How Much Do Cats Cost

Having a pet at home is truly a rewarding feeling. You can relieve stress as pets are really cute and loving. Apart from dog, many want to have a cat at home. They are different than dogs since contrary to the former, they do not bark and they have a nice appearance that exudes mystery. But just before you finally decide to have a cat at home, you cannot just buy one without taking into consideration different factors. Keep in mind that you will have to shoulder the kitten cost. Having a cat at home can be quite expensive. How much do cats cost?

Average Cat Prices

In deciding to own a cat you may end up asking, how much do cats cost? The cost varies depending on the kind of breed. For instance, in going for a purebred kitten, the kitten cost ranges from $300 to $1200. This will still Price of buying a cat depend on the color and the breed. You may want to adopt either a kitten or adult cat which costs about $50 to $100. There are shelters for cats where you can adopt a cat. If you are willing to spend for a quality kitten from a highly reputable breeder, it can be really expensive. The cost ranges from $500 to $1000. The price can go as high especially if you want to purchase a show quality cat. In fact, the price may range from $1000 to $3000. But it can also go as high as $15000 or even more.

There are also additional costs that you need to factor in. For example, if you purchase a cat from an international breeder, you have to shoulder logistics costs. The price ranges from $150 to $300.

What Are Included?

The reason as to why it is expensive is that there are other things included in the cost. For instance, the total cost of buying a cat includes spaying or neutering. There are also vaccinations, vet checkup and de-worming. Breeders also include the papers, health certificate and the much needed vaccinations. Some breeders may give you a bag containing food. It is essential that you guarantee that the cat is healthy and that there are no health defects.   

Other Costs

In addition kitten cost, there are other costs associated in owning and taking care of a cat. As a pet owner, you are responsible on ensuring that your cat is well-provided and that your cat’s needs are met. That is why there are other costs that you will have to shoulder and most often, pet owners are not aware of these costs.

Pet cat in white and blackFood: To make sure that your cat is healthy and to avoid incurring vet medical costs, you need to provide food. Make sure that you provide the much-needed nutrients of your pet. Some pet owners say that the average cost that they spend for food for their cats is about $30.

Damage Control: Cats have the tendency to scratch almost anything so it may be common to have damage at home. For this cost, you can say it ranges for about $50 in a year.

Toys: Cats also need toys in order to amuse themselves. This is also a good way to prevent them from damaging other items in the house. The average cost for cat’s toys is $30.

Cat Sitting: When you are at home, you can take care of your cat. However, there are cases where you cannot take your pet with you and you won’t be home in a few days or weeks. In that case, you may have to ask your friends or neighbor to look after your cat. You would at least give them something for the time and effort. You may want to pay for the cat sitting or you can also give them something like for instance a gift card.

In addition to these costs, you may have to take your cat to the vet for vaccinations or for other health needs. In that case, you may also have to shoulder more costs. If your cat experiences any health problem, you will worry about medical costs which can be really expensive considering that vets would charge expensive rates for their services and the medicines.

Looking for a Cat?

In buying a cat, you do not just consider the average cat prices. How much do cats cost is just one of the White cat ratequestions that you need to ask. So, when shopping for a cat that you want to have as a pet at home, you have to take the time to get the necessary information about cats. Here are some tips to help you in finding the best cat for you:

  • Even before you go to a breeder, you need to know the breed of cat you want to have. Just like dogs, there are various breeds of cat that have different personalities, physical appearance and traits. You can find the one that fits your household. There is the Cat Fanciers Association that can provide you with the complete list of breeds and the description.
  • When you finally get a referral, you can get more information and get to know more about the breeder. There is the International Cat Association so you can only purchase a pet from a reputable breeder. When you visit the breeder, you can ask questions about the breed of the cat, the temperament, grooming needs and other potential problems.

Keep in mind that owning a cat as your pet at home entails not just the kitten cost. There are also other additional costs. So, you need to assess if you can handle not just the costs but as well as the time to take care of your pet.

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