of defects, a Golden Retriever usually develops allergies, cancer, hypothyroidism and skin problems when you least expect it or when it is not given proper attention. There are also instances when it acquires these common inherited health problems:

– elbow or hip dysplasia

– heart disease

– various eye problems

To avoid them from occurring or getting worse, you must see to it that your puppy has its yearly vet visit that costs around $350. It may be big, but it already includes basic care, annual immunization and heartworm test.

Grooming Cost

Because of its beautiful cream or golden hair, your Retriever should also be given its grooming care. However, you do not have to spend money for this since you can groom your dog at home, where it is more convenient.

Grooming care only comprises bathing, brushing, light hair cutting on its back legs, ears and tail, trimming the hair from its feet’s pads as well as priming its nails. They can be done using less expensive equipment, which is usually available at your home. But just one reminder though, shaving Retrievers does not do any good for them. Just use scissors to cut the hair.

Total Cost

Initially, the total cost is at most $3,050 – the price of the dog and license fee. As you start taking care of it, your annual budget for your house companion will be a maximum of $1,190, but it only covers the food and health care. You may need to set aside extra budget in case of emergency.

So, are you still planning on getting a Golden Retriever? If you do, then just make sure you are financially prepared to take care of a wonderful dog.

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