How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

Body hair is not necessarily a bad thing. But for some people, it can get rather annoying and uncomfortable especially if it appears on unwanted areas.

Whatever your reason for wanting to eliminate them may be, one of the things you need to consider is how much does laser hair removal cost.

Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

According to an estimate by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal is at $287. To know how much the procedure usually costs, here are some estimates based on various areas of the body being serviced:

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

  • Half legs – $175 to $250
  • Full legs – $270 to $395
  • Half arms – $99 to $195
  • Full arms – $189 to $350
  • Bikini area (regular) – $85 to $99
  • Bikini area (Brazilian) – $100 to $129
  • Upper lip – $29 to $35
  • Full face – $109 to $250
  • Underarms – $55 to $135
  • Chest – $140 to $350
  • Back – $220 to $350

For more comprehensive pricing, here are the laser hair removal services offered by Satori Laser in New York. Please take note that there are some price discrepancies between men (M) and women (W) for obvious reasons.


Upper Body

Lower Body

Beard (M) – $199

Abdomen (M) – $90

Bikini Line (M/W) – $60

Cheeks (M/W) – $60

Areola (M/W) – $40

Bikini Plus (M/W) – $99

Chin (W) – $39

Arms (W) – $189

Brazilian (W) – $129

Chin ext. (M/W) – $60

Arms (M) – $280

Brazilian (M) – $170

Ears (M/W) – $40

Arms-1/2 (W) – $99

Buttocks (W) – $190

Eyebrow center (M/W) – $29

Arms-1/2 (M) – $150

Buttocks (M) – $220

Face (M/W) – $109

Arms-3/4 (W) – $150

Feet (W) – $50

Face-Lower (M/W) – $99

Arms-3/4 (M) – $230

Feet (M) – $65

Forehead (M/W) – $60

Back (W) – $220

Hips (M/W) – $90

Hairline (M/W) – $80

Back (M) – $290

Knees (M/W) – $60

Jawline (M/W) – $60

Back-1/2 (W) – $140

Legs (W) – $270

Lip-Upper/Lower (W) – $29

Back-1/2 (M) – $160

Legs (M) – $390

Lip-Upper/Lower (M) – $39

Belly (M/W) – $75

Legs-3/4 (W) – $230

Back Neck (M/W) – $90

Belly ext. (W) – $90

Legs-3/4 (M) – $350

Upper Neck (M/W) – $80

Chest (W) – $160

Legs-1/2 & Knees (M) – $250

Lower Neck (M/W) – $80

Chest (M) – $140

Lower Legs & Knees (W) – $170

Full Neck (M/W) – $90

Fingers (M/W) – $29

Upper Legs (W) – $200

Nose (M/W) – $29

Hands (M/W) – $60

Lower Legs (W) – $150

Scalp (M/W) – $200

Happy Trail (W) – $60

Thong Line (M/W) – $75

Sideburns (M/W) – $60

Shoulders (M) – $150

Toes (M/W) – $29

Stomach (W) – $150

Stomach (M) – $190

Underarms (M/W) – $55

Cost Factors for Laser Hair Removal

From the lists of prices above, it is apparent that several factors play a significant role on the overall costs. Each will be briefly discussed below:

  • Body area

The biggest factor that influences the cost is the body part to be treated. For example, how much does laser hair removal cost for legs? Since legs are where the hair can be abundant, apart from having wide areas, expect to pay more than, say, a part of the face.

The number of body parts you want to be treated is also a factor. The rule of thumb is, the larger the area, the higher the cost.

However, you may even inquire about how much does full body laser hair removal cost and take advantage of the discount. Some doctors and clinics offer promos if you sign up for laser hair removal for multiple body areas.

Most doctors and clinics base their laser hair removal cost on the area of the body part to be treated.

  • Hair and skin color

A commonly overlooked factor that determines the cost of body hair removal through laser is hair and skin color. A different type of laser is reserved for people with light hair color and light skin. The same is also true with dark-skinned clients with dark hair.

Lasers need to “see” the hair to treat it. If the client has similar hair and skin color, the laser will have difficulty detecting the hair. The perfect candidates for laser hair removal are clients with fair to olive skin and dark hair.

Clients with light hair and skin color will require more sessions and consequently more expensive treatment. Due to the difficulty in detecting hair, they may need 8 to 10 sessions instead of the typical 3 to 6.

