How Much Does Neograft Hair Transplant Cost

Neograft hair transplant is believed to be a game-changer for the field of hair transplants operation. Unlike the traditional strip-harvest way, it uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that works with little amounts of hair in a calm pneumatic pressure to extract and transplant individual hair follicles and small clusters.  And since it uses the right amount of pressure needed, you can expect a faster recovery while reducing the significant risks and discomfort, as it is a non-invasive technique of hair transplant.

Many people with hair loss problems would definitely want to try this new and innovative invention however one still needs to know the possible risk and, of course, how much would a NeoGraft hair transplant cost.

Average NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost

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  • The NeoGraft price usually is around $4000 minimum and can go as much as $20000. The NeoGraft price will vary depending on the quantity of hair grafts needed for the surgery, the surgeon’s rate and the geographic location.
  • Hair Restoration Savannah’sNeoGraft hair transplant cost between $4.85 and $5.25 per graft and offers $250 off the price when 1000 grafts or more will be used. The said company is the first to offer NeoGraft hair transplant in Georgia.
  • Although, it is best to contact the clinic that offers NeoGraft hair transplant for a free session and evaluation for the totalNeograft price.

Factors Affecting the Price of a NeoGraft

  • The quantity of hair grafts to be used will definitely affect the price of a NeoGraft procedure. The more hair grafts, the more expensive the procedure would be.
  • The rate of the doctor operating the NeoGraft hair transplant would be a factor influencing the cost. This is because that there are doctors and clinics who charge higher than others depending on the machines they use or their popularity.
  • The geographic location can also be a factor since a country, state or city charges differently from others.

Extra Costs

  • Replacements may be necessary to be done every year or depending on your doctor’s prescription. These would cost around $500 to $1000.
  • There might be specific products that your doctor would recommend once the NeoGraft hair transplant has been done. These products might cost a little more expensive compared to the standard hair products that most people typically use.
  • Follow-up consultations might be required to ensure the NeoGraft effectiveness. These consultations would take up around $10 to $30 or depend on the doctor’s rate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NeoGraft Hair Transplant

  • TheNeoGraft hairs transplant promises a no linear scar, minimal uneasiness, minimal risk of complications, few activity restraints, no sutures, no downtime, fast recovery phase and a naturally looking hair.
  • Although the NeoGraft hair transplant promises no linear scar, it does not mean that there will no be scars at all. The hair transplant will leave hundreds or more small and round scars. Additionally, if your hair is too short, the scars would be very visible that is why patients are never allowed to shave their hair off their head. Above all this, the NeoGraft procedure can cost you a lot of time and a lot of money!
  • No matter how advance the NeoGraft hair transplant is, the results will still be dependent on the doctor’s technique and skills. Others have even suggested that strip hair transplant could work better than the NeoGraft hair transplant if an extremely skilled and talented doctor does it.

Tips To Know Before Getting A NeoGraft Hair Transplant 

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  • The procedure can take around eight (8) hours to complete. Some patients would opt to undergo various sessions for more grafts.
  • The NeoGraft hair transplant will be an outpatient procedure. Therefore, this saves you money since you will not be admitted to the hospital anymore.
  • Although the procedure is non-invasive, there will still be possible side effects and this includes pain, redness, swelling and bleeding.
  • Once it is healed, the results will be permanent and hair will look natural, which you can comb, style or dye with no worries.
  • Mild physical activity can be resumed after the procedure is done. But you are recommended to wait for a few days to wash their hair if not otherwise instructed by your doctor.
  • NeoGraft hair transplant is usually considered as an elective cosmetic procedure so they are not covered by your health insurance policy. You could contact your health insurance provider to confirm this.
  • There will still be discomfort when undergoing NeoGraft Hair Transplant but once the anesthesia is administered, the process should be pain-free.
  • If you want to see or read testimonials of other people who went with a NeoGraft Hair Transplant, real self is a place to browse.

Ways to Save Money           

A NeoGraft hair transplant procedure is expensive, no one would argue with that. But for other people, a NeoGraft could mean the only way to redeem their lives confidently. Fortunately, there are various ways in order for you to save some money.

  • Once you start to notice that you are balding, it is suggested that you undergo the procedure immediately. In this ways, you will need lesser grafts and that means lesser expenses!
  • You can always explore your options! Make sure that you talk to a few lists of clinics and doctors who are experts in the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. Clinics and doctors will be charging differently, and you can opt to go to the cheapest one. However, you should not base your decision on the price alone. You also have to know their experiences and assess how good they are by talking with their previous patients. In this way, you get the best possible option for yourself.
  • There are products that stimulate hair growths and you might want to try using a few products before planning for NeoGraft hair transplant. Always consult your doctor whether what products would fit your skin type and work for you.
  • Eat healthy foods, as the food you take, would affect the strength of your hair. Prevention is always better than cure.

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