How Much Does In-ground Hot Tub Cost

One Alexander McQueen once said that “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.” In-ground hot tub cost should be an alarm that ‘hey look’ a classic hotbed of a basin is here with a whole lake in it. There is absolutely no bargain on what an in-ground hot tub or its equivalents of an in-ground spa or Jacuzzi adds in your house.

Whether you are looking for a getaway or indoor retreat, a free advice is here, this one will not only add value to your home, it will as well provide one of the most enjoyable experiences in your family. Nothing can be as relaxing as having In-ground tubyour whole body dipped in a huge “basin” full of warm water after the long day in the office. The best gift you can give your wife or your hubby when he/she is coming back home from either a long holiday or vacation.

Although installing an in-ground tub or spa is not as much involving and as expensive as digging up a swimming pool, there are various things you need to take into considerations and questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Be clear on what will best serve you between a spa and a hot tub.
  • It’s location, whether indoor or outside.
  • Zoning challenges to probably face.
  • Whether you need a portable or a stationary in-ground unit.
  • The extent of disruptions that its installation may course.
  • Your family and guests safety.
  • If the insurance will be affected in any way.

Generally, the difference between a hot tub and a spa is their construction. Once start gaining popularity in California, a hot tub is basically constructed with woods, however, most of the spas are especially portable one are made up of acrylic while most of the in-ground installed ones are made of concrete. Both in ground spa price and in-ground hot tub cost vary and depend on a lot of factors.

Estimated In-Ground Tub Cost

Luxury does come with a price doesn’t t it? There have been one or two additional improvements of both a hot tub and a spa. Every time this happens, it brings the additional value of the product and prices. In-ground spas and tubs cost an average of between $6000-20000 with all materials and installation fees included.

Types of in ground Hot Tubs.

The most commonly known and used types of in ground hot tubes are two, prefabricated hot tubes and custom hot tubs, the in-ground hot tub price will too depend on the type as both have deferent setting and installation processes.

Prefabricated hot tub: These are factory-built shells made with either stainless steel or acrylic. Fabricated hot tubs come along with several styles and shapes such as oval, square, round or kidney shape among many others with their design options very limited when you compare it to a custom hot tub. Some of these fabricated shells can sit not more than ten people. Most of them are as well pre-plumbed.

Custom hot tubs: Gunite is the mostly used concrete on custom hot tubs. Compared to prefabricated hot tubs, custom hot tubs have few and simpler arrangements such as bench seats as well as fewer jets. However, custom hot tubes are much larger compared to prefabricated with their designs been wide and limitless as well. To improve the aesthetics and the comfort of the tub, concrete decorative tiles are overlaid around the area.

Currently, there are very few in ground hot tubs that are made with woods, the current development and innovations of classy and more elegant equipment makes everything to change from certain state to another, it could be the designs, looks, styles anything to just make it look modern and in this case that influences the cost of in-ground Jacuzzi as well as that of hot tubs and spas.

Cost Breakdown

When you compare both prefabricated hot tubs and custom hot tubs, prefabricated are slightly cheaper in price for both purchasing and installation. Acrylic shell prices range from $3000 to $10000, that is just a simple task in the process made, you will need to get it installed which will add up to another $3000 to $5000. A big determinant of the in ground spa price or an in ground hot tub cost will be the size.

  • A pre-plumbed hot tub for not more than three people will cost not less than $3000, this price does not cater for installation fees.
  • A pre-plumbed hot tub of six or fewer persons will cost not less than $5000, purchasing price without installation price included.
  • You can occasionally find another very small one for just two people going for around $1500 to $2000.

Additional Cost: The size of your in-ground hot tub will not change the electricity used to in it per month. The estimated electricity bill will cost around $20 to $40 monthly. On chemicals maintenance and repair, you will spend an estimated amount ranging from $200-$300 annually. In the case where you opt for Jacuzzi hot tub, another classic hot tub in the market, the size remains the key determinant of the installation fees and purchasing. The cost of in-ground Jacuzzi will as well be determined by the quality and size. It’s very rare though to find big Jacuzzi hot tubs as most of them have a space for only 2-6 people at most.

Your priority concern after installing either hot the tub should be the safety of everything and everyone around. With the in-ground hot tubs cost being this high, you do not want to lose not only your money but also your pets, small children are as well at risks to drawing in tubs positioned in the wrong places. When you purchase either of them, get an expert who will not only install it for you but will offer clear and safe advice on how the installation will be a success.

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