How Much Does A Laparoscopy Test Cost

The developments in modern medicine have dramatically broadened the choices of patients in terms of the type of help they want for themselves. One good example is the Laparoscopic Surgery which has now become the top go-to procedure of physicians due to its undeniable benefits.

When all the traditional diagnostic exams fail to deliver sufficient results or when a conventional surgery is no longer favorable for a patient’s current condition, Laparoscopy is the way to go. However, the overall Laparoscopic Surgery cost can be outrageously high. That said, here is a breakdown of the possible financial responsibilities that come with it.


Surgeons and patients alike can easily agree that Laparoscopy is one of the most cost-efficient medical procedures to date. It is minimally invasive yet very efficient and promises a lower risk of complications compared to a traditional open surgery.

Although the overall Laparoscopic Surgery cost can be influenced by various factors, one of the initial reasons for this fluctuating rate depends on the purpose of the procedure. Laparoscopy may be done to either diagnose or rule out an illness and, at the same time, it can also be utilized to perform other major surgeries.

Hence, the first thing that a patient should be looking into is why a Laparoscopy is an option for his or her present condition.


Diagnostic Laparoscopy

If done solely for diagnostic purposes, the Laparoscopy price should be relatively cheaper. However, there is no definite price range available for anyone who is interested in trying out the procedure. This is most likely due to the fact that Diagnostic Laparoscopy is more of a last resort.

Doctors would normally go through the conventional diagnostic exams first such as an X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasound, and whatnot before opting for Laparoscopy. When all these procedures have been exhausted and the doctors are still unsatisfied with the results, that is most likely the only time that a Laparoscopy is recommended.

Basically, a patient may not even have to undergo the procedure unless necessary. Therefore, it is understandable why the rates for a Diagnostic Laparoscopy is not widely advertised among medical practitioners. It is strongly suggested to have a personal consultation with a licensed Laparoscopy surgeon to better discuss all the available options.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Treatment

To set things straight, Laparoscopy is not necessarily done to treat an illness per se. Instead, it is performed along with another medical procedure that is necessary to treat or alleviate a health condition. Below are a few cases wherein Laparoscopy is utilized to perform major surgeries that involve different types of organs in the body:

General Surgery

In general surgery, Laparoscopy may be utilized to perform Cholecystectomy or the removal of the gallbladder. The estimated rate of the procedure in the US is around $5,000 – $43,600 with a national average of about $17,656.


Laparoscopy can also be performed for kidney-related surgeries such as a Nephrectomy. In the US, a Partial Nephrectomy or the removal of a portion of the kidney can cost around $27,290 on average.

Another example is a Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty which is basically a reconstructive surgery performed on the renal pelvis. This particular procedure costs around $25,893 on average.


In the field of Gynaecology, one of the most common procedures done is a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy wherein the uterus is completely removed. Patients may spend around $9,388 on average for this procedure. The rate can greatly vary depending on your location. In the US, the price range can be between $8,088 – $12,190.

In a Radical Hysterectomy, which is a more complex type of Hysterectomy, the national average rate can reach as high as $29,733.

Bariatric Surgery

Among the many abdominal surgeries, bariatric procedures offer the most interesting results. Due to their effectiveness in helping a patient lose weight, the average cost of these procedures can be quite high.

Say for example a patient has previously undergone a Lap-Band surgery and wants to have it removed for some reason, the removal can be done through a Laparoscopic Surgery and can cost about $28,925. In the case that the patient wishes to proceed to a Gastric Bypass or a Sleeve Gastrectomy right after the removal, the total expenses can be around $53,506 and $30,228 respectively.


When you plan to undergo Laparoscopy for whatever reason, the cost of the actual procedure is just one of the few things that you should be worried about. Apparently, there are other factors that can have a direct effect on the total expenses that one may incur. Some may be avoided while others can be out of the patient’s hand. Below are some of the most important factors to be considered.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

There is a relatively new technology called the Da Vinci Surgical System which has taken Laparoscopy to the next level with the help of a robotic system. The technology alone costs about $2,000,000 which directly affects the overall Laparoscopy price.

