ILoveKickboxing Membership Fee

Kickboxing is a kind of combat sport that has been gaining popularity. It is based on a mixture of kicking, punching and is a combination of other combat sports such as Karate, Muay Thai, Khmer Boxing, and Western boxing. This is the reason why many are interested in trying out kickboxing because it promotes self-defense and fitness all in one. One of the current gym that offers this class is the ILoveKickboxing Gym thus you would want to know the ILoveKickboxing membership fees.

Cost of ILoveKickboxing Membership

ILoveKickboxing believes the reason why people stop working out is because they became bored with the usual routine and ILoveKickboxing created a workout routine that will never be boring for you. They created a scheme to make your workout session always fun, exciting, engaging and challenging just for you. But before you make the decision to sign up, it is the time that you know the ILoveKickboxing cost.

Here is the matrix for the ILoveKickboxing membership fees:

FeeMonthly BASIC (7 Months)
Initiation Fee$149.00
Monthly Fee$13.00
Cancellation Feevarious
FeeYearly Basic (12 Months)
Initiation Fee$125.00
Yearly Fee$125.00
Cancellation Feevarious

You might be asking yourself which membership type you would pick as both have different advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to enroll and pay the monthly fee then you would have to shell out around $162.00 during your enrollment to the gym. The ILoveKickboxing cost seems high because of the initiation fee but most premier gyms are already asking an upfront fee such as the initiation payment once you do decide to enroll.

Also, the advantage of being a monthly member is that you are not obliged to stay for as long as 1 year. This is particularly crucial especially if you have plans of traveling for a long period of time or if your nature of work entitles you to travel. This is because if you do choose a yearly membership, you would be obliged to pay for a whole year of the gym membership but you won’t be able to use the service.

But if you are sure that you would be able to use their services for about a year and your only plan of travel is a short vacation then it would save you a lot on ILoveKickboxing membership fees. If you check the initiation fee between a monthly member and a yearly member, you can save as much as $24.00 on the initiation fee alone.

Aside from that, you can also save on the monthly fee because if you divide the yearly fee to 12 you will find out that your monthly fee will be just $10.42 a month. That is a savings of $2.58 for every month in a year.

If you are still undecided on which membership type you would like to use or if you are still unsure if ILoveKickboxing is the right gym for you, then you can always try out their classes for a minimum fee of $13.  Through this way, you can still use the gym facilities and see how the environment is and if it suits you.

How To Get Discounts For ILoveKickboxing Membership

Since you are still in the process of looking into finding the perfect gym for you, the ILoveKickboxing cost might be too much for your budget. But there are ways that you can get discounts if you want to try out the fitness center’s services.

ILoveKickboxing girl training

Take for example Groupon, they are giving out 4 or 10 Kickboxing Classes with Personal-Training Session and Boxing Gloves at You can choose between the $30 for 4 kickboxing classes, 1 personal training session and a free pair of gloves or the $50 for 10 kickboxing classes, 1 personal training session, and a free pair of gloves.

Or you can check different websites that offer promo codes for ILoveKickBoxing. They usually give $10 Off Coupon Code or get 74% OFF for 4 or 10 Kickboxing Classes with Personal-Training Session and Boxing Gloves at plus an Extra $10 OFF with Promotional Code.

There are also coupon codes found at CouponTwo which will give you a deal for the First 3 classes and gloves for only $9.99. Aside from those coupons, there are ILoveKickboxing branches that offer serviceman discounts. If you are a military personnel, policemen, firemen, EMTs or veterans, the gym is offering a 14% discount on your enrollment.

The gym also offers discounts and promos during the special occasion. Just like their January promo where you are charged only $19.99 for 3 classes plus free gloves. You should take advantage of this promos so that you can get a cheaper rate while you can.

Save More On Gym Membership

There are still other ways that you can save on your ILoveKickboxing membership. You can always apply for a free trial period at the ILoveKickboxing Gym but you should not stop there, you can also apply for free trials on other gyms as well.

This way, you can get to see and use the services and facilities that the fitness center has to offer and you will be able to choose which gym will be the best for you. Besides that, since it’s a trial, it is totally free of charge!

It is also important that you know what you want in a gym. It could be a clean workout area or a spa service, you should have a checklist of the services that you want so that you can easily cross out the gyms that do not meet your requirements.

You can also ask if your gym offers a different payment scheme if you would only take up one class. If you only want to take an aerobics class, ask the gym if they can give you a discount since you would only be paying for the instructor at a given time.

Also, if you think that you won’t be visiting the gym too often why not just pay a walk-in fee instead of a monthly fee. This way, you can easily manage how much you get to pay for your gym fee a month.

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