How Much Does Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost

Tattoos, in the advent of the modern world, have become a form of art and expression for most people. People spend months and even years to plan for the perfect piece for their new tattoo and endure the excruciating pain of the needles.

Half sleeve tattoos are one of the most extremely famous art covering half of the arm. It can be a combination of small tattoos covering one’s arm. There can be so many ways a person can get a half sleeve tattoo. Now the important question is, “how much does half sleeve tattoo cost?”

Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost and the different factors that affect it

The half sleeve tattoo cost around $200 to $2000 and on upwards. However, the half sleeve price varies depending on numerous factors: design of the tattoo, time to get the tattoo done, the size of the arm, colors to be included and the artist.

Design of the tattoo

An image of Tattaaed arm

The design of the tattoo will surely affect the half sleeve price. If the designs are too intricate and difficult, you will definitely pay more. Also, custom-made designs cost more than the already existing array of tattoo design choices. This is because stencils should be created, drawn and adjusted before it could be tattooed on the arm.

Time to get the tattoo done

The price will also depend on the time to get the tattoo done. The more sophisticated the design, the more time will be needed to get it done. Some tattoos may only take hours but some also take months and years to be fully complete. There are tattoo artists who charge their customers on an hourly basis.

Size of arm

The size of the arm will also matter. Artists, more often than not, measures the length and width of the arm to determine how much to charge for a tattoo. If the size of the arm is big, the half sleeve tattoo cost might be expensive.

Colors included

The colors to be included is to be considered, as well. Detailed colors will increase the time taken for a tattoo to be completed. Also, having many shades on the tattoo design might cost you a little more.

Tattoo Artist

But actually, it all boils down to the tattoo artists how much would a half sleeve tattoo charge. Each tattoo artists skill and experience vary from one to another, and will absolutely charge higher the more skillful and experienced the artist is. An artists’ popularity, exposure, technique, and speed can always contribute to the price of the tattoo.

Extra Cost for Half Sleeve Tattoo


Sometimes, tattoos don’t heal quite as well as it is supposed to be during the tattoo healing process and you need to visit your tattoo artist to go over particular areas of the tattoo again. This is called as a touch-up.

Touch-up payments can be packaged on your first pay for the tattoo yet other artists charge for all touch-ups. The cost of touch-ups does vary but normally for a small fee only.

Tattoo aftercare

Like any other art, tattoo fades thus it requires aftercare regime to ensure the tattoo stays beautiful for the years ahead. Tattoo aftercare is important and it helps you newly-done half sleeve tattoo or what have you to heal faster than it should be. provides tips for tattoo aftercare that will surely benefit those individuals planning to get a new tattoo on their sleeves.

Tattoo aftercare comes with a cost as it recommends products to use., for example, listed six (6) best undoubtedly aftercare products namely clean towels, tattoo aftercare moisturizing lotion, tattoo aftercare antibacterial lotion, sunscreen, tattoo aftercare products kit, H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Kit and Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit which can be purchased on Amazon. The price range of tattoo aftercare products is around $6 to $25 or beyond depending on the brand and quality.

Important reminders when getting a half sleeve tattoo

Foremost, make sure that the studio you are getting tattooed from is clean. The process of having a tattoo can extremely become dangerous if the tattoo artist does not follow tattooing etiquette. Needles should not be shared or let exposed in an area, tattooing equipment should be immediately cleaned and even the tattoo inks should not be returned to its container when there are excess inks. There are observable practices you can watch out for to ensure health protocols of the artist or studio.

Second, a good tattoo is never cheap and more often than not, a cheap tattoo is not as good as its price sounds. The tattoo will be with you for your entire life and you should not settle for a suboptimal art. Might as well go for the better offer if not the best.

Third, always pre-plan on getting a new tattoo. Arrange a consultation with your artist, plan what tattoo you are getting, scout for the best tattoo artist that offers reasonable price that is within your budget.

Fourth, make sure that your tattoo will not affect your employment or line of job. There are companies and specific jobs that do not allow tattoos especially those visible ones. To avoid conflict, it is recommended to check with your employer and inform them of your plans.

Ways to save

Although getting a tattoo can be expensive, there are ways that you can hack money off that tattoo cost. You can shop at a new tattoo shop where you can look for an artist to do your tattoo. Less established tattoo shops often offer cheaper price as they are aiming at their business yet. However, you either can end up in a good or bad artist and you might want to reconsider to do the complicated half sleeve tattoo to you.

You can also talk about budgeting with your artist. Especially if you have been a previous client or recommended by a previously trusted client, there is a great possibility that the artist will give you some discount or a dollar or two off that price for your half sleeve tattoo. Artists can also offer you an arrangement for payments where you can pay an amount every month until you have fully paid the tattoo.

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