How Much Does A Hip Replacement Cost

When the backside is exhibiting painful signs of deterioration and damage, the best option is to seek medical intervention. This should be the case especially when as days go by, the pain grows excruciatingly unbearable. But when the doctor, after a series of test and evaluations, recommend hip surgery, then it better not go unheeded. 

However, patients have the choice over non-invasive surgeries and other alternatives that clinics or hospitals may offer. Each of them could have its share of shortcomings and may not be the wisest choice. Nevertheless, hip replacement surgery is resorted to when the other options are not viable. Furthermore, the cost of hip replacement should also be taken into consideration.

Average Cost of Hip Replacement

Hip replacement Expenses to be incurred in this surgical procedure varies on whether the patient has health insurance coverage or not:

  • With Health Insurance

Hip replacement surgeries are usually covered by most insurance companies. The doctor should establish sufficient justification for its need. Although the surgery is covered by health insurance, there is always a possibility that the patient will have to shoulder a portion of the cost.

Patients with health insurance usually pay out-of-pocket expenses of up to several thousand dollars, or their out-of-pocket maximum. The patient can also apply for flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HAS), and health reimbursement account (HRA) funds for out-of-pocket costs.

  • Without Health Insurance

Patients with no health insurance coverage pay for the surgery on their own. The cost of a hip replacement varies across the country and from hospital to hospital. For patients without health insurance, a hip replacement will cost between $31,839 and $44,816, with an average cost of $39,299.

However, there are medical institutions which offer discounts for uninsured patients. In Hawaii for example, there is a facility there which offers the procedure at $33,000 and a discounted rate of $20,212 to $23,581 can be availed.

If the surgery is going to be paid by the patient on his own, the following suggestions should be observed in order to clearly appreciate how much does a hip replacement cost:

  • Compare package services offered by other facilities. 
  • Find a high-quality hospital which has experienced doctors on that procedure and top-notch medical facilities.
  • Inform the doctor and the hospital that the patient is self-paying.
  • Choose a provider which gives discounts to people who pay their own healthcare.
  • Find out whether financing the cost or paying in installments is allowed.
  • Use FSA, HAS and HRA funds to help in the surgery costs.

Should there be plans for availing a health insurance, one should be aware of the whole application process and what to expect. After all, making an informed decision on important things like this would be advisable.

These four steps will be useful:

  1. Choose among the selections.

The subsidy eligibility should be estimated as well as the savings on costs.

2. Apply and enroll for the chosen health insurance.

The holder and his family should have registered in the coverage. It should be ensured that provisions like the hip replacement surgery price should be included.

3. Make the first payment.

The insurance coverage can only begin once the first payment had been paid.

4: Receive cards and policy

It will take up to three weeks for the application to be processed. The insurance cards as well as a copy the policy will be received on the mail after it has been approved.

Pre-surgery Tests

Prior to surgery, among the necessary activities to be conducted by the patient would be a series of tests to check if he is healthy.

Among these tests are the following:

  • Red Blood Cells Count (RBCs)

An RBC count or an Erythrocyte count determines the amount of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. These contain hemoglobin which supply oxygen to the whole body. These are produced in the bone marrow and have a lifespan of about 120 days.

However, these are continuously replenished. It is generally tested to detect or monitor the blood for indication of diseases like anemia, bleeding disorder, polycythemia, among others. This test should have been incorporated in the cost of hip replacement.

  • EKG

An electrocardiogram is a test that monitors the heart’s electrical activity for issues. This represented as line tracings on paper. This costs about $50.

  • Urine tests

The urinalysis is a set of screening tests that can detect some common diseases. It may be used to screen conditions such as kidney disorders, diabetes, urinary tract infections, liver problems, or other metabolic conditions.

This is sometimes required when a person has a routine wellness exam, is admitted to the hospital, is going to undergo surgery, or when a woman has a pregnancy checkup.

Average cost is $22. 

  • Chest X-rays

A chest x -ray is a test that uses certain electromagnetic radiation to generate pictures of the structures of the chest. How much does a hip replacement cost is also dependent on attendant expenses similar to this on essential pre-operation test.

This test can help detect and screen medical conditions of the heart and lungs. Uninsured patients will have to pay the cost of about $200-$400 or more, with an average of $370, for a chest X-ray.


The field of medicine had offered a myriad of preferences for people who seek medical help. The majority of things that ails the body have been answered by surgeries and medicines.

Hip replacement surgeries, despite the presence of other alternatives, will still remain as one of the popular answers to hip damages. Though its results and durability will vary on many factors such as age and health of the patient, a good number of people have still preferred it over other available procedures.

Since it is covered by health insurance, it is more economical for those who have coverage. This is so since they only have to pay for incidental expenses which is just less than a fraction of the hip replacement surgery price.

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