How Much Does Laurita Winery Wedding Cost

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” These are the words of the late Martin Luther, the 15th Century German theologian who changed the face of Christianity. For a man who could speak for both the pastoral and marital context of fidelity, he describes the virtue of an ideal lasting relationship which may seem elusive for a lot of modern-day adults in the United States.

If maturity is the crucible of experiencing a meaningful and sincere relationship, the current statistics about the ‘delayed’ ideal married age is not surprising. More than 50 percent of all American male adults in their 20’s will never marry (yet). Also, only 14 percent of the brides in America are younger than 25 years old. Judging by these related figures, a more developed age becomes a more favorable time for tying the knot. Apart from establishing a clearer moral compass and a cultivating more focused behavior, the advantage of marrying late is more apparent with ‘financial stability.’

Two beautiful Goldish wedding rings

Speaking of marriage and finances, it requires the majority working class persons to save a total of one year of their salary to cover for the average budget of a formal wedding ceremony. A huge portion of that overall expenditure could go to the wedding venue alone. However, a wedding ceremony at Laurita Winery could prove a huge exception to two underlying assumptions about

However, a wedding ceremony at Laurita Winery could prove a huge exception to two underlying assumptions about wedding: (1) that marriage has to be extremely expensive and (2) that one needs to be a high-income decade-old career-holder to afford it.

If one has to choose an excellent return on investment in terms of wedding venue alone, Laurita Winery is one of the best options in the East Coast. Apart from being a popular tourist vineyard in New Egypt (New Jersey), this winery’s combination of aesthetic ecology, rustic atmosphere and sophistication have become an ideal venue for wedding ceremonies. The average estimate for the Laurita Winery wedding cost is roughly $12,900.

The projected quotation only reflects a standard wedding ceremony that only has 100 guests during the apex peak month of August. Apparently, increasing or decreasing of guests as well as scheduling the wedding ceremony during off-season can significantly change the actual Laurita Winery wedding price. A more fitting way to assess the general expenses accurately is to know the features of this chosen venue.

Capacity & Features

Laurita Winery is replete with a variety of settings. These include a ballroom, barn, waterfront, vineyard, garden and even a beach. Each of these settings has their own different guest capacity. The ballroom, for instance, represents the most prevalent cost projection because it has the biggest maximum capacity of 440 people. The earlier mentioned Laurita Winery wedding price of $12,900 reflects the generic $129 catering fee per guest.

Wedding Chairs all Set

For the staff and services, the basic features that include a bridal coordinator, senior server and private parking valet are already included in the package. In terms of the catering: the overall Laurita Winery wedding cost already consists of the main entrée, appetizer course, chef-attended culinary station, custom-designed wedding cake, salad, vegetarian dishes and the miniature dessert. For the beverages: Laurita Winery offers the premium bar, champagne toast, and the coffee & tea service.

It is important for prospective couples to keep in mind about sticking to the number of guests. Whenever the visitor count exceeds the finalized tally, the total cost could exceed nearly twice the average projected sum. Case in point: 300 guests excluding the add-ons could reap a frightening aggregate of $40,800! The hourly extension beyond the agreed timeframe could also increase the general expenses. If potential couples would avail all add-ons of each main feature, the average cost could climb up to $15,600.

The cheapest Laurita Winery wedding price that engaged couples can avail for only costs $750. Given this fixed rate, it is important to consider that this deal has a very limited number of features compared to those that represent the regular rates. Under this configuration, availing for all of its add-ons can spike to total cost up to $3,450.

Top 3 Reviews

The previous detailed cost projection only illustrates half of the entire practical reasons to accept the comprehensive Laurita Winery wedding cost. But should potential couples seek second opinions, personal reviews from wedding catalogue websites always provide a meaningful insight. Fortunately, Laurita Winery garners a positive review from three different reliable sites.

  • Wedding Wire: As one of the leading online wedding venue catalogues in the United States, the Wedding Wire gave Laurita Winery a generous rating of 4.8 out of 5. Normally, the general cost would seem to attract the majority of the commenting contributors. However, this aspect only represents the second least rating of 4.8. The venue’s perfect score comes from the staff’s professional integrity. Quality of service and responsiveness each received a high 4.9 rating. The least favorite aspect is the 4.5 score for flexibility, which is not actually surprising considering that specific venue settings are exclusively tied up to the kind of package availed by the clients.
  • The Knot: The popular wedding review website called The Knot has awarded Laurita Winery with the 2016 pick for the ‘best of weddings.’ The most enduring praise bestowed in this venue, as far as advertisement is concerned, is that Laurita Winery is ‘practically’ affordable for ordinary American couples. 40 out of 45 subscribers that gave out 5 stars while sharing their feedback.
  • Trip Advisor: As one of the leading online tourism directories online, Trip Advisor has a total of 207 reviews from the subscribers. 106 community members believe that Laurita Valley is an excellent venue to conduct a memorable wedding ceremony. 63 of them gave this venue a fair shake, considering it as a very good wedding site. 20 among the reviewers are hardly impressed while a total of 18 subscribers believed that Laurita Valley is anywhere between bad to worse as a prospective wedding venue.

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