How Much Does Hair Dying Cost

Curiously, many would often describe the hairdressing industry or hairstyle service as ‘recession-proof.’ This conjecture has a lot to do with the observable prevalent behavior of individuals in American society. When it comes to the combined elements of social interaction and good grooming, an average citizen in the United States on a tight budget would rather choose ‘having a good haircut over a new set of clothes.’ By comparison, more women often subscribe to this viewpoint than men would.

Hence, women provide a more solid subject for research when it comes to answering the question of ‘how much Dying hairdoes dying hair cost?’ Survey groups like Angie’s List have screened about 500 of its members, most of which comprised of women. They arrived at the conclusion that average Americans would spend as much as $100 a month to keep their hair dyed.

The cost to dye hair at the salon with the same nationwide reputation as MasterCuts is at least $45 for color without highlights. Some swanky but low-cost salons would charge as low as $85 both for color and highlights.

It is important to take note that availing for salon services is just one option. About 47% surveyed by Angie’s List confirmed that they prefer to dye their hair by themselves at home. Considering the significant rise of new beauty products in the market, $3 to $20 worth of over-the-counter DIY kit ‘seems like’ a more favorable and cost-efficient option for a price to get your hair dyed

Advantages Of Professional Service

  • Premium on proficiency

People require professional services when it comes to fixing their hair. Looking back at history, the reason why medieval men needed barbers and why noblewomen require grooming chambermaids is because of the glaring fact that ‘not everyone can do it by themselves.’ For many people living in the contemporary times, professional hairstylists are as essential as tailors and physicians. 

The value of appreciating other people’s essential skills can be put into a common yet catchy ad statement: “we do it, so you won’t have to.” It always feels satisfying to be served by someone who is very competent in his or her trade.

  • Everything you want in a box?

One can naturally be skeptical about how drugstore dyes promise its potential buyers of their product’s power to replace ‘personalized preference.’ Truth is, one clothing size would fit all body types. The same can be said about the exact color one would want from DIY hair dying.

You need a hairdresser to ask you about your exact preferences without having to risk yourself of undue accidents. The problem most people have when doing their own hair dying is that most of them end up realizing that ‘knowing what you want’ and ‘getting what you want’ are two completely different things. Hairstylists have the skill to reconcile them both.

  • Hair dying is a colorful science

Considering that the price to get your hair dyed seemed exorbitant for an average $100 per month, it is important for prospective customers like you to account for everything that made it seemingly costly. Apart from manual skills alone, a large part of a hairdresser’s expertise boils down to his or her knowledge of chemistry.

Every professional hairdresser has his or her own precise concoction of colors to give their clients the perfect color they want for their hair. They know the chemical volume that keeps you a ‘hair’s breadth’ away from getting your naturally decent manes from being totally scorched and ruined.   

Where To Go For Bargain Salon Abroad

Given that salon hair dying in the United States is relatively pricey, Americans usually take advantage of a good bargain abroad. The best global region for a less expensive hair dying service is in Asia. These are some of the countries one should take note:   

  • Vietnam

The usual cost to dye hair at a salon in Vietnam is between $30 and $40, which is more than half of what the ordinary American citizens would pay locally. The reason why Vietnam is a model tourist draw for hairstyle consumers is that Vietnamese almost dominate the salon industry in the United States and Canada.

  • Thailand

In Thailand, a premium salon would charge anywhere between $33.9 and $107 for top quality hair dying. Due to the extreme popularity of hair dying in this country, some salons would charge a very competitive price. 

  • South Korea

So how much does dying hair cost in South Korea? Due to the country’s chic reputation (see: K-pop), aiming for a celebrity look is not going to be as cheap as other countries. Getting a decent hair dye in South Korea could cost around $128. However, the dye is known to be long-lasting, which is a pretty good return on investment.

Tips To Cut Costs For Salon Dying

Since hair dying in the salon is a grooming necessity that almost costs a luxury price. But it does not have to be if one follows these cost-saving hacks:

  • Skip Conditioning and Blow-drying

Drying and conditioning one’s hair is best done at home. After all, these types of hair treatment are done separately. Getting out of the salon with a wet hair is not much of a big deal if one considers saving a few bucks.

  • Shampoo Before Visiting

Washing your hair thoroughly with a shampoo makes it easier for the hairdresser to work around dying the strands. Entering the salon with a very supple and smooth hair saves you with the extra cost often required from clients with stiff mane prior to the dying process.

  • Avoid “Master Stylists”

Master stylist already has a very high market value. They can afford to ask for a competitive price ordinary Americans are usually not prepared to pay. Taking a chance with intermediate hairdressers is a win-win reputation for both parties. Customers can get a bargain and a successful treatment on the part of the novice boosts professional confidence.

  • Visit Beauty Schools Instead

Instead of going to posh beauty salons, there are advantages for availing hair dye services in beauty schools. Beauty schools have a discounted rate because it is still a proving ground for soon-to-be hairdressers. It will be an honor for these apprentices to have a paying customer who would take a chance on their fledgling skills.   

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