How Much Does Kraftmaid Cabinet Cost

The Kraftmaid Cabinet is one of the leading brands in cabinet making, thus, many are interested to know the Kraftmaid cabinet cost. The brand boast of their One Kitchen at a Time approach in which they ensure consistency of the project by minimizing the product handling through completing the order on the same line where it was assembled, packaged and loaded.

The is the reason why many consumers are looking way beyond the Kraftmaid cabinet price list and they are more interested in the companies design and operations most especially their customer service support and the quality of their product.

Average Cost Of A Kraftmaid Cabinet

kraftmaid cabinetNow that we are on the topic of cost, it is important to know that Kraftmaid has several lines of cabinetry that you can choose from. They offer limitless design of products made up of various mediums of woods and even gives you the option to choose what type of cabinetry you want to be installed.

Kraftmaid cabinet cost varies on their product. Their product ranges from cabinet doors, bath collection, decorative enhancement, kitchen innovations, and accessories. Kraftmaid can customize your cabinet’s doors to your specific size and design so that it will bring out the personality of the room that you’ve always wanted to achieve.

But how much does it cost to get your own Kraftmaid Cabinet? There are retail stores that sell a complete set of the cabinet made by Kraftmaid. Here is the available Kraftmaid cabinet price list that you need to know of starting with the kitchen and bathroom Cabinets.

15-in x 15-inSquare Cabinet Sample$50
16.73-in x 0.75-inCabinet Shelf Kit$62.82
Cabinet Fill Strip$25.38 to $45.59

Aside from the Basic doors and parts, Kraftmaid also creates bathroom wall cabinets that are built in and can be attached to your walls with screws. Their cabinets have an adjustable shelve for maximum storage capacity. They have also made sure that the Whisper Touch ™ Hinges are concealed and it closes softly. Below are their prices.

24-in W x 30-in H x 7-in DWhite Maple Bathroom Wall Cabinet$216.39
24-in W x 30-in H x 7-in DHoney Spice Oak Bathroom Wall Cabinet$218.11
27-in W x 30-in H x 8-in DWhite Maple Bathroom Wall Cabinet$280.37
27-in W x 30-in H x 8-in DKaffe Cherry Bathroom Wall Cabinet$378.61
18-in W x 52.5-in H x 18-in DCherry Freestanding Cabinet Banks$772.80

Kraftmaid also offers a wide range of Bathroom Vanities with elegant design and color. Here is the Kraftmaid cabinet price list for you to check.

42-inSummerfield North Bay White Casual Bathroom Vanity$501.12
48-inKraftMaid Summerfield Nordic White Casual Bathroom Vanity$992.65
36-inKraftMaid Summerfield North Bay White Casual Bathroom Vanity$483.70
42-inKraftMaid Summerfield Nordic White Casual Bathroom Vanity$623.45
60-inKraftMaid Summerfield Nordic White Casual Bathroom Vanity$894.24
30-inKraftMaid Summerfield Nordic White Casual Bathroom Vanity$467.15
12-inKraftMaid Nordic White Casual Bathroom Vanity$389.83
30-inKraftMaid Summerfield North Bay White Casual Bathroom Vanity$365.70

Those are just a few of the cabinet products that Kraftmaid has to offer. They also have their own line of Cabinet Care products so that you can maintain the beauty of your Kraftmaid Cabinets. Among their products are:

Aegean Aerosol Touch-Up Spray$44.00
Aegean Fill Stick Touch-Up$13.00
Aegean Paint Touch-Up$41.00
Aegean Pen Touch-Up$24.00
Touch-Up Kit$44.00 to $160

They also have a wide range of Storage and Accessories that will definitely keep your kitchen cabinets and drawers more organized and smooth looking. They have storage solutions fit for your kitchen. They have designs for organizing your cutleries, knives, chopping boards, wastebaskets and others. Their designs are innovative and provide ease of work in the kitchen, it is space-conscious and it is made for your own comfort.

Total Installation Cost For Kratfmaid Cabinets

Kraftmaid is known for their durability and innovative design thus many want to know the total cost of buying and installing their cabinet set. The total cost of your cabinetry will depend on the many options of the cabinet that the brand is offering. The size of your kitchen and the cabinet will matter too.

The general price of a Kraftmaid Cabinet is $100 to $200 per linear square foot. A homeowner would spend around $5000 to $25000 depending on the material that is used as well as the wood type the cabinets are made off. You would also need to pay $100 for a contractor to measure out your kitchen for prepping.

Addition expenses can also incur if you opt to get a glass door, molding accent as well as lighting and storage.

How To Save On Your Kraftmaid Cabinets

You might be pondering on how you can buy your dream cabinet when the Kraftmaid cabinet cost is too much for you. There are ways that you can save on cost on your Kraftmaid Cabinets. First, you need to do is check your retailers. Many stores are giving discounted prices on Kraftmaid Cabinets. Stores such as Lee Lumber offers a $15% to 25% discount if you buy a Kraftmaid base cabinet or a wall cabinet. You can also browse online for any special discount prices. Buying online and having it delivered will save you gas, time and effort all in one.

If Kraftmaid Cabinets are what you need to make your kitchen and bathroom pop out then there will definitely be an option for you. Just look around in stores and surely one or two will offer you a deal you cannot refuse.

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