How Much Does Car Shocks Replacement Cost

The Association for Safe International Travel featured one glaring fact about modern transportation even despite its advancement – that a significant number of Americans still fall victim to the grim statistics of road collisions nationwide. Recent data estimates that road crashes still remains the single greatest cause of death of healthy American citizens, accounting for over 37,000 casualties each year. The combined death toll of unfortunate motorists and pedestrians costs the United States an annual spending worth $230.6 million.

A fraction of that immense monetary cost is often best spent on the prevention of vehicular accidents. Replacement of automobile shocks and struts is just one of the many good investments worth noting. Shock absorbers are designed to keep wheeled transports from losing balance (at best) or tumbling out of control (at worse) after sudden breaks or turns. These mechanical components also keep cars stable while traveling along the rough and irregular terrain.

Simply put it, the current yearly fatalities associated by vehicles losing equilibrium could compound exponentially in the absence of functional shocks and struts. Excellent quality shock absorbers not only keep cars and motorists safe, it also provides comfort for drivers and passengers inside the vehicle. It stands to reason that the need for replacement of poorly functioning shocks and struts is something one must never ignore.

Average Cost For Replacement

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Given the importance of shocks and struts in the overall condition of cars, how much do shocks cost? In terms of the projected expenses needed for any car owner, it is important to highlight the two principal options for spending.


The usual cost for replacing automobile shocks by independently is somewhere between $150 and $250. This projection already includes both the costs to replace front struts and rear shocks. It is important to take note that the estimates reflect the range of fees normally paid by average car owners who are relatively well-versed in DIY shock replacements.

The actual cost of the spare parts may vary extensively, depending on the automobile type/brand and the quality of the hardware. The website called Repair Pal compares the wide disparity of costs for the front struts of a BMW 535i ($612 to $1,374) and a Dodge Ram Charger ($68 to $210).

Mechanical Services

If an owner has no working knowledge of how to dismantle a car’s mechanical components, hiring a professional mechanic is the most viable option. The average cost needed to pay for this type of repair service is roughly between $200 and $1,200. It is important to take note that the huge cost disparity is due largely in part to a number of factors.

The sophistication of the automobile model and the degree of disrepair are two main factors that contribute to the increase of the service rate. After all, mechanics are usually paid a flat rate of $50 to $120 per hour. Incidentally, replacing front struts are costlier than rear shocks since it often entails a more involved process – particularly on the emphasis of using precision tools like spring compressor. Some expensive front struts for luxury cars are not necessarily expensive in terms of labor cost. In fact, some reasonably priced struts demand hefty labor cost simply due to its complex default configuration. Case in point: the struts replacement cost for Dodge Grand Caravan is worth as much as $444 for labor alone, which is almost twice the highest cost of the struts themselves ($272).

Investments & Other Expenses

There is more to replacing car shocks and struts than the car absorber price and the labor cost. In fact, car owners must also consider the expenses needed to ensure perfection of the work or acquire a better (or more interesting) cost-efficient deal.

Auto Repair Training

For those who have a keen interest in improving DIY performance, investing on auto repair training is a viable long-term alternative. Just as one would pay to learn how to drive, there are those who would also pay to learn how to repair vehicles. The standard enrollment fee for online courses alone is around $750 to $1,000. Considering that the main impetus is merely to acquire practical skills, the online training for auto-repair is a cost-efficient alternative considering that licenses are not strictly required for tinkering one’s own devices. This program usually takes 6 months to 2 years to complete.

Alignment Service

There are particular cases when professional mechanics would advise on aligning the wheels on top of replacing the shocks and struts. This configuration is aimed at correcting the crooked structural placement of the wheel after the shock absorbers are replaced. The typical cost for this service is around $20 to $400.

Discount: American Automobile Association

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When it comes to acquiring a better deal for the cost to replace shocks, discounts and promos can really help a lot. One may be able to acquire special coupons that offer rebates for a wide variety of auto repairs, but the frequency of encountering them is comparatively very limited. A straightforward approach is possible by investing in a membership for the American Automobile Association (AAA).

This organization is designed to provide an edge for enthusiastic car owners and practical like-minded individuals. Discount is just one of the many perks one can experience being a member of the AAA. It is important to take note, however, that not all repair shops in the United States are affiliated with this international group. But incidentally, the perks of AAA may apply to some locations outside the country.

According to Top 10 Reviews, the American Automobile Association outranks other groups in terms of providing motorists with the advantage. The webpage’s 2017 ranking selection is primarily based on following criteria: number of memberships, coverage for all types of vehicles, and other essential benefits.

When it comes to the membership fee, one can choose either of the two existing plans. A standard plan costs $54 as per registration and a $16 renewal fee every year. A member availing this plan can add another subscriber (e.g. spouse, child, sibling, or parent) under the same ‘household’ membership for $34. The premium plan entails a membership cost worth $124.

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