For example, a conventional Laparoscopic Hysterectomy can cost around $9,388 on average. If the procedure is robot-assisted, the average price can go as high as $26,857.


In the US, different states have different Laparoscopy price range. For example, a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Miami, Florida can cost around $4,025 on average. However, the same procedure can have an average price of about $5,607 in Los Angeles, California.

Note that these figures can still fluctuate depending on other factors like the patient’s health insurance or the chosen medical provider.

Doctor’s Fee

While physicians do not normally publicize their professional fee rates, any patient should know that these fees can greatly vary depending on the physician’s specialization and years of experience. Hence, although it is quite difficult to provide an exact price range, it is best to give this matter some consideration when choosing the right physician.

Hospital Stay

One of the advantages of Laparoscopic surgery is the fact that it can be done without necessarily admitting the patient. However, there are a few cases wherein the patient who has undergone the surgery may be required to stay at the hospital for a few days for further observation.

In the same manner, patients should also be prepared for a possible readmission just in case there are any complications that may arise a few days after the surgery.

Note that the cost for an overnight stay at the hospital can be a complex computation. The equation includes but is not limited to, the type of institution (government, non-profit, for-profit) where the patient is admitted and the actual reason for hospitalization.

Pre- and Post-surgery Care

Taking into consideration the pre- and post-surgery care, patients are expected to incur additional charges for the anesthesia and the doctor who will administer the drug, the IV fluids, pain relievers and other medications that may be required.


Laparoscopic Surgery is undeniably an expensive alternative to open surgery. However, it is possible to save a few hundred bucks and still get the same quality service from some of the most well-respected surgeons in the field. That said, here are some tips on how to do so.

 Do You Have An Insurance?

Naturally, a patient with no insurance will have to spend more for a Laparoscopy. So, it is always smarter to invest in one to save yourself from some of the financial liabilities that the actual procedure entails and all the other fees that may go with it.

Explore All Your Options

As previously mentioned, there are so many factors that can influence the total cost of the procedure. Hence, you may want to do some research first and explore all your options. Remember how the cost of the procedure varies in different locations? Well, you could start from there. If you need to fly to another state just to save a few hundred bucks, then do so.

Shop Online

Apparently, it is now possible to shop for a medical procedure online. It may sound a little bizarre, but there are actually a few healthcare marketplaces on the internet where patients can choose a certain medical procedure they want to undergo and even compare the prices from one medical institution to another. Among these service providers are:

Aside from convenience, some of these sites also offer a discounted package rate that supposedly includes all the fees related to a patient’s chosen medical procedure.


Although laparoscopy is considered as a minimally invasive surgery, the procedure can still cause the patient to feel some pain and discomfort during the recovery period. While pain, in general, can be addressed by medication, there are other things that you can do to make yourself even more comfortable.

Wear Loose Clothes

One of the most basic post surgery aftercare is to avoid putting too much pressure on the area where the surgery was performed. Hence, patients who have undergone laparoscopy should do the same and avoid tight-fitting clothes. Some of the best choices are flowy dresses, oversized shirts or practically anything that makes you feel most comfortable.

Bind Your Belly

Although putting pressure on your stomach would normally be a no go, it is surprisingly helpful to splint your belly in certain situations.  First of all, it is not ideal to be sitting around for your entire recovery period. It helps to get up walk around once in a while. However, moving around could be painful. This is where a binder comes in handy.

Binders provide just enough support on your stomach to reduce the pain and inflammation while keeping you comfortable. Here are a few ones from Amazon that you may want to check out:

The bottom line is, undergoing any type of surgery entails both physical and financial strain on the patient. However, if a surgery is really necessary, then everything else that comes with it becomes worth whatever cost it may require.

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