How Much Does Hair Cuttery Cost

The founders of Hair Cuttery, Dennis and Ann Ratner, had a vision back in 1973. They wanted to change the industry of hair salons which back in the days were riddled with fussy appointment-based beauty parlors and male-exclusive barbershops, they wanted to break free and create their own brand of salons that are founded on three main ingredients- consistency, convenience, and affordability. So Hair Cuttery came into existence.

Affordability being one of the company’s main goal since the beginning, Hair cuttery prices remain as one of the most competitive in the business of budget full-service Salons. Hair Cuttery Pricing may differ from each location and it depends on the degree of mastery of the stylist handling the cut- they have a special group that they call master stylists, which customers can request for if they wanted to. Nevertheless, the cost of Hair Cuttery services is still more reasonable than most branded salons.

Aside from their affordability, Hair Cuttery prides itself for their people, they believe that a good working environment with happy people can reflect greatly on their service to their customers, this is why happiness is a premium, they want clients who would feel happy about the service they receive and can walk confidently out of their salons with their looks- a great vision anyone out for a new look would want to sign up for.

Hair Cuttery offers services such as haircuts, hairstyling, hair color, straightening, and perm. What’s interesting about Hair Cuttery is that they also offer Value Packages, these are combination packages of different treatments all at one unbeatable price. They have about a dozen of these offers that customers can choose from.

Hair Cuttery Styling Prices

Hair CutteryHair Cuttery prices for these services might have slight differences for different states. A basic Cut with Shampoo costs around  $18. The same Cut and Shampoo for  kids 8 years old and under costs around $12. A Cut with Shampoo and Blowdry costs around $25 for adults and around $19 for kids 8 years old and under.

A simple Shampoo with Blowdry would cost around $17, Shampoo with Blowdry Straightening costs around $27.

If you avail for their Basic Set which comes with a shampoo treatment, it will cost around $17. A Designer Set starts at $37. Their Special Occasion Design starts at $30. A Quick-‘do would cost around $20.

Hair Color

Cost of Hair Cuttery color services can also be affected by the length of the hair and degree of work needed to achieve a look. For a Single Application Color, treatment can start at $50. Partial Highlights start at $50 while Full Highlights start at $80. Redken Color Camo for Men costs around $25. Any Additional Color during ongoing treatment costs around $20.

Hair Cuttery Pricing for their special color technique are as follows, Double Dimension Color with Partial Highlight starts at $100. Double Dimension Color with Full Highlights, starting at $130.

Hair Texture

A full-service salon won’t be complete without its straightening and perm services. Hair Cuttery has it’s straightening procedure that comprises of a Relaxer, Straightener, and Texturizing Treatment and this starts at $75. Retouch treatment of the same straightening would start at around $50.

A Permanent Wave starts at $48. A Designer Perm Wrap starts at $60.

Other Services

These peripheral services are must-haves for any salon. Beard, Bang, Neckline trim would start around $5. Waxing, particularly for eyebrows, start at $10. Clarifying Treatment for the hair costs around $15, Redken Chemistry Treatment costs around $11. Iron Finish for the hair starts at $7 and an Iron Set costs around $12.

Value Packages

Hair Cuttery has put together value packages that customers can choose from, these combo treatments will take care of everything you need from start to fabulous finish. It has taken out the oftentimes confusing guesswork for customers who want to know what can work best to achieve a particular look. If it’s simply a total grooming for men, or an elegant straight hair look for women, a new color with full or partial highlights, or a voluminous curly-top look, Hair Cuttery has gotten it all laid out for you.

Style Express, combo of shampoo, Redken Chemistry treatment, a haircut and blowdry, this starts at $32.

Color Escape is a combination of a single application of color, shampoo, followed by a Redken chemistry treatment, a haircut and topped off with blowdry, this starts at $75.

Color Camo For Men, a combo of color camo, a shampoo treatment with Redken Deep Conditioning, a haircut and finished with blowdry. This starts at $46.

Shape Up, a combination of shampoo, conditioning with Redken’s chemistry treatment, a haircut, blowdry, and eyebrow waxing, all starting at $42.

City Lights, a combination of full highlight, shampoo and conditioning treatment, haircut, then finished with blowdry. This starts at $105.

Touch of Color , this treatment combines Partial highlights with shampoo and conditioning treatment, plus a haircut and blowdry, all starting at just $75.

Double Dimension with Full Highlights, combines single application color treatment with full highlights, shampoo and conditioning treatment, a haircut and blowdry, this starts at $155.

Double Dimension with Partial Highlights, combines single application color treatment with partial highlights with just a maximum of 12 foils, shampoo and conditioning treatment, a haircut and blowdry, this starts at $125.

Straighten Up, is an all-in hair straightening experience combining their Relaxer touch-up service with shampoo and conditioning, haircut, topped off with a blowdry straightening and iron set. All starting at $100.

Wound Up, for their ultimate curling treatment, combines  a Permanent wave with shampoo and conditioning treatment, plus a haircut and blowdry. This package starts at $73.

The cost of Hair Cuttery services and treatment works well for people who want to stick with their budget but still want to step out of the salon looking like a million bucks. This is what Hair Cuttery values, the satisfaction of each customer, and the building of rapport between them and their staff, somehow they got the formula right as their chain continues to grow in and around the US.

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