New York Sports Club Prices

The New York Sports Club has a very long history dating back as far as 40 years ago. The gym started as a small chain of squash clubs which grew and became one of the country’s most sought after gym. The New York Sports Club prices are very reasonable and the services they offer are exception ranging from outdoor sports to various exercise classes fit for the needs of their patrons and new members.

Cost Of Enrolling At The New York Sports Club

New York Sports Club is an epitome of resilience when it comes to fitness centers. They started off as a squash club and grown big and now offers the latest trend in workout routines such as cross fit and other combat sports. Their consistence in improving for the best, offering new services for their diverse clients is what keeps them apart from many gyms across the country and that is the reason why many want to join the NYSC Membership because of the services they offer.

Here are the common NY Sports Club cost that you might be interested in knowing:

FeeSingle Club AccessMulti-Club Access
Fitness PremierPremierPassport (1Yr Contract)
PassportStudent Passport
Initiation Fee
Monthly Fee Yearly $19.99$29.99$59.99$69.99$39.99
Membership Fee$59.99$59.99$59.99$59.99$59.99

The NY Sports Club has a variety of memberships for you to choose from. As you can see, if you enroll at the New York Sports Club you would have to pay an initiation fee of $20.00 for any type of membership; may it be a Fitness Premier, Premier or Passport user. But there is an exception if you are a student as there is no initiation fee if you can present an ID to certify that you are still at school.

If you do enroll as a Fitness Premier member your monthly fee will be around $19.99 but if you upgrade your membership and become a Premier member then your monthly cost is at $29.99. The difference between both is that with the Premier membership, you will get dozens of new and free group exercises as well as free guest privileges and a free fitness orientation.

It is important that the New York Sports Club prices for the Premier type of access is only available on a single club and that should be the club that you have signed up at. You cannot use your membership to any other clubs of New York Sports Club.

But if you want to have access to all of the clubs of New York Sports Club then you can try their Passport Access. It is divided into three parts, the Regular Passport wherein you are tied to a 1-year contract, the Passport, and the Student Passport.

The Regular Passport monthly fee is $59.99 and this will give you access to all the NYS Clubs but you are under a contract. But if you do not want to sign that agreement, you just choose the Passport Access for only $69.99 a month. But if you are a student you can get the initiation fee for free while your monthly fee is just $39.99.

Once you have enrolled at this gym and have paid the NY Sports Club cost, you are tied to the gym but if you choose to cancel the membership you would have to pay $59.99 even if you are under a Student Passport Access. So you should take into consideration of the cancellation fee when you enroll.

The services that you will get once you become an NYSC Membership are the following: the use of their pool, sports and recreation activity as well as their kid’s club. They will ask you what is your goal and they will customize your workout session to set your fitness goal. They also have lessons for volleyball, tennis, basketball, squash and racquetball. They also have gym classes that you can choose from.

Man liftig weights on Gym

Aside from their regular monthly membership services, the New York Sports Club also offers various training programs if you do not want to pay the monthly fee or do not plan on staying at the location for long.

The New York Sports Club offers a personalized training package with a single session and monthly packages. They have a monthly package with $79/session that includes Fitness journal, 2 personal fitness workouts every 3 months as well as 4 complimentary guests’ passes that can train with your trainer. This package is only available for gym members.

If you are not a gym member then you can choose the second option which is the Single Session training package worth $69. The fee will include a single personal training session each month.

New York Sports Club also offers a $30.00 30-day guest pass. No need to pay any initiation fee. No need to shell out monthly fees and no written contract. All you have to pay is the $30.00 and nothing more. This is very useful to those who want to try out the fitness centers facility but does not want to get tied to a contract.

But if you want to try the gym facilities just for a day, then they also offer a one-day free trial. There is no fee that you need to pay. All you have to do is go to their page and fill out their form and you will be given a pass that you can use for your one-day free trial. That simple!

Aside from the gym’s regular discount prices and offers, many sites also give coupons and that will give you a big discount when you use their services. Groupon has a 30-Day Passport Membership to New York Sports Clubs (for multiple locations) for only $24.00. There is no need to pay the initiation fee, just show the coupon and you will be able to use the facilities of the gym.

There are still a lot of other discount prices that you can find online or even at the gym itself. All you need is patience and you will surely find the right offer that you need.

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