How Much Does A Guitar Cost

When it comes to making different kinds of music, the guitar will never be out of sight. This string instrument (4 or 6 strings) is one of the most basic things that musicians use, and it comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes. It produces sounds by strumming or plucking the strings on the body with your fingers on one hand while pressing the strings on the fingerboard using the other hand. To adjust the tones, you have to turn the tuning keys on the headstock, which is found at the tip of the fingerboard.

One good thing about guitars is that they are not only meant for musicians. Kids of all ages can play this instrument for fun and entertainment, like jamming with friends or doing covers of famous songs today. Guitars can be easily learned, and once you get the grasp of using this music instrument, you’ll be able to play different music genres. If you have been thinking of buying a guitar, the first question you need to ask is how much does a guitar cost?

Typical Cost of a Guitar

Typical Cost of a Guitar

The guitar price can be as low as $25 to as much as $17,000 or higher. The variations of prices significantly depend on the type of guitar you wish to have. There are three types of guitars on the market today, and these are:

  1. Acoustic – produces the tone through the strings’ vibration, which the hollow body amplifies
  2. Electric – comes with an amplifier and a loudspeaker to produce a loud sound; needs to be connected to an electrical source
  3. Classical – uses nylon strings instead of steel strings and is being played using a finger-picking technique

In addition to those three basic types, there is also an acoustic-electric guitar, which has the characteristics of both an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar, hence the name.

Aside from the type of guitar, other factors that affect the price are the brand of the instrument, the materials used in making the guitar, the design, the handedness (are you dominantly right-handed or left-handed?), and the accessories that come with it. Do take note that many accessories mean higher costs.

If you are still learning the craft of the playing the guitar, you don’t necessarily have to buy the cheapest one on the market. As much as possible, choose something that is of high-quality but with an affordable price. Spinditty suggests a guitar that costs anywhere between $200 to $300 for beginners.

Cost of Guitars by Brand

You already have an idea how much a guitar typically costs. For a more in-depth discussion on the prices, let’s take a look at some popular guitar brands and the price range that these companies set for their products.


If you are an avid fan of guitars, you can not NOT HAVE a Gibson guitar in your collection. Formally known as Gibson Brands, Inc., this Tennessee-based company has been in the industry since 1902, manufacturing high-quality musical instruments on market worldwide. Its major product is guitars with $399 as the cheapest price and $22,299 as the most expensive price. With its reputation and outstanding guitars, you can never go wrong with a Gibson guitar.


Just like Gibson, Fender is another well-known guitar manufacturer based in Arizona. It was founded in 1942 and has been selling superb guitars at affordable prices. It offers acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and the four-string bass guitars. And do you know how affordable its guitars are? Well, Fender has a good-quality acoustic guitar worth $139.99. The most expensive guitar that the company offers is the bass guitar at almost $3,000.


This guitar brand and/or manufacturer is a pride of Japan and has been providing guitars for 70 years. With a wide range of models to choose from, Ibanez offers all types of guitars, as well as bass guitars at reasonable costs. The cheapest price is around $110. And did you know that there famous singers who have Ibanez guitar? Some of them are George Benson, Chris Miller, Paul Stanley, and Gary Willis, and many more.

PRS Guitars

PRS stands for the name of the company’s founder and CEO, Paul Reed Smith. The company has been operating since 1985 and has provided one-of-a-kind guitars. If you check its guitars, you will really say that they physically look so sophisticated and the materials used in making the instruments are top-quality and durable. Unfortunately, there are no prices indicated on its website, but if you browse on Amazon, the cheapest PRS guitar you will find is around $210, while the highest price is over $4,000.


Founded in 1980, Jackson Guitars is a popular maker of all types of guitars and bass guitars in the US. It also distributes its products to other parts of the world. The company is under the management of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation after the acquisition in 2002. The prices of its guitars range from $211.25 to $7,571.41.


Being in the industry for 144 years is indeed a milestone, and it proves how reputable and trusted Epiphone is in making guitars. It does not only manufacture and distribute all types of high-quality guitars worldwide, but this Turkey-based company has made sure that every consumer can afford its products. With that said, the cost of an Epiphone guitar can range from $70 to $3,600.


Cost of Guitars

Japan-based Yamaha is not only a car brand, but it is also one of the best brands when it comes to guitars and other musical instruments. It offers a wide range of guitars, including acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, classical guitars, nylon electric guitars, electric guitars, basses, small-sized guitars, SILENT guitar™, and TransAcoustic™ Guitars.

When it comes to prices, Yamaha guitars cost around $70 to as much as $10,000.

Taylor Guitars

The last but definitely not the least on this list is Taylor Guitars, which is claimed to be the number one manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the United States. But the 43-year-old company also manufactures electric guitars across the country. The cost of their guitars ranges from $418 to $9,318 or higher, depending on the type of guitar and the model you choose.

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