Goodlife Gym Membership Cost

Good Life Fitness is a well-established fitness facility throughout the country with numerous tie-ups from other gyms. Since they started, they had transformed the health and wellness of thousands of members through their gym classes and programs. Goodlife wants their members to be fit and healthy as they believe that this will lead to a better and harmonious life. The Goodlife monthly membership cost has various options depending on the user’s preference that is why it is gaining popularity among local patrons.

Cost Of Goodlife Gym Membership

Goodlife gym dedicated their time and energy to further the goals of their members and help them grow and achieve their fitness objectives. They have been named the largest company in Canada and has expanded their territory over to the US. They have cardio classes that can increase your metabolism and burn your calories. The Good Life membership prices are competitive and their payment scheme is easy.

Here are the common Goodlife monthly membership cost for you to look at:

One Club AccessAll Club AccessOne Club AccessAll Club Access
Monthly Fee
Cancellation Fee$99.00$99.00$99.00$99.00

There are two ways that you can pay your Goodlife membership and that is by paying either monthly or yearly. There are also two types of membership access that you can avail at this fitness center, it is either via a One Club Access or All Club Access. If you choose the first membership type then you can only use the facility of the gym that you have registered at. The Good Life membership prices for the One-Club Access is just $59.00 a month.

If you want to have access to all the Goodlife gyms around the nation then you can choose the second type of membership. Your monthly due if you choose the All-Club access will be $69.00. With just an additional $10 to your membership, you can have access to every Goodlife club. This is very good if you travel a lot or move to different location.

If you choose the yearly payment of your membership, this option is also available. The Goodlife annual membership cost for a One Club access is just $719.00 while the all club access is $839.00.

Once you have enrolled yourself as a member of the club you would be able to use all the facilities that they have offered. But if you choose to cancel your membership for some reason then you would have to pay a cancellation fee worth $99.00. The cancellation fee is the same for all types of payment option and membership type.

There are several services that you can choose from once you become a member of the Goodlife Club. They offer customized personal training package just for your needs. You can have a one-on-one consultation with a certified trainer so that you can discuss with them what your goals are and they will draft a workout routine for you.

If you want a group class then you can join their exclusive fitness classes such as Strength Training Classes to build your muscles and tone them. They also have classes for both your mind and body such as yoga and Pilates which is used to train your muscles and improve your balance. Their classes are categorized from low intensity, medium intensity to high intensity depending on your skills and expertise of the class. They also have an interactive virtual fitness studio that you can use at home to practice your routines.

Cost Of Other Services At Goodlife Gym

Aside from their regular gym services and facilities they also have a Boot Camp and Team Training program in which you will have the chance to challenge yourself and a group of other trainees with fun workout routines that you will enjoy. The program will last for 6 weeks and cost $199.00. You will have 12 sessions in your 6-week program so you will have a lot of time to bond and exercise.

How To Save On Cost At Goodlife Gym

 Cost At Goodlife Gym

Goodlife Gym also offers a discount for students if they enroll. All you need to present is your School ID so that you can get that discount. The Gym also believes that when an employee is living a fit and healthy lifestyle then they are more productive. That is the reason why they are offering corporate packages to companies who put the welfare of their employees first.

With the corporate membership, the employees can get as much as 55% off on their membership. This is a great discount for employees who want to start working out. They also offer a free 3-day visit pass to potential clients who wants to see the various services that they offer. You can choose from a list of fitness classes and request for a free trial.

You can also get a 25% discount on the Goodlife membership prices if you buy specific products at Amazon. Goodlife will also give you a 15% if you purchase gym products at Jet and another 30% discount if you buy a product at eBay.

Other ways to save involves more on your side. First is you would have to check your budget. Know how much you need to spend for a gym membership and stick on that one. You can narrow down your list with this criteria first and foremost then move on to the rest of your requirements.

You should also consider limiting yourself. Do not get overwhelmed with all the classes that are offered and enroll in all of them. Choose one class at a time and work your way until you have achieved the fitness goal that you have set for yourself.

You should also check the period when you enroll for a gym membership. Don’t decide hastily and just jump to a gym because many are enrolling there at one time. Study your choice and make sure that you enroll during off peak season so that you can get a much-discounted price. Enroll during the time that there are lesser people enrolling.

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