The same applies to clients with dark hair and skin tone. Sometimes, the doctor may even have to use a different type of laser.

For example, a package of 5 to 6 sessions for full facial hair removal costs around $1,000. But for people with white skin and blonde hair, the cost may reach $1,500 to $2,000.

  • Amount of hair

Some people have higher hair density or faster re-growth rates. Others may have once-dormant follicles that were stimulated by the procedure and starts to grow hair again. In both cases, several sessions with varying frequencies are required.

  • Type of laser 

The most effective – and also expensive – lasers are those with high light powers and large spot sizes. High-powered lasers are more effective in attacking the hair follicle while large spot sizes allow the laser to reach the deepest strands of hair. A laser that fits these criteria allows for faster treatment.

High-end lasers also have mechanisms designed to soothe the skin and minimize pain. In fact, most laser treatments available right now causes very little to no pain at all due to advanced technology. Clinics with top-quality lasers also charge less because their lasers normally don’t need any cooling time.

  • Location

As a rule of thumb, cities and states with a high number of people wanting laser hair removal charge higher prices for the procedure.

For example, a clinic in Manhattan will charge significantly higher than a clinic in Ohio.

The laser hair removal price might be quite steeper than traditional hair removal methods like waxing and shaving. In fact, you may have to spend up to several hundreds of dollars for larger body parts. This doesn’t even include the cost and time spent on traveling.

Depending on your location, the actual price can be $100 to $200 cheaper or more expensive. The overall cost also varies depending on the specific needs of the client.

  • Type of Facility

Have you ever wondered why the costs of laser hair removal or any cosmetic services for that matter vary significantly despite offering almost exactly the same service or using the same technology?  That’s because the type of facility that’s providing the service have varying expertise.

Normally, you would pay the cheapest cost if the services are to be carried out by trained attendants on wellness spas. On the other hand, clinics and surgical centers run by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons would always charge the most expensive fees.  

  • Duration

How long the laser will be applied on the skin will depend on several factors such as how wide the area is and the level of sensitivity of the skin being treated. Since the time spent on the service greatly affects the overall cost like the labor, electricity, and depreciation of equipment, expect these to be added up to the cost you would normally pay for basic a procedure.

  • Number of sessions

The number of sessions also affects the overall cost. People often need to undergo several sessions to completely eliminate the unwanted body hair. On average, most treatments are finished within 3 to 6 sessions.

Treatment packages are also available and can actually save you money. For a package with 5 to 6 sessions, laser hair removal for small area costs $220 to $800. Expect to pay $550 to $1,500 for medium areas and $1,250 to $2,400 for large areas.

Cost Factors for Laser Hair Removal


If you live in a place where maintaining body hair is taboo, laser hair removal service is heaven-sent. Besides helping you achieve more pleasing looks, the feeling of being light and comfortable is a big fat bonus.

But why opt for laser hair removal instead of other methods of removing unwanted body hair? Please consider the following:

  • Accuracy – with laser technology, you can be assured that only the unwanted hair will be targeted and the skin surrounding them will not be harmed in any way. This is unlike shaving, plucking, or waxing where it could be very painful or uncomfortable and oftentimes, can lead to skin irritation.
  • Painless – compared to other methods of body hair removal, using a laser to remove unwanted hair is virtually painless. This makes it all the more appealing to people with low pain tolerance.
  • Pace – laser hair removal is very popular for being a very efficient procedure. It would only take a few minutes to treat an area that would normally take longer using the traditional method.
  • Permanent solution – if the type of your body hair is somewhat thick and coarse, laser hair removal helps you minimize the growth, and eventually, these hairs become finer and lighter in color. Thus, they become more unnoticeable.

Alternative – DIY Laser Hair Removal

Removing body hair using laser technology is a worthwhile investment especially considering its longterm benefits. But, you might wonder “is laser hair removal permanent?”

Laser hair removal offers painless and cleaner results, plus the repeated sessions virtually prevent the hair from coming back permanently. In the long run, laser hair removal saves you time, effort, and money spent on grooming or regularly visiting the salon.

However, if you have a problem spending too much on vanity, there are still some cheaper alternatives that you can take. Take for example the use of do-it-yourself hair removal devices.

Battery-powered laser hair removal devices are available for $400 to $2,000. The initial cost may be high but it removes the cost of undergoing several sessions.

These devices have various settings and it may take some time to figure out the optimal settings for hair removal. Make sure that your device is FDA-approved.

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