Little Gym Membership Prices

The Little Gym is where you would want your kids to be at. With their numerous years of experience, they have developed techniques in experiential learning and physical development for your kids starting from four months through 12 years. Their main objective is to create a progressing and structured class through a positive learning environment so that your kids can build self-esteem and confidence as they face the real world. If you are wondering how much does Little Gym cost then the information below will surely help you.

Cost Of Little Gym Membership

The Little Gym boast of their three-dimensional learning which are: Get Moving, Brain Boost and Citizen Kid. Each learning activity will help develop your child’s physical and cognitive skills in a fun and enjoyable way. The gym has been in this industry for 40 years and the Little Gym membership prices have been competitive all throughout.

If you are asking how much does Little Gym cost then here are their basic fees:

Seasonal Prices (40 weeks)
FeeOne KidTwo KidsThree Kids
Annual Membership Fee
10 Pay (Monthly)$76.00
4 Pay (Quarterly)$190.00$350.00$484.00
2 Pay (Half Year)$361.00$667.00$920.00
Full Payment$722.00$1335.00$1841.00

The Little Gym cares for their member that is why they do not tie their patrons to any contract. They have a minimum annual membership fee worth around $35.00 to $50.00. You can even cancel your contract as long as you inform the center 2 weeks prior and you will get a refund as well.

There are 4 different ways that you can pay your dues at the Little Gym. Their first type of program is the per season program good for 40 full weeks. You can pay them either monthly, quarterly, every half year or you can pay it in full.

You can also enroll several kids; either 1 kid, 2 or three but each has different rates. If you pay monthly for 10 months your dues will be $76.00 but if you have 2 kids enrolled then your pay is $140.00, you will get to save $12.00 every month for both the kids. But if you have three kids enrolled, you will get to save as much as $35.00 a month for your kid’s membership.

You can also pay 4 times in a year. If you only have one kid then you would need to pay $190.00 4 times a year but if you pay it twice a year, you will get to save as much as $38.00 on your kid’s gym membership. If you have two kids enrolled, the quarterly pay for them are $351.00 but if you pay only twice a year, you can save around $66.00 on their membership. But if you have three kids, you will save as much as $90.00 on their membership if you pay every half year.

There are also different Little Gym membership prices if you choose to enroll your kid during the Spring& Summer Program.

2 Pay (Half)
Full Payment$195.00$360.00$497.00

The Little Gym also offers various term program for kids who wants a productive and enjoyable spring and summer vacation. You might be wondering how much does Little Gym cost compared to the regular program price aside from the price difference, there are still other differences in their program such as the payment terms and the duration of the program. The spring and summer class will only last for 4 weeks and your payment option is either you pay it twice or a full payment.

If you have one kid enrolled during this program and is planning to pay your dues twice then you would have to pay $100.00 but if you pay yearly then you would only have to pay $195.00 and save $5.00 on your kid’s membership. If you have two kids, your half a term pay is $185 so you get to save $15.00 compared to just enrolling one. But if you enroll three kids then your savings can get up to $45 for the whole program.

Price Per Class For Non-Members At Little Gym

If the Little Gym membership prices are too high for you then you can still avail of their classes. If you are not a member of the Little Gym but would like to try out their classes then you would be happy to know that they offer classes for non-members as well.

1 Day$33.00$59.40
2 Days
3 Days$84.00$151.20$201.60
4 Days$105.00$189.00$252.00
5 Days$123.00$221.40$295.20

Above are the basic fees that you need to take note if you want to enroll your kids to the Little Gym Childcare program but do not plan to add them as a member. There is definitely a difference in the price if you become a member or not, usually the price difference will range from $3.00 to $71.00 depending on the type of class and the number of days you would want your child to join.

The Little Gym offers various classes for kids of all ages. There are dance and sports classes, Karate, KIndermusik, Grade School Gymnastics, Pre-K Gymnastics, and Wonderkids Club. They have segregated your classes according to your child’s age. If your child is 4 months to 3 years old then they belong to the category “A Perfect Start.” If your child is 3 years to 6 years old they are enrolled at the “Get Rolling Group” and if your child is aged 6 to 12 years old then they are at the “A Balanced Approach group.”

You should teach your kids how to exercise at an early age. It has a lot of benefits such as a strong and healthy body, it can also develop interpersonal skills when they get to play with other kids and it will improve their quality of sleep. Not only that, exercise will also improve your child’s self-esteem and self-image.

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