How Much Does Lumosity Cost

Its 2017 already and any have already been familiar regarding the Lumosity game that has been popular now more than ever since its inception if 2007. However, to those who have just heard about this for the first time, just to give you an idea, Lumosity is a San Francisco based company that provides games that is said to be training its player’s brains. Subscribed players of this Lumosity play about 40 different games that is said to improve their attention, memory, flexibility and problem solving. Last year in 2013, Lumosity already has 40 thousand subscribers, and yet those who are not yet subscribed would want to know, if it does really work and how much does Lumosity cost?

Neuroscience and Lumosity

Lumosity is a game that is based on neuroscience. They made that claim on their commercial released in the US in 2013. It was co-founded by Michael Scanlon. Scanlon has a neuroscience PhD at the Stanford University, California but he abandoned it to start the company that has now over 70 million brain trainers and spans in over 182 countries Lumosityall across the globe.

According to the Lumosity website, they are the best known brain training internet providers. They claim that setting a few minutes aside to play a Lumosity game and completing tasks helps their subscribers feel smarter, brighter and sharper. They factor in the fact they provide mental workout as our bodies go to the gym to get some exercise. That we get to be cleverer and our IQ raised higher.

IQ Build Up At What Cost?

There is a free version for Lumosity, those who would want to check it out may go to their website and play around 3-4 games that Lumosity will choose for you. If you are not planning to subscribe, the games that they release to you usually just loops. Sometimes they will give you a game that you’ve already played before and may already be bored playing with, but that’s just how it works. No pay, no range play!

For those folks who went ahead to subscribe, Lumosity price is $14.95 a month. You can also select a lifetime subscription which is a price of $299.95, but here the catch: it doesn’t mean it’s totally free every month. You will just have to pay around 50% off for a price of $6.95 per month for those who committed to a full year of Lumosity or you can choose a $4.99/month if you’d like to commit for two years.

With the Lumosity price mentioned, the mobile app have been downloaded nearly 50,000 times in 2013 with their revenue that already hit $24 million dollars or £16 million pounds. Year on year the business has been growing for 150%, giving its founders such a happy pocket!

But, does it really work?

The information coming from its users and researches are a mix of positive and negative reviews as to whether the Lumosity game really works on anyone or it doesn’t.

According to an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Standford University, Shelli Kesler, she believes that Lumosity works, or at least she does. This conclusion of hers was after her research, by using a small number of 41 breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy. She said that, chemotherapy is known to result in cognitive impairment after a few years of going through it. So she had the patients play Lumosity games four times a week, for a period of 12 weeks.

In this her research and observation, the patients who played the games were able to have their word findings improved, including their processing function and processing speed.

Kesler’s research is just one, but the research conducted by neuroscientist Dr. Adrian Owen, showed a rather alarming result. Her tracked down so 11,000 players to do a six week computer based training. The training is designed to help people in their reason, memory, visuospatial skills, planning and attention.

What Dr. Owens found out that those players who are getting good at the games are only very good at acing the games, this is because of the familiarity presented to them in the games on the app. They’re just good at that than, having a marked fluid intelligence to the ability to be able to solve novel problems and adapting to real situations.

What Their Clients Says

Those who used to ask the question ‘how much does Lumosity cost?’ are now either on a subscription or have already gone through hell trying to get themselves off of the Lumosity email list. A lengthy article in 2014 about the game in Business Insider was able to garner some 8 comments from Lumosity subscribers who are not as happy with their subscription and the price they pay. To them, it wasn’t worth their money.

One of the commenters admitted about getting himself a two year subscription to which he thinks it’s just something fun and a time killer helper when you go to any place that deems waiting like an airport terminal or inside a long plane trip. He swore that he will not renew his subscription once he’s off of it. Another complaint was that it’s seems to him it’s pretty useless to subscribe as it does not even do anything to your personality. Perhaps, meeting and socializing people will.

With all the responsibilities that is upon all out shoulders in this fast paced world, who would have thought that people will actually pay for a gaming app that takes away our time for real things? So many things are competing for our time and family and money. And instead of giving quality time for an actual book ready or playing motor functioning games with our kids, we are stuck with our gadgets playing games that only a single player can enjoy or be bored about. But for Lumosity creators, to them, besides making you believe that it does improve your genius when you play their games, means business for them in the a deeper sense of the word.

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