How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost

Wounds heal but scars don’t. What does scars do? Scars remind us of the pain we once had, emotionally and physically. They make us remember the saddest part of our lives. Scars are the gift of your fallen history. Just as you hate scars, and the pain before you had it, they are physically unattractive to look at.

No matter how complex they are, scars are ugly and rough. They drastically invade and destroy our skin hence, giving our skin ugly edges. Some had it removed. Laser scar removal is highly known method in cosmetic industry. Many have had it and were happy with the results. We’ll be discussing the price of laser scar removal and other things about it that you can’t unread.

Laser Scar Removal

Just like any other surgery, laser scar removal tends to demand great financial preparation as it will cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Knowing how much does laser scar removal cost is vital to help you with your decision-making to either take the surgery or just go with the alternatives.

The price of laser scar removal depends on numerous factors. One of the major factors is the size of the scar. Small scars are expected to cost lower than bigger, wider scars. Larger scars demand repetitive treatment to reach an optimum result.

Another factor that affects the cost is the depth of the scar. The depth of the scar will depend on what type of scar the patient has. There are four common types of scar: burn scars, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and atrophic Laser Scarscars which are acne scars.

Most common patients are those with acne scars. Since face gives powerful impact, it is viewed as one of the most important body parts that must be maintained beautiful. Laser acne scar removal cost will most likely depend on the severity and surgical complexity.

Getting rid of acne scars is no more impossible. Of course, great spending parallels utmost facial beauty. The typical laser acne scar removal cost is from $700 to $800, depending on the severity and laser used and it may take more than a couple of treatment to be acne-scar free.

The treatment will be usually based on what type of scar you have.  The treatment for keloid scars, burn scars, and hypertrophic scars will be different from acne scars treatment. Two common types of lasers are used in dermatological clinics: the ablative laser and the fractional laser. Ablative laser resurfaces superficial scars raged by acne and other skin problems. While fractional laser tends to caress the deeper layer of skin to resurface deep scars due to trauma. Fractional laser is more expensive than ablative laser but it guarantees customers a five-star satisfaction. You see, the price of laser scar removal will depend on the type of scar and laser used.

Another factor that affects the cost is the practitioner. Medical professional dermatologists and scar removal specialists tend to charge clients in high-price. This is because they assure effective methods and highly slick techniques. They have advance training on using laser.

Richmond facial plastic surgeon Dr. Travis Shaw, MD, revealed the typical cost of laser scar removal. According to him, small scars which are less than an inch will cost $200 to $300, while larger scars is pretty penny costing $800 to $1000. Keloid scars will plainly cost $1800 or more.

Laser Scar Removal Disbursement

How much does laser scar removal cost? With all the given factors given above, we can assumingly calculate the cost from $100 to $5000 and higher. The price will depend on the size and complexity of the scar, the type of scar and its depth, the type of laser used, the practitioner, and the location of your preferred clinic.

Other certified practitioners use more modern, specialized lasers. Modern lasers roughly cost $100,000 up to $150,000, no doubt why skin specialists charge high.

Depending on your region, laser acne scar removal cost will bluntly differ. Dermatological clinic and other health facilities offer different services. They do not have the same prices. Cosmetic clinics in bigger and urbanized areas tend to charge higher than usual.

The price of laser scar removal is candidly high considering one treatment is not enough. To achieve convincing resurfaced skin, it will take you 2 to 7 treatments, depending on the severity of the scar.

Before engaging to laser scar removal, patients are recommended to seek consultation beforehand. Dermatologists and other skin experts usually offer free consultation. Unless specified by the clinic, consultation fee is usually $100 to $150. It is important to consult first so they can assess your skin health and provide you skin care counsels. They may also suggest the best course of treatment right for your situation. Otherwise, they will provide alternative scar resurfacing solution that is way cheaper than having laser scar removal.

In consultation, the practitioner examines the patient’s skin to determine which method is best for the patient. Patients who takes aspirin and other related medicines are tend to be declined for the laser scar removal. The practitioner will also check if the patient is qualified for the scar removal. Patients with darker skin tone are not suitable for the laser scar removal as it will cause uneven skin tone afterwards.

Reducing the Expense

Now that you know how much does laser removal cost, you might have thought about ways that may reduce the expense. Skin care products are widely put on the market which most of them can be bought over the counter. Skin care products are available in major healthcare stores and pharmacies. Dermatological clinics offer skin care products too that may be resurfaces skin effectively.

These cost-effective products can help you with that scar problem without compromising your limited budget.

Modern technology has proven its best quality to us. They have improved health treatments and made healthcare more advance. Laser scar removal helped thousands to regain healthy smooth skin giving patients more confidence and self-esteem. No more hiding, show off that scar-free skin!

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