How Much Does Kickboxing Classes Cost

Kickboxing is a good physical workout whether you want to have a regular fitness routine or you want to know defense techniques to protect yourself. There have been several fitness centers offering kickboxing classes. This can be a really fun workout. In deciding to enroll in any of these classes, you need a professional instructor who will teach you the right way to do it. How much does kickboxing classes cost? The cost would vary based on various factors.

Kickboxing is comprised and a combination of punching and kicking. It is comprised of various kinds of martial arts including western boxing, Khmer boxing, Muay Thai and karate.

Benefits of Kickboxing

 Kickboxing classes price

In taking kickboxing classes, you will have to shoulder the fees. But the good thing is that there are several benefits that you can get in deciding to try kickboxing. For one, it can effectively tone your muscles making your upper body and lower body more toned down. You feel really stronger. Another known benefit of kickboxing is that it can increase your flexibility and your blood circulation.

Are you stressed with your daily life? Kickboxing is considered to be one of the best stress relievers. As a full body workout, it can make your body stronger and reduce stress levels. Last but not the least, kickboxing  is a great way to learn self-defense. Kickboxing uses various techniques that help you have confidence. Unlike other physical workout, it is fun and very enjoyable.

Kickboxing Classes Prices

The cost of kickboxing varies which depend on different factors. Fitness centers and kickboxing studios would charge different rates. On the average, the rate is around $70 to $110. This cost already includes unlimited kickboxing classes. If you just want to have it per class, you can expect $10 per class rate. However, it is important to note that if you are a studio member, you are required to pay for yearly enrollment fee amounting to $125.

There are other studios that still provide kickboxing classes even if you do not want to have either monthly or annual subscriptions. How much does kickboxing classes cost for these types of classes? The kickboxing class prices average around $275 inclusive of 20 sessions. For children, the cost is much cheaper. The cost is around $35 to $50 per month.

Apart from these costs, you also have to factor in the additional costs. For instance, you may have to shoulder the cost of buying protective equipment, headgear and fighting gloves. In which case, you have to purchase ranging from $20 to $35. If you want to purchase a sparring gear, the cost ranges from $55 to $90.

What are included? In paying for the cost of kickboxing, you need to know what you are paying for. Kickboxing classes usually last for about 45 mins to 1 hour. Depending on your skills, you can enroll either for beginner or advanced classes. If you are not so sure, it is best to ask your instructor. You do not just ask, how much does kickboxing classes cost?

What can you expect when you first attend your kickboxing class? Instructors would usually start with a warm up exercise about 15 minutes. It involves stretching. For about half an hour, you can expect the actual kickboxing to start. From punching a heavy bag to sparring sessions, these are just some of the activities that you have to do.

Searching for Kickboxing Classes

The cost of kickboxing isn’t cheap and since you will be spending money, you need to find a fitness center that offers the best kickboxing classes. There are actually lots of fitness centers offering these types of classes. And if you are planning to have monthly or yearly subscription, you need to weigh your choices. Prior to paying for any membership fee, you need to have the chance to observe the class first. Take a look at the instructor and his training style. How about the environment and the facility? Knowing what you can expect in your kickboxing classes can definitely make it easier for you to decide which club membership you want to avail.

Choosing a Class

When it comes to choosing a class, there are important considerations. For one, you have to search for a school that would teach you the style you prefer. This is basically one of the reasons why it is strongly recommended that you visit the school and see the lesson for yourself. You should even at least try one lesson so you can see if it fits you.

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Talk to the trainer or instructor to get information or if you have any concern. Some would opt to go for smaller gyms since there are only a few students in the class. But the advantage of enrolling in a bigger gym is that they have much more trained and experienced coaches although they can give you less attention.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that in taking kickboxing classes, you have to dedicate time considering that this is an intense workout. It is a fast-paced training and a really physically demanding activity. You will be hitting bags, doing certain routines and moves. But apart from just the physical aspect of it, what is nice with kickboxing is that it is also good for you to gain confidence when it comes to self-defense. To get the most of your classes, you do not just go for the gym or fitness center that offers the lowest prices. It is not just about low kickboxing class prices. Look at the instructors, equipment and the classes being offered. You also need to focus on your safety. For beginners, you have to start low so you can prevent injury and you get to learn how to do it the right way. Eventually, your coach will guide you all throughout.

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