How Much Does an IUD Cost

Women now have different options when it comes to birth control. For some, the idea of having an IUD can be quite scary. Just the thought of putting something inside your body and allow it to stay there, you might be hesitant to go for this birth control option.

Among the different options, IUD is also considered to be the most expensive since you will have to undergo a procedure in putting it inside your body. In a study conducted by the journal Contraception, IUDs are not so popular among women. In going for this birth control option, you would want to know the average price of IUD. Apart from knowing the cost of inserting the IUD, you may also ask, how much does IUD removal cost?

What’s IUD?

An IUD is T-shaped device that is wrapped in copper. It is placed into your uterus by your doctor using a plastic string. To check if the device is in place, you can feel the string. This is the same string is the one used by your doctor to remove the device. There are various types of IUD.

Hormonal IUD: The hormonal IUD releases levonorgestrel which is considered to be a hormone progestine. IUD test price for birth controlCompared to copper IUD, this is much more effective as it can prevent pregnancy. In deciding to use for hormonal IUD, you can choose between the device that can for 3 years or 5 years. How does it work? The IUD can prevent fertilization by killing the sperm. It makes the mucus found in the cervix much thicker so the sperm would not enter the uterus. In using the IUD, it can minimize bleeding and cramping during menstruation.

Copper IUD: The other option is the copper IUD like the Paragard uses a copper wire and put it around the IUD. What is nice with the copper IUD is that it can last for about 10 years. In terms of the copper IUD cost, it can be much more expensive. The copper IUD cost varies depending on the brand. Paragard is quite expensive as it can cost about $1678. Copper IUD is different with the former since with this IUD it is toxic to the term. It induces the uterus to produce a certain fluid that will kill sperm.

Cost of IUD

The IUD cost is slightly more expensive if you are going to compare it with other choices. But the amount would depend if you have a healthy insurance. If you do not have health insurance, the IUD cost can be much pricey. For instance, if you go Mirena IUD, if you have Medicaid, this birth control is free.

The full price ranges from $500 to $900. The cost per month in one year ranges from $40 to $77. If you go for Paragard, the average price of IUD ranges from $40 to $77. There are also other brands like Liletta and Skyla. For the Liletta, the average price of IUD can be reduced by $75 if you have an insurance since the cost ranges from $50 to $750. For the Skyla, the price ranges from $54 to $65. IUD cost can be much more expensive depending on your choice.


In deciding to have an IUD, there are advantages. For one, it lowers the risk of having ectopic pregnancy. Although at first, it might be expensive. In the long run, it is still cost effective as it can last for years. There is also no interruption during the intercourse as the woman no longer has to worry.

There are other advantages in using IUD. For one, it can reduce cramps and bleeding during menstruation by about 90%. It can also prevent endometrial cancer. It does not result in weight gain.

How about the risk? Just as with other birth control methods, IUD has its share of risks too. For instance, if you use the copper IUD, you may experience some menstrual problems. The hormonal IUD can minimize cramps and bleeding, but the copper IUD may result to a different thing. Another risk is the perforation where the IUD might get stuck in the uterus. If this happens, the IUD should be removed. Expulsion is also another common risk where the IUD is expelled from the uterus.

There are also disadvantages in using IUS. For one, it is expensive to have this inserted. It does not offer any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. It might also be prone to problems in which case the doctor has to remove the device.

How much does IUD removal cost?  In removing the IUD, there is an associated cost too. The cost to remove is around $200 which is also quite expensive. You can always have the option to remove it, if you are not comfortable or if you want to go for another birth control method.

When to Call Your Doctor?

If you get pregnant when the IUD is in place, it has to be removed. The reason as to why it needs to be removed is that it can lead to preterm birth or it can lead to miscarriage. There are other instances where you need to call your doctor right away. For instance, if you are in severe pain or if you are experiencing vaginal bleeding, this is a big cause of alarm. If you are experiencing vaginal discharge and it smells bad. The moment you think that you are pregnant, you should have it removed right away.

So far, IUD has proven to be really effective to prevent pregnancy. Most of the women who have already tried do not have major problems. But women vary when it comes to experience. You can consult your doctor regarding the use of IUD for you to see if this is the most suitable birth control option that fits your needs.